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The case for removing Peter Chiarelli

‏This is part two of a two-part series examining if the Oilers should keep Peter Chiarelli as general manager. We’ll look at why the Oilers should fire Chiarelli here.

In part one, I made the argument why the Oilers should keep Chiarelli. It’s a difficult choice to make but boils down to general managers usually getting more than three seasons, especially if they haven’t made a coaching change yet. The Oilers have changed general managers and coaches a lot in the last decade, which should ultimately work in Chiarelli’s favour.

Still, Peter Chiarelli’s seat has to be warm after an unexpectedly tough season. That’ll happen when you have Connor McDavid and miss the playoffs.

He hasn’t made a coaching change and general managers usually get at least one before really feeling the heat. But the Edmonton Oilers aren’t normal. Having McDavid in his prime means there should be more urgency than your typical team.

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The Oilers will have made the playoffs once in three years with a generational talent on the roster, although McDavid was injured for 37 games in his rookie season.

Most of Chiarelli’s big additions have come at a significant price.

Andrej Sekera might be his best signing, his cap hit and term are fair for a top-four defenceman signed in free agency, even with his tough season returning from injury.

Adam Larsson, however, was acquired for current Hart Trophy-candidate Taylor Hall. The Oilers need for defenceman, especially right-handed ones, was great, but Chiarelli traded down and gave up the best player in the deal while still needing a puck-moving d-man. A common theme of his trades.

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Milan Lucic is still a useful player but signed to a buyout-proof contract that already looks incredibly poor. Lucic is on pace for 39 points, which isn’t good enough for his $6-milllion cap hit. Lucic’s contract is a real problem for an Oilers team needing value deals around McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

Ryan Strome is a competent NHL player who can play wing or centre on a third line, but he’s not worth Jordan Eberle. The Oilers could use a scoring winger pretty badly. This trade was described as a salary dump, but the Oilers never put that cap space to use. They’ve been one of the teams with the most space available all season.

Kris Russell is a useful NHL player, but he’s a third-pairing defenceman signed to an expensive contract with no-trade and no-move protection. The Oilers defence still needs to improve, but money is locked into veterans Russell and Sekera. $4 million is too much for a bottom-pair defenceman.

Dec 4, 2017; Sunrise, FL, USA; Florida Panthers goalie James Reimer (34) makes a save against New York Islanders right wing Jordan Eberle (7) in a shootout at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Chiarelli has sent away a lot of talent as Oilers general manager. Mathew Barzal is on track to win the Calder Trophy with Charlie McAvoy and Brock Boeser fighting for second place. Sure, the Oilers never picked Barzal, but Islanders general manager Garth Snow said they don’t make the trade if Barzal isn’t available at 16. Barzal aside, the Oilers still gave up two high draft picks in a very good draft for Griffin Reinhart, a declining prospect that didn’t fill a need. Their prospect pool would much better today had they kept those picks.

The Reinhart trade might be the most lopsided deal in terms of pure value going one way. You can find a similar trade each summer during Chiarelli’s time in Edmonton. Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson in 2016. Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome in 2017. The Oilers can’t keep trading down and expect to improve, but that’s the way Chiarelli operates going back to his time in Boston. He traded Tyler Seguin and Blake Wheeler and gave up the best player in both deals.

The Oilers’ cap situation is even more difficult next season when McDavid’s cap hit jumps to $12.5 million per year. They’ll need to improve the roster with few tradable assets. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Oscar Klefbom are often brought up as trade candidates to acquire a right-handed defenceman and a skilled winger. Given Chiarelli’s track record, getting full value for those players seems unlikely if he’s making those trades.

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Chiarelli’s lack of activity last summer contributed to this season’s failures. Wasting the last year of McDavid’s entry-level contract should be a fireable offence. Chiarelli didn’t improve the roster in the offseason but arguably made it worse by trading Eberle for Strome and not doing much else.

The Oilers need for a puck-moving, right-handed defenceman is still present, as it was when Chiarelli was hired. Chiarelli’s traded away two high picks in 2015 (one of which became Mat Barzal), Taylor Hall, and Jordan Eberle, and the Oilers’ defence still isn’t good enough. Now, they have less assets and more money tied up while still needing to add significant pieces. Nurse is a restricted free agent and needs a new contract, so a bridge deal might be necessary with four $4-million defenceman already signed.

There’s also the significant lack of prospects in Bakersfield. There’s not one NHL-ready forward prospect and Bakersfield still sits at the bottom of their division, even with all these AHL veterans playing big minutes.

Feb 22, 2018; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl (29) celebrates his second period goal against the Colorado Avalanche at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Oilers Entertainment Group CEO and Vice-Chair Bob Nicholson talked about this season in an interview on Sportsnet 590 with Bob McCown in February. He correctly spoke about goaltending and special teams sinking their season and said they’ve had lots of focus groups say they can win the Stanley Cup in the next three to five years. It’s hard to see the same general manager who couldn’t build a supporting cast around McDavid when he made $3.75 million do it when his cap hit jumps to $12.5 million.

The Oilers still have elite talent, but all precede Chiarelli’s arrival. His task was to surround McDavid with the right support to win but built a slow, expensive team around the fastest player in the game.

Of the current roster, Chiarelli’s additions include Lucic, Mike Cammalleri, Jesse Puljujarvi, Strome, Pontus Aberg, Drake Caggiula, Larsson, Sekera, Russell, Matt Benning, Cam Talbot, and Al Montoya. Patrick Maroon and Mark Letestu were also Chiarelli additions but sent out by the trade deadline. Chiarelli’s group isn’t good enough.

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Nicholson’s interview with McCown preached continuity and confidence in Chiarelli. The Oilers have had six coaches and three general managers since 2010. But that’s no reason to continue with a poor one.

These are crucial years, and McDavid’s entry-level contract is already gone.

The Oilers were right to look outside the organization for a new general manager, they just hired the wrong one. Chiarelli came into one of the best jobs in hockey and has continuously bled talent and added tough contracts in free agency, making their cap situation difficult going forward.

The Oilers have changed general managers four times in the past decade. That shouldn’t stop them from firing Chiarelli.

  • Butters

    Even if we get rid of Chiarelli, I don’t think it solves all our problems. The GR trade was brutal, but I agree with other posters, that iron was in the fire before the draft. I think MacTavish and Howson have difficulty evaluating talent, defense especially, but they are still around the rinks scouting.

  • Connor McFly

    You are bang-on. The other area is the people Chia inherited. Who fires a GM and keeps him on as the new GM’s assistant? How does that happen? Well how about a meddling owner who handcuffs his new GM. If Chia and TMac are colossal failures so are Kevin Lowe, Bobby Nickers and Craig MacT who pushed Chia to go get Reinhart. Nickers looked like a pathetic deer in the headlights. He was a stumbling bumbling exec who should never be allowed to speak without a teleprompter. If I have to watch another annoying curtain-call of the ‘80’s players I am going to loose it. That’s all the Oilers have is success from 30 plus years ago. It will take a new competent GM at least 5 years to try and fix this mess. Fat chance McD hangs around after his contract expires. What a waste of a superstar person and player.

    • hammer313

      Yup, I give Connor 2 more years. If this gm AND coach are not fired THIS year, we do not improve, stuck in the mud, so to say. The gm gets screwed in 80% of his deals and a coach that cannot set a lineup or a decent system. Both gone, or next year is what you’re seeing now. Makes me sick, just thinking these 2 clowns will be here in the fall.

  • OilersBro

    I really like Adam Larsson but at the time there were rumours of Taylor Hall fetching PK Subban. I feel like a broken record saying this but when we traded Hall and Eberle, we should have had Larsson + Strome + a 2nd round pick (or prospect) for each of them – it makes the deal fair and wouldn’t impact our cap

  • crabman

    I had high hopes when Chiarelli was hired, even though he came from Boston who I hate, because he had a history of winning. Three years later my hope of him turning his mess around is very low. I think a coaching change needs to be made. our lack of consistency, poor special teams, slow starts to games and inability to close out games are all signs of a broken system. If a coaching change isn’t made any tiny bit of faith I have left Chiarelli will be gone.

    As far as the trades go, losing 1 trade is forgivable but losing three major trades is a problem. Both the Rienhart and Hall trades stink of desperation. He over paid for Rienhart after losing out on Hamilton and because the Rienhart deal was obviously a bad one come next off season he was still desperate for a RHD he moved Hall for a lower value player. At the time many people, myself included, looked at the Hall trade as Hall for Larsson and Lucic because he wouldn’t have signed Lucic without Hall’s money and roster spot being available but Larsson should still have came over with another prospect or picks to help the system. Better GMs don’t trade their players until they get the pieces they want in return. For a GM that preached patients and a 5 year plan when he was hired he seems to make impulsive, short sighted trades. Same goes for trading Eberle for cap room he didn’t use and a lack of a bigger return. Again picks or prospects coming back as well or hold onto the player until you get the trade you want.

    I think Chiarelli’s best work he has done since arriving in Edmonton has been his drafting. It’s too early to tell on most players but I think he has made some good bets and when we look back in 5 years we will think he had some success in this department. For this reason I think trading away picks for Rienhart and not getting picks back in the Hall and Eberle deals looks even worse.
    I don’t blame Chiarelli for the lack of depth in the AHL because the majority of his picks haven’t graduated to pro hockey yet but I do blame him for not having more of his own picks on the way. The Oilers needing to give up a 2nd and 3rd for Chiarelli and McLellan made the need for Chiarelli to be more conscious of using his draft picks wiser and the need to get more draft picks back. He failed in this department.

  • DerpSolo

    It sucks because even if oilers do fire Chiarelli, it doesn’t get rid of looch, it doesn’t bring back hall and it doesn’t bring back ebs. It just means someone else gets to come In and make the tough decisions because of the cap hell chia has induced. Hell imo chia is the only reason Garth Snow still has a job, because peter is directly responsible for giving them half of their top 6 forwards

  • “The Oilers were right to look outside the organization for a new general manager, they just hired the wrong one.”

    Oilers needed a new direction after the MacT disaster, that’s for sure. Chiarelli came in and addressed many issues, such as team toughness (remember soft skill?), problems in the room (Taylor Hall pouting), and sub par defense and goaltending. He did all that, and it had to be done, but it came at a price. I find it hard to believe that incompetence is at play here. I thing it’s more market conditions. Other GM’s sense desperation. No one is going to help Edmonton win, they want to win themselves.
    Last year, a winning season, Chiarelli could have ran for mayor. This year, a losing season, fans want his head on a stick.

  • Consultant

    No GM will be perfect but to think Chia could have done NOTHING and right now we’d have a top six of McDavid, Draisaitl, Hall, Nuge, Eberle and Barzal (if they just looked at Bob Mckenzie’s list and picked the next guy). Imagine those guys spread over three lines. Sit back and let Hall get hot then quietly allow a bidding war for him, take a year if need be until someone puts together an appropriate value trade offer. Instead three of those six are gone for peanuts. We keep Chia and soon Nuge is out the door too, 4 out of 6 gone for Strome, Larson and probably another “up and coming” dman like Cody Ceci that will end up being another #3/4 dman for us. It’s a sad story that desperately needs to end.

  • toprightcorner

    Some of the things you blame Chairelli for are misdrirected and are the responsibility of MacT. You can’t blame PC for lack of AHL prospects when he has only had 3 drafts and 2 are already in the NHL. There are a number of good looking prospects only a year or 2 from the AHL and that is on pace with expectations. The lack of prospects is on MacT’s terrible drafting record and nothing else.

    Sure, Chairelli hasn’t added a right shot offensive dman, but the Oilers have been looking for that for almost 10 years. In fairness, they just don’t get traded very often. Weber for Subban was a 1 for 1 of the same position. Vatanen, maybe but the Ducks would never trade him within the division. Those are the only 2 offensive right shot dmen to be traded in 3 years and there was no chance the Oilers could get either one (not including deadline rentals). It is easy to say “go get one” but it 99% of the time, it is a drafted position. You cannot blame PC for something basically no other GM has been able to do either.

  • toprightcorner


    The Oilers were not planning on picking him anyway and if you say that is terrible scouting, what about the 10 other teams that passed over him outside the top 5 players? Even last year, not one person expected Barzal to be this dominant in the NHL.

    Yes, it was a terrible trade but only a complete uneducated fool would say we traded Barzal for Reinhart

  • Deezy

    After 3 horrible trades that have downgraded our talent in such a big way (Hall, Eberle, Reinhart) and 2 bonehead free agent signings (Lucic, Russell) that have messed up the salary cap for us, it’s time Nicholson holds his GM accountable for creating this mess. Chia and Nicholson inherited McDavid, Draisatl, Hall, Eberle, Nuge, Klefbom, Nurse as first rounders and have managed to somehow screw it up and make us a bottom 5 team once again. It’s indefensible. There is no argument to keeping him.

    • Oilerchild77

      Easy Deezy. Calm down.

      Here’s me doing a typical Chia hater: “He traded my favourite underachiever!? Fire hiiiiim!!! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fiiiiiire!!!”

      Holy Christ, everybody put the pitchforks down and think. Why do you think he made those trades? Let’s calmly consider:

      1) Hall was a pouter who didn’t listen to his coaches and has since admitted as much. Every other GM knew this, which lowered his value.
      2) Jirdan Eberle is a talented, but very one-dimensional player who is greatly overpaid at 6M. Again, every GM knew this, so gis trade value was limited. And by the way, Ryan Strome is a good player, not a top 6 guy, but a good player none the less
      3) The scouting has been much better since Chiarelli has taken over. Yeah, they still have a problem at forward, but that’s because they’re still recovering from years of mismanagement and poor drafting from before PC took over and it takes more than a couple of years to recover from.

      In the end, all I’m saying is Chia’s time in Edmonton, while not being mistake free, really hasn’t been as terrible as you guys suggest.

      • Disappointed

        I’m with you OC on the trade analysis, nobody complained(well a few still did) when we made the playoffs last year with Larson without Hall. Most were quite happy to see that playoff underperformer go, me included, just wish that trade had avfew sweetners added to it and like you the OBC was behind the Reinhart deal. He should get one more year to turn this around. Perhaps he can make a sacrifice to the fanbase and fire the assistant coaches.

      • Hemmercules

        I agree with you to some degree. Going off what Hall has said since he left he does kinda sound like he was an entitled brat when he was here and the Oilers desperately needed a defensive dman at the time (and an offensive one which of course which they still don’t have). He still took a low ball deal and that can’t be overlooked.

        The whole Eberle thing is just stupid though. Can’t trade a guy like that for Strome without getting at least a 3rd or even 4th round pick back as well. Just a bad move if you aren’t using that cap space too. The only reason I can see that move was made was because Chia had something else going, or thought he did, and it fell through. Leaving us with Cammy in the end. I suppose Chia thought he could use some cap to load up at the deadline but that obviously backfired and he was a seller instead.

        I can’t speak a whole lot for the Scouting. I don’t follow the prospects a whole ton. From the sounds of things its pretty bare on forwards and the farm team is in the basement. Seems like they have a few picks this year to grab a few guys or make a trade or two so hopefully they get some players that work out.

        Not a big Chia fan but he’s obviously not getting fired until at least sometime next season if they tank again. I’m just hoping he can fix a few things and get us back in the playoffs. A lot is riding on Klef, Talbot, Larsson, Sekera and Lucic having a rebound season next season.

        • Glencontrolurstik

          Regarding Chia in Boston. Cam Neeley was basically calling the shots. There is a pretty graphic You-tube video out there showing Pete being pressured to get rid of Seguin by Neeley & his croonies.
          Even as far as Chia saying, “are you sure you want to do this, I’m not sure it’s the right move.”
          Check the general feeling towards Cam Neeley & the boys over the years in the Boston Globe from the Boston fanbase. It’s pretty parallel to our feeling of Kevin & Crew.
          When you are going to bombast someone that affects something you care about, be sure to dig as deep as possible.
          You can’t just look at the surface.

      • Rock11

        1)Hall was a pouter who didn’t listen to his coaches and the OIlers performed like a playoff team whenever he was on the ice and they traded him at 23 before he could really mature. For a #3/4 Dman. Brutal.
        2)Jordan Eberle is talented and one dimensional. It happens to be the most important and hardest to acquire dimension in hockey and decent 3C’s are traded away/for 12 times a year and usually for peanuts. Also brutal.
        3)I do like the draft work over the last 2 drafts. More focus on skill. Early days but promising.
        Here’s is what you forgot though.
        4)Lucic contract was awful from day one and somehow only looks worse now and there is half a decade to go.
        5)Kris Russell. Oh vey Kris Russell. There has been gallons of digital ink spilled on this one already but to completely tie your hands with a long term, high dollar, trade protected(though no other GM would trade for the player or contract anyway) for a 3rd pairing D is idiotic. I hope all of the eye-test guys were watching last night cause that was awful. Good luck defending that.

      • Consultant

        I agree they needed to trade Hall, but they did not need to lose the trade so obviously.
        It stunk for value then and still does. Hall for Larsson and a 1st rounder and a prospect or an established player. Fine. But just because a player might be best traded doesn’t mean you just give away your best trading asset. In this cap world you can’t just lose trades over and over again. Chia cannot negotiate, simple as that. He loses his trades. Because of this he has depleted this team. We were so deep with riches when he walked in, now we are nearly back to square one. Fire Chia yesterday. Honestly, the writing is on the wall, with his record there is no way he doesn’t get fired the day after the playoff end. It is the easiest decision Bob has to make. Chia is literally batting about .125 since he came here. Results are results, Oiler fans won’t take it, simple as that, ticket sales for next year will dip huge if no changes occur.

      • GK1980

        Look, Chia is just the face of a group of men deciding on what to do an implementing a “plan”. He or “they” have made poor decisions but I think he will still be around next season like it or not.

      • Marshall Law

        Stop this. It’s this kind of mentality that perpetuates the cycle of incompetence. Look at the most lopsided trades in the league over the last decade. You’ll notice that the losing end always has a Chiarelli signature at the bottom of the page. Whether we’re talking about trades or contracts, Chiarelli is far and away the worst negotiator in pro sports.

        Scouting has been better? Based on what? The team’s complete lack of prospect depth? I will concede that he’s great at discovering undrafted college players who might one day star in the east coast league.

        I can’t stand how people act like Hall only got good when he went to New Jersey. He had this exact same season as an Oiler in 2013-2014, only his team employed the likes of Potter, Fedun, Ference, Belov and Philip Larsen on defence. You may also remember the goaltending tandem of Viktor Fasth and Ilya Bryzgalov. Hall was one of the only names on that roster that you could look at and be proud that it was associated with your favourite team.

        For anyone thinking that Hall was anything but one of the best players in hockey while he was in Edmonton, I would encourage you to stop eating paste and join reality. You are the problem. The Oilers will continue to suck as long as you continue to buy tickets and make excuses for these members of management who may possibly be the worst individuals at their chosen professions on the planet. Had the Oilers spent the last 3 seasons without a general manager and simply let Katz’s son walk up to the podium and select McDavid, they would be light years ahead of where they are now.

  • scott5017

    Didnt we have to compensate the bruins when they hired chia? I feel like we’re the ones owed compensation in that deal, its not exactly working out so far.

  • PleaseWinOilers

    The really annoying thing is that we’re bad despite not having to worry about cap space. It’s not going to get much better next year when we don’t have any.

  • Quoteright

    Hendricks and Pitlick would look better than Camellerie and every Hal call up this season.
    Why do the Oilers have no heart?
    The two oldest serving Oilers are now Nuge and Klefbom. Really, they are still developing without any help from veterans, because they have always had to be….
    Now they are on the trade block.
    Loyalty builds loyalty and without any, I’m sure committing to a team that continues to have a high rate of turnover.
    I’m a believer in Nuge and is one of the main reasons I’m a fan still. Klefbom has had a bad year, so we won’t get fair value. Don’t trade low. Stick with this team and let em play their way out. It’s still young and developing.

  • QuitForRealThisTime

    Here is a somewhat unrelated question if the cap where to go to 80 million next year. I figure that the Oil can keep the team as is and still have 5 million. Assuming Nurse is on a bridge deal for the next 2 year. How would you guys spend that 5 mil?

  • RJ

    The Letestu and Maroon trades encapsulate the issue I have.

    On the Letestu side, they were dealing with a team looking to free up a roster spot, and are looking to move a depth player (Aberg). I don’t mind the move since Nashville is one of the top teams in the NHL so it would be a challenge to move up the depth chart. It’s a solid bet for an expiring contract.

    On the other side, according to different news reports, between 5-7 teams are interested in Maroon. They end up settling on a Devils prospect rated 12-15 in their pipeline, and a third rounder two years from now. And that’s without the comments by Shero that Chia buckled in the negotiations.

    Trade is a small trade on the periphery? Chia nails it. Trade with more on the line? Chia buckles and opposing GMs know this.

    Do you really think Chia would get fair value for Nuge or Klefbom? Not based on his Hall, Eberle, Reinhart, Seguin, Wheeler trades.

    And that’s not even getting into the terrible signings and the complete absence of value contracts he is able to negotiate.

    • IRONman

      Look at Toronto June 2015 vs Oilers. They got the better coach. Why did Babcock not come to the Oilers? Look at Toronto GM and Oilers GM. This is totally pathetic management. Worst thing is how long it is going to take to fix it.

  • Wolverine_Oiler

    Chia is just not a good GM. Track record from Boston and Edmonton show this. He overthinks value and where the NHL is heading, makes teams worse.

    Griffin for a first and second when the scouting report said he wasn’t a good skater and he hadn’t come close to being an NHL regular. Sure you might make that trade but it has to be for the second only, not a first because even at that stage, he was looking like an overvalued prospect and a tweener at best. And look what happened? Gone for nothing and still not in the NHL.

    Hall. If you make that trade it has to be Larsson plus a first and something else. Hall had showed he was 10x better than Larsson at their respective positions and a couple years later it’s still the same. Larsson is a good second pairing, nothing more. Getting the first and another developmental player at least allows the Oilers to have two more pieces on the team.

    Eberle. Another one that baffles. It has to be Strome plus a first or second. Heck maybe even a prospect as well. Eberle for all his faults is a goal scorer. Top 20 in the league in goal scoring for several years. Strome was not. This is not a one for one deal you can make.

    Maroon. There’s a story that said the day before the deadline Chia was offered a second. He turned it down thinking he could get more. And then NJ comes out and says in the last 10 minutes Chia asks for less and gets fleeced again.

    This is all bad GMing and way overshadow anything good he has done. IMO he is worse than MacTavish and Lowe and Tambellini. The team and it’s parts had gotten better, just needed to start putting it together. And he devastated it again. Chia should lose his job in my humble opinion.

  • Smuckers

    If Chia gets fired, and I’m neither here nor there on that; Lowe, MacT, Howson, Green and all the scouts need to go as well. you cannot fire PC without turfing the nitwits who offer advice and presided over the previous decade of losing. It’s insanity if they all have jobs if/when the GM is fired.

      • QuitForRealThisTime

        13 other teams not including Edm and Buf also passed on this guy, so if you include these 2 teams (assuming Saber fans also think their GM in incompetent) then are there currently 15 incompetent GMs in the league? Starting to seem like finding a good GM may actually be difficult. So hiring one that had previously had success may have been a good idea at the time? Not exactly coming in a great situation was he. Sadly he did not have the advantage of making decisions through a time machine like all you hind site geniuses.

        • crabman

          The only player in the top 5 that is even remotely questionable at this point is Strome, although he is having a great season in the AHL and will probably benefit them slow playing him. and in the Next 5 picks the worse one is Pavel Zachal and Barazal could have definitely been taken in that slot. Picks 11 through 15 , Florida, Dallas and Boston all made mistakes not taking Barzal. If he slipped any further I would say the same of any GM that passed on him. He only fell that far because of injury history. He was regarded as a top 5 talent, and is living up to it.

  • Rama Lama

    Should have been fired after the Griffen Reinhart trade……..it seems that NO one on the Oilers have an understanding of how to assemble a team. Kevin Lowes vision was a small fast team…….we got hammered physically bey every team in the NHL. Steve Tambelleni’s vision was the best kept seceret in the NHL…….he could not identify a NHL player. Craig McTavish vision was making bold trades for which he had little to show for. PC vision is big heavy players that can’s skate.

    Is there anyone out there that thinks we can trade our way to success? I think most fans want us to start drafting and developing players properly………no one is giving us great players without stealing our best players.

    PC needs to go to the light!

    • Connor McFly

      IMO the Edmonton media are brainwashed into putting the blame on the players. So the Oil trade, trade, trade. There is NO accountability for Katz’ buddies. On HNIC Nicker looked like he had been beaten with a sack of rocks. When you have braindead commenters like Lowetide just aching to trade the 1st round pick and skid Nuge out of here. You can tell they are sychophants spewing the party line. Stauffer was a constant critic until they bought his mouth. Absolutely move these incompetents on and start from the top down.

  • Spydyr

    The issue with the Oilers is the owner. Need proof look at the teams record under his ownership.

    Hiring your buddies the rewarding incompetence is why the team is such is it is today.

    Having one second round pick in four years is reason enough to clean house. You build through the draft not by over paying for free agents. Find the next one not the last one.

  • Tru$Oilfan$420

    The worst thing about pete is simply his inabilty to realize that hes been hoodwinked on every hes made barring the marroon deal withbthe ducks. He has consisently come up short. Obviously the Hall and Ebrele trades were attemps to purge the old blood, but in doing so he has bled us dry. Imagine if Mcdavid had secondary scoring to help him along. He can amazing things but asking him to do them solo is ridiculous. If our gm thinks trading RNH is going to make us better we might need a good old fashion coutd’`eta. Im just sick of tatent being shipped to the east coast.

  • Tru$Oilfan$420

    The worst thing about pete is simply his inabilty to realize that hes been hoodwinked on every hes made barring the marroon deal with the ducks. He has consisently come up short. Obviously the Hall and Ebrele trades were attemps to purge the old blood, but in doing so he has bled us dry. Imagine if Mcdavid had secondary scoring to help him along. He can amazing things but asking him to do them solo is ridiculous. If our gm thinks trading RNH is going to make us better we might need a good old fashion coutd’`eta. Im just sick of tatent being shipped to the east coast.

  • ziyan94

    What bothers me most is the LW situation.

    We had:
    Maroon (good job Chiarelli)



    Our centres can only do so much while having trash wingers. We had some fantastic depth at LW, and affordable too, but that all went down the drain.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    The only thing that pisses me off about the Hall trade is PC not insisting on swapping 1st round picks as well. Could have had the #1 pick last year in Hischier. It shouldn’t have took a genius to look at the Devils roster and see they weren’t making the playoffs last year.

  • CMG30

    Fire Chirelli! He trades down every chance he get, even when he doens’t have to… When Hall was moved shock around the NHL GMs was obvious… they didn’t know he was available! Verbal out of a handful of cities was that they would have offered more. Now we’re down a hart trophy candidate and still have the hole he was traded to fill! Bad contracts, downgrading talent, dramatically overpaying for free agents, wasting McDavids ELC all while pillaging the farm system mean Chirelli needs to go ASAP.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    If one makes PC 100% responsible for this season, one must credit him 100% for last season. Logic bomb.

    The reality is that there are a constellation of issues with the Oilers and pointing at one source of failure as the root of all issues is what gifted the fans the DOD (the gift that keeps on giving). Finger pointing got us in this mess, again and again and… Firing PC creates instability, not stability – uncertainty, not certainty. I think if a symbolic sacrifice needs to be made, the lambs should be the special teams coaches. Small changes often produce the best results. This principle has been demonstrated consistently in politics, business and even human psychology. T-McL should be taking the reigns in all crucial areas anyway – show the players that you are RESPONSIBLE for the on ice strategies and instill in them they are ACCOUNTABLE for their performance.

  • VictorspOILs

    As a fan you have to be completely delusional to think that keeping Chiarelli will change anything for the better… the idiot has proven time and time again that he is incompetent and clueless… how he ever became a GM and how he ever landed a job with the Oilers is beyond me. He should have been fired the minute he proposed a Hall trade… GONE!!!…. fast forward three years later we don’t have a solid two way defencemen we don’t have a solid stay home defencemen and we have no one two punch that McDavid and Hall would have provided to go deep if not all the way in the playoffs. We don’t have any bait to bring in a top two defensive pairing because the moron traded all that away to in Eberle, Yakupov, etc…. Chiarelle should be given the boot before this season end. I wouldn’t even give him the satisfaction of staying till the end.. Go destroy some other team… The fool that hired Chiarelle should be gone too.