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McDavid and the Oilers are all over the NHL Player Polls

It’s the seventh most exciting time of the year! The NHLPA Player Polls have just been released and the Oilers have found themselves at the top of quite a few categories. And by Oilers, I mean Connor McDavid, obviously.

Every year the NHLPA holds a poll for the players who play the game every night to give their opinions on other players, coaches, refs, and buildings around the league. We get to argue about it every night on Twitter dot com, but this poll is their chance to speak their minds. Without further adieu, here are the results from the player polls. I only included the questions with Oilers involved in them, but if you’d like to read the entire poll you can find it here.

Oct 30, 2016; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Ottawa Senators defensemen Erik Karlsson (65) tries to check Edmonton Oilers forward Connor McDavid (97) during the second period at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
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Who is the fastest skater?

  1. Connor McDavid – 81%
  2. Michael Grabner – 3.6%
  3. Nick Leddy – 2.4%
  4. Dylan Larkin – 2.2%
  5. Chris Kreider – 1.6%

With no surprise, Connor McDavid finds himself at the top of the very first question of the poll. He absolutely crushes everybody in the league when it comes to speed and there’s no question about it. The amazing part about it is that he literally does not have any rockets attached to his skates when he plays so I just don’t understand how he can move so fast.

Who is the most difficult player to play against?

  1. Sidney Crosby – 29.9%
  2. Connor McDavid – 23.7%
  3. Patrick Kane – 4.6%
  4. Shea Weber – 4.1%
  5. Anze Kopitar – 3.2%

This question had some interesting results with it. I totally understand Sid being at the top of the list. He has dominated the NHL since he entered it and has a huge size advantage on Connor. His edge work combined with his size make it nearly impossible to beat him in a 1-on-1 battle. McDavid isn’t too far behind him though. Give it a couple years when Sid becomes a slow, old man and Connor will at the top of the voting poll like he should be.

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NHL releases further hub city details

Who is the toughest player?

Nov 3, 2017; Edmonton, Alberta, CAN; Edmonton Oilers forward Milan Lucic (27) and New Jersey Devils defensemen Dalton Prout (5) fight during the second period at Rogers Place. Mandatory Credit: Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Ryan Reaves – 44.7%
  2. Milan Lucic – 14.8%
  3. Zdeno Chara – 4.0%
  4. Michael Haley – 3.2%
  5. Matt Martin – 2.7%

To be honest I’m a little surprised to see Milan Lucic so high on this list this year. Obviously my opinion is sort of invalid because I don’t actually play against him on the ice, but from what I’ve seen so far this hasn’t been his toughest season. At no surprise is Ryan Reaves blowing away everybody else in the league in votes with almost a majority. He’s currently tied for fifth in fighting major penalty minutes in the league. You can find all his career fights on Hockeyfights.com.

Which player would you select to start a franchise?

Jun 26, 2015; Sunrise, FL, USA; Edmonton Oilers general manager Peter Chiarelli makes the Oilers pick of Connor McDavid (not pictured) in the first round of the 2015 NHL Draft at BB&T Center. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Connor McDavid – 48.6%
  2. Sidney Crosby – 23.8%
  3. Auston Matthews – 5.8%
  4. Jonathan Toews – 3.1%
  5. Erik Karlsson – 1.9%

Hi Connor! This was the closest result to a majority vote in the whole thread. Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby are obviously the two best players in the world right now. The difference between them is nine years of age though. This is a no-brainer when wanting to build a franchise around them both.

If you need to win one game, who is the #1 player you would want on your team?

  1. Sidney Crosby – 43.7%
  2. Connor McDavid – 15.3%
  3. Carey Price – 9.7%
  4. Patrick Kane – 3.7%
  5. Erik Karlsson – 3.4%

I get these results. Connor McDavid is amazing at hockey, but when you have a guy who’s scored the Golden Goal in overtime, you don’t NOT pick him to win the game! McDavid has scored a GWG once every 12 games in his short career, and Crosby has scored a GWG once every 15 games in his career. Take into consideration that Sid has played almost 700 more games than Connor and we’ll chalk it up as a tie!

Which rink has the best ice?

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  1. Bell Centre (Montreal) – 28.0%
  2. Rogers Place (Edmonton) – 21.7%
  3. Bell MTS Place (Winnipeg) – 6.6%
  4. Xcel Engergy Center (Minnesota) – 6.0%
  5. Scotiabank Saddledome (Calgary) – 6.0%
Looking at the big picture

Go Edmonton! It’s Rogers Place second season in the NHL and it’s already been voted as the second best ice in the league. This is sort of a relief after all of the expectations we were facing to have the best ice in the league. Now that Rogers Place is on the map, maybe the Oilers ice making team can put some work in over at Callingwood arena? Just my two cents.

Who is the best forward of all time?

  1. Wayne Gretzky – 72.7%
  2. Mario Lemieux – 11.3%
  3. Sidney Crosby – 4.9%
  4. Jaromir Jagr – 3.1%
  5. Peter Forsberg – 2.3%

Alright I lied earlier, when I said that there were no majority votes I was referring to current NHL players. OBVIOUSLY Wayne Gretzky is going to blow away this vote and the fact that it was even a question in this poll is a farse!

Who is the best defenceman of all time?

  1. Bobby Orr – 61.0%
  2. Nicklas Lidstrom – 29.1%
  3. Ray Bourque – 2.6%
  4. Paul Coffey – 1.8%
  5. Scott Niedermayer – 1.3%

It’s tough to compete against Number Four Bobby Orr but it’s still cool seeing Paul Coffey in the top five. I’m curious to see what percentage of the NHL was consciously watching hockey in 2001 when Paul Coffey retired?

Who is one player you would like to have as a teammate?

  1. Wayne Gretzky – 13.4%
  2. Sidney Crosby – 8.0%
  3. Mario Lemieux – 6.3%
  4. Peter Forsberg – 4.6%
  5. Nicklas Lidstrom – 3.7%

Wayne Gretzky holds the NHL record for most career assists with 1963….. so yep, I would like to have him on my team. You could park a disabled rhino in front of the net and it could still pot 30 goals just from Gretzky banking the puck in off of it.

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  • CMG30

    Good to hear that the ice in Rogers place is excellent. There were rumblings in the opening season that it wasn’t up to scratch.

    Connor will soon be the undisputed best player active in the NHL. Sad that our GM has utterly blown the opportunity to build a team around such a generational talent.

    Folks who try to argue that Gretzky isn’t the greatest player of all time are out of their minds. Jagr said it best, Gretzky was simply on a different planet than everybody else. It’s not even close. But hey, some folks out there have managed to convince themselves that the earth is flat.

  • ubermiguel

    Forsberg the 5th best forward of all time? I have as much love for Forsberg as any Oilers fan can, but he wasn’t the best forward on his own team many nights (but when he was healthy and playing well he was unbeatable). I guess most NHL players are 90s kids aren’t they? They probably logged a ton of hours playing NHL 98.

  • Bills Bills

    Chia sucks Chia sucks Chia sucks. Everything is the GMs fault. The GM is an idiot. PC has ruined this team.

    Seriously clowns. This is every other post on this site. Give it up. Most of you couldn’t hold a candle to PC as a GM and most of you don’t know jack about hockey. So seriously stop. It is really tiring.

    • jultz=2cups!??

      Couldn’t agree more. I especially lol’ed at the first commenter who said, “our gm has utterly blown the opportunity to build around a generational talent”. Lol. Connors only 21. He’s not retiring next year. What a bunch of drama queens around here. Patrick O’Sullivan was right. Worst fans in the league. ???

  • crabman

    I love that the players recognize McDavid as the gut they would build a franchise around. I remember just last year a segment on TSN and a couple of the people on the panel had the audacity to suggest Matthews would be the best player to build a team around and that if they had the option of drafting one or the other Matthews would be the way to go. Clear Toronto bias there I thought. Seems the players agree.

  • EzraElliott

    Chris spends the the entire post reiterating the lack of a “majority vote” in any one category, then alters this stance to say that there were no majority votes for currently active players (accounting for Gretzky), and all the while, *the very first question resulted in a majority vote for McDavid.* Well done, intern.

  • Jaxon

    “I totally understand Sid being at the top of the list. He has dominated the NHL since he entered it and has a huge size advantage on Connor.” – um, McDavid is 2″ taller than Crosby and only 2 to 8 lbs lighter depending on the source. Crosby 5’11”, 200lbs by every source I searched. McDavid varied between 192lbs, 196lbs and 198lbs, always 6’1″. So “huge size advantage” might not be accurate.

    • crabman

      you’re right Crosby doesn’t have a huge size advantage but he does have a huge strength advantage. Crosby is built like a tank and is one of the hardest players to knock off the puck. Once McDavid gets his Man strength he will be so much harder to handle than he is right now.