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Milan Lucic not on ice for Oilers practice this morning

After scoring his first goal in 29 games, Milan Lucic has apparently earned himself a rest. We’re kidding, we don’t know why he’s not out there but he was nowhere to be found this morning at Oilers practice. As per Jason Gregor, and it appears that Kassian has temporarily replaced his spot on the top line with Draisaitl and McDavid. 

Has Lucic perfected the game? Is there nothing left to learn for the big man? That’s likely not the case. Actually, I KNOW that’s not the case. Jason Gregor says we will find out what he’s up to after practice and I believe him. With that said I will provide you with the updates when I hear them.

It would sure be a shame for Lucic to go down with an injury now after finally getting the monkey off his back. On the bright side, I have been pulling for Kassian to get some Connor McDavid minutes for a long time so it’s really refreshing to see. I would love to see Kass light it up tomorrow night with Connor and Leon against the Islanders.

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Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 3/07/2018 – 11:13 am MST

  • TruthHurts98

    PC contracts: Looch 6 mil per year until infinity to score once every 30 games and not stand up for teammates when cross checked from behind into the boards. To make room for this Albatros he will have to trade the Nuge for pennies on the dollar. More cap space created but not used like last summer too. But of course DOD 2.0 isn’t upon us!!! Lets do a poll in upper management: Oilers will win the Cup in 3-5 years with zero depth, sup par defense and goaltending along with no depth whatsoever on the farm!!! It’s all good! Stay the course. Sounds like a foolish and cultish way of thinking otherwise known as insanity. And let’s keep the management team around, ticket prices won’t be going up with such a bad product on the ice outside of Connor right?!? Right?

  • Oil9744

    I like Kass to but why would he get to play on the top line?? He’s been on the Fourth line all season and not having a great season at that, I remember Spec saying that they don’t have Puljujarvi on the top line cause he has to earn it, yet they give it to Kass?? Puljujarvi is having a good season and should play the last couple games instead of guys like Slepyshev and Kassian and Lucic for that matter, Puljujarvi Mcdavid Draisaital would be a killer top line even now or slot Nuge up there at least.

    • Beer_League_Ringer

      Filling a hole at practice. Don’t read too much into it until the line combos are released tomorrow after the morning skate. You’ll drive yourself nuts.