Watch It Again: Juhjar Khaira hands Cal Clutterbuck the L

The season is lost. For the Oilers, all that remains is to see where they end up at the bottom of the standings table. There’s also this little thing called pride. Pride in the jersey, pride for your teammates and the fans. Oilers fans were understandably upset just a couple of games ago when no…


GDB 67.0: Is Klefbom Hurt or Injured? (7pm MST, SNW)

Many players and trainers have said there is a distinct difference between being hurt or injured. “You can play hurt, but usually you don’t play injured,” is what they’ve told me. It is far from clear what exactly that means and each player’s pain threshold might impact it as well. I’d say each case is…


Quick Hits Islanders @ Oilers: Hot Streaks

I’m a massive fan of offence. I’m much more entertained by a game that involves multiple lead changes and goals in bunches, and New York Islanders games are never short on entertainment. Their games have produced the most goals in the NHL with 452. They are sixth in goals scored, 213, and they’ve allowed the…


Jordan Eberle’s best moments with the Oilers

Look, I’m not here to talk about the trade, how Eberle is doing in Brooklyn, or what Ryan Strome is doing here. But today is Jordan Eberle’s return to Edmonton for the first time since becoming a New York Islander. Last year’s poor playoff showing be damned, Eberle was a very good Oiler and he…


Strome jokes with the media about Jordan Eberle

Yesterday, after practice, Ryan Strome was asked whether or not he pays attention to Jordan Eberle’s stats seeing as he was the sole return in the trade for the former Oiler. Rather than get upset by it, Strome handled the question in stride and played right along.


Seriously, Klefbom?

Tuesday on Hockey Central the venerable Elliotte Friedman speculated that the Oilers were not shutting Oscar Klefbom down because they wanted to showcase him for a potential trade. Naturally, this is a terrible idea for a number of reasons. In any sane and rational world, it would be unbelievable. Because Peter Chiarelli is the Oilers’…