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GDB 67.0: Is Klefbom Hurt or Injured? (7pm MST, SNW)

Many players and trainers have said there is a distinct difference between being hurt or injured. “You can play hurt, but usually you don’t play injured,” is what they’ve told me. It is far from clear what exactly that means and each player’s pain threshold might impact it as well. I’d say each case is different.

Most NHL player’s bodies have some sort of wear and tear, or nagging injury, at this time of the year, and then many play with even more pain in the playoffs. Each player is different when it comes to how much discomfort or pain they can play with. Joe Thornton allegedly played with a torn ACL last season.

As the Edmonton Oilers play out the string in another disappointing season, the topic of Oscar Klefbom’s health has become a major talking point. His shoulder has bothered him from the beginning of the season. He sat out for a game in Buffalo on November 24th, then returned to play eleven more, before sitting out another three games on December 21st, 23rd and 27th.

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“I haven’t felt this good in a long time,” Oscar Klefbom told me in January. Klefbom had a cortisone shot injected in his shoulder in December and he was pain free when he returned to the lineup December 27th. He admitted he was playing with some pain earlier and after receiving the cortisone shot he felt much better.

However, a cortisone shot will only mask the issue for so long. It won’t completely fix it.

On Tuesday, Elliotte Friedman made a comment regarding Klefbom that has many people talking.

“It’s pretty clear that he’s been playing hurt. And players who have played against him say that he’s been really protective of his shoulder, the way he turns, the way he goes into the boards… he’s played pretty hard this year considering he has really been hurting. The fact that they haven’t shut him down, I think, that’s leading to some belief that they are showcasing him. If you want to trade something that can get you value in Edmonton, Klefbom might be the guy. And I think the fact that they haven’t shut him down when clearly he’s been playing with pain is leading to some wonder that he could be a guy that other teams are looking at.”

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Friedman didn’t say he knows the Oilers are shopping Klefbom, but that “there is some belief they are.” That is a big difference, so let’s not try and twist his words.

I’ll admit I’ve always been somewhat skeptical of the “showcasing him” philosophy. Are you telling me opposing scouts and GMs will see something different in Klefbom in the final 20 games of the season that they didn’t already know about him earlier?

Secondly, if he is seriously injured, why would you play him when he isn’t at his best, thus devaluing him?

Klefbom didn’t skate this morning. It was an optional skate and he had left the building by the time media availability occurred. This isn’t new. It happens often with veteran players, so let’s not read anything into it.

I did ask Todd McLellan this morning about Klefbom’s health.

“He’s been healthy enough to play. He went through a bad spell early in the year. He had a treatment that kept him out of the lineup for a while. He’s been good now for two months since he’s had that treatment, but it eventually wears off and that’s where he’s at right now,” said McLellan.

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TSN’s Ryan Rishaug asked if Klefbom will require surgery at the end of the season.

“Well, like anybody that’s playing right now on the 31 different teams, there are a number of players who need procedures and he could end up being one of them. So we’ll see how that goes from now until the end of the year. He’ll have to make some personal decisions and doctors will have to consult with him as well.”


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Should the Oilers shut him down? They could, but do you think the organization and player are willing to have him inflict more damage to his hurt or injured shoulder just to win meaningless games? It is hard to answer until we know the full extent of his issues with his shoulder.

Last season in a must win game six of the Pacific Division Final versus Anaheim, Klefbom sat out with an injury. He played 32 minutes in the doubt OT thriller in game five, then sat out game six two days later, but then played in game seven after the Oilers won game six. So the potential elimination factor hadn’t changed. Also, Andrej Sekera tore his ACL in game five, and wasn’t available in game six. So the Oilers were willing to protect Klefbom and not play him in the most meaningful game in a decade for the organization, but now nine months later they are willing to risk him causing further damage to his shoulder? I guess it is possible, but it seems like a very different line of thought.

The other main factor is Klefbom. No one can force him to play. I realize there is always pressure to play, and much of that comes internally from not wanting to let your teammates down, but if Klefbom felt he was risking long term damage, why would he play?

We’ll likely discover the true extent of his injury/pain at the end of the season. If he needs a procedure that requires a month rehab, that is one thing. But if he requires surgery that leads to a four or six month rehab, then it will be fair to question why the Oilers were playing him.

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But I question what any GM would learn in the final 20 games about Klefbom, compared to what they’ve already seen. Is his value really going to change? If anything, playing banged up means he likely isn’t as effective, thus not looking as good and lowering his potential trade value. The idea of showcasing a player now seems odd to me.

Last month the Oilers sat Patrick Maroon out for three games leading up to the trade deadline while he nursed an ailment. They didn’t showcase him, knowing full well they would trade him.






Lucic missed practice yesterday with an illness, but he will play tonight. I’m not sure who plays on the fourth line, but it looks like Matt Benning is out. I can understand if they sit Benning for a game, but he only has 123 NHL games. He needs to play. He is in the early stages of his development.

I understand why some fans get enamoured with a new shiny toy, which is Ethan Bear right now, but the organization shouldn’t. If you want to play Bear, fine, but don’t sit a young player for a younger player. Bear’s offensive instincts and skills are great, but his defensive zone coverage needs a lot of work. And that’s fine — every young D-man will struggle there — but right now there is a better chance Benning helps you early next year instead of Bear.

For Bear to help the Oilers, it will be on the PP and on the third D pairing, but in order for the Oilers to protect him properly they would need a dominant #1 RD who can eat a lot of minutes so Bear can be sheltered. Right now the Oilers don’t have that player, and it is very difficult to acquire one. If you want to keep playing Bear, fine, but don’t do it at the expense of another young D-man who needs to play.

Andrej Sekera is very rusty. He won’t be back to his normal level of play until next year when he can shed his knee brace. He has spoke openly about how it limits what he does on the ice. He has not been as good as Benning. Not close. Benning has three points in his last four games and is +5 without playing any special teams.

If Benning is out for one game, okay, he wasn’t great versus Arizona, but neither were many D-men. But late in the season young players like Benning, Drake Caggiula, Anton Slepyshev and Jesse Puljujarvi need to play. They don’t need to be given extra minutes, but at they should be in the lineup.

There seems to be a reluctance from the coaching staff to play young players consistently.





Gibson makes his 2nd NHL start. He made 47 in his first start against Pittsburgh, but lost in OT. Oilers will try to avoid another backup goalie stoning them.


Photoshop: Tom Kostiuk

GAME DAY PREDICTION: These teams have only averaged a total of 4.75 goals/game in their last four meetings, including a low-scoring 2-1 game earlier this year. Tonight, though, we are treated to a lot of goals. Oilers win 5-4.

OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Jordan Eberle scores against his former team.

NOT-SO-OBVIOUS GAME DAY PREDICTION: Cammalleri a late scratch. Milan Lucic has 12 career goals v. the Islanders, that is more than the rest of the 17 Oilers skaters combined, who have eight. Two Oilers score their first career goals vs. NYI tonight: Slepyshev and RNH.


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  • freelancer

    If he’s truly injured it shows high negligence by the coaching staff for continuing to play him. If it’s because Chiarelli is trying to showcase him than it’s another black mark in a long history of poor moves by Chiarelli.

    Eberle scores two goals in the third period.

  • Randaman

    Not a Benning fan. That’s been obvious with my previous posts. He doesn’t skate well at all. He’s slow and that causes him to take needless penalties. Bear skates better, shoots harder, has more offensive instincts/skills, glides the point on the PP (very small sample) and gets his shot through. Everybody says play him in the AHL. Who are we to judge how fast his development will track if used properly. Third pair and PP. If he’s better than Benning, so be it!

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Benning is a second year NHL, still developing. He makes mistakes for sure but that should be expected. As I have said in previous posts Oiler fans have a bad habit of running plays out of town before their prime only to find success else ware. As one of the the youngest teams in the league in regards it’s core players it will take time for this team to be consistent. I realize Oil fans have waiting to long for success but this core was not that core. I still like this core and think they can win but will need more NHL time. I think Benning can be a core player even if it is in a 6/7 d role.

      • Randaman

        That’s fair but watch his skating. I thought the Oilers had a skating tutor and considering Paul Coffey is on board, I certainly hope he improves because he has a very hard time keeping up or transitioning.

      • crabman

        I agree Benning fits in as a 6,7. I like what I have seen with Bear so far but I haven’t seen anything that suggests he is better than Benning today. He looks like he has a higher ceiling and I’m excited to see his development but I think he would benefit more playing big minutes in the AHL next year and QBing their pp. If he excels in that role and forces his way to the NHL great but until he is a big upgrade I don’t see a point rushing him.

    • Jason Gregor

      The most important factor for a defencemen in the NHL is can he defend. That is his area of weakness, which is expected due to his age and lack of pro hockey, but rushing him to the NHL because you dislike Benning is consistent with why OIlers haven’t been good for a decade. You should stop wanting them to rush players.

      • Randaman

        How is it rushing him to give him a few games in the show late in the year? Bakersfield aren’t in the play offs so what a motivation tool for him to go into the summer with. NO? Again, if he is better than Benning, why not?

  • Explicit

    Do I think the organization would be willing to inflict more damage by playing him in meaningless games?

    Yes, I do. After all, This is the organization that rushed souray early from injury. Fired a coach thru Skype, traded Smyth over 100grand… etc. absolutely nothing would surprise me from this terribly run organization

  • OldOilerFan

    At this point in the season the only thing I care about or watch for is what Conner is going to do next as he chases the scoring title. And …. WHEN are they finally going to put RNH on Conner’s line?

  • Rusty

    I think its Sekera that should be sat down for the rest of the year. I mean there’s Eric Gryba in Bakersfield that is at least as good as Sekera is right now. Heck Mark Fayne is still available to us if needed. We all know Sekera is better than what hes been able to show since his return but i don’t think we are going to see any of this year. Sit him down for the year, finish his rehab properly and let him start preparing for his comeback next year.

    As for klefbom, i’m giving the organization the benefit of the doubt. A young defenceman with a shoulder injury, i think we are talking about cartilage or bone chips which is arthroscopic surgery in the off-season, ready for training camp next year. Not much point in shutting him down unless there was a thought it was going to get worse.

  • Retired Secret Agent

    For all that’s holy hockey, all I want to see is… the first time that Clusterbuck tries his weasel schtick that someday beats his mug in. No invite, no yacking, just face punching.

  • OilBlood

    The stupidity of not shutting Klefbom down weeks ago is mind blowing.

    Whatever the hell it is, he’s clearly playing through something.

    He’s stated he won’t play for Sweden in the worlds because he needs to rehab.

    What the hell is wrong with them? Even if he wants to play you as an organization tell him no.

    Heal up and get ready for next season.

    What absolute morons.

  • DerpSolo

    Klefbom is also more than an asset, he’s human. I can’t imagine it fair to him sending him out there with a hurt shoulder only to get relentlessly hit and make it worse. Shut him down

  • Soccer Steve

    Honest question here: how is a cortisone shot not considered doping? It’s injected and it seems to create a excellent result immediately. What is the difference between this and a banned performance substance?
    Genuinely curious; anyone in the know about this?

  • Deezy

    Why is JP playing on his off wing on the 3rd line? Are we actually trying to ruin this kid? Aberg is now a RW?? Todd McLellan has been a colossal disappointment as our coach. I feel like the playoff run last year was in spite of him with his head scratching decision making. As bad as Chia has been, McLellan and his friends have been no better and rightfully deserve to be fired at the end of the year. The continuity argument is ridiculous for these guys. I’ll take my chances on a new voice rather than continue to lose with this guy.

  • Oilfaninvan

    Great first period for Jujhar! I’ve got a great idea for a t-shirt for the oilersnation team: a pic of Jujhar throwing punches with the caption “taking Khaira business” ??

  • Serious Gord

    If Klefbom is injured to the point where surgery is required to repair it it is gross negligence to continue playing him.

    And if chia really thinks playing an injured player increases his trade value he should be fired. It’s that simple.

  • camdog

    I’ve been out of town a few days and I come back to find the local Oilers beat writers just found out Klefbom is playing hurt via the National media and the Oilers coach says the team didn’t really know how Strome played the game when they traded for him. Feels like it’s still November in Edmonton…

  • Fire Woodcroft!

    Hey Todd… Here’s a thought – instead of changing the line combinations why don’t you try changing the system the boys are playing?… You know – less passing and shots from the outside and more shooting and getting to the danger areas of the ice.

    Just a thought… The line-blender hasn’t seemed to work too well the million-odd times we’ve tried it this season.