Jordan Eberle’s best moments with the Oilers

Look, I’m not here to talk about the trade, how Eberle is doing in Brooklyn, or what Ryan Strome is doing here. But today is Jordan Eberle’s return to Edmonton for the first time since becoming a New York Islander. Last year’s poor playoff showing be damned, Eberle was a very good Oiler and he should be remembered as such.

Here are our favourite memories from Eberle’s time with the Oilers.

The Oilers draft Eberle 22nd overall

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Oil Change 2.0. H.O.P.E. The new frontier. Jordan Eberle was a key member on the Oilers of the future and, in his first NHL game, he showed why. Eberle scored this gorgeous goal against the Calgary Flames to kick off the 2010-11 season. He’s scored a lot of goals, but this one still might be his best.

After that incredible goal, TSN did a great job putting together this hilarious satire feature about him showing up rookie first overall pick Taylor Hall and new captain Shawn Horcoff. It’s honestly impressive how good Hall and Horcoff acted in this video.

This wasn’t technically him with the Oilers, but he was an Oilers prospect at the time and I think this is largely when Jordan Eberle hype began. With just a couple seconds left in Canada’s semifinal game against Russia at the 2009 World Juniors, John Tavares chucks a puck on net and Eberle grabs it and toe drags it around Russia’s goalie to tie the game. I remember going to an Oilers game in, like, March of 2009 and seeing Eberle Canada jerseys being sold in the team shop.

The day after: Jesse Puljujarvi looking like new player in return to Edmonton Oilers

Boy oh boy was that release sweet. I miss those snipes.

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The acting was also sweet. I miss those commercials

I promised I wouldn’t get mad about the trade I promised I wouldn’t get mad about the trade I promised I wouldn’t get mad about the trade I promised I wouldn’t get mad about the trade ….. Welcome back, Ebs!

  • Glencontrolurstik

    My favourite by far was his first goal against Calgary.
    It’s funny, from then on, I expected nothing less from him going forward.
    The cool thing is, over the years, he often delivered.

  • ubermiguel

    That TSN story is still a classic, although it’s a touch painful looking back at how much HOPE we had at the time and how that HOPE was dashed. Please McDavid, deliver us from hockey purgatory.

  • Spydyr

    My favourite memory of Eberle is when he stopped and gave the puck away in a playoff game because he was scared to get hit. Soft player that scored soft points.

    The issue was not trading Eberle the issue was not replacing him with a top six right winger.

    • Also remember he gave up possession to a helmet laying on the ice (Ended with puck in back of our net). Also declined o hit an injured defenceman when he had him in the trolley tracks, peeled away as usual (Ended with puck in back of our net). There is a distinct pattern here. If you have passengers in the playoffs, you lose!

      • Hemmercules

        That playoff pretty much sewered his value. Chia needed to work way harder to replace that position than settling on Cammaleri. Cap space was the sweetener in the Eberle trade until it wasn’t even used.

    • OnDaWagon

      In most cases, there are certain kind of players, goal scorers, that help in a hugh way to get you into the playoffs,then there are a tougher group that keeps you going after you get in. I agree that Ebs had a bad playoff, but Connor had a 1.2 PPG during the regular season, and only .69 in the playoffs. Now if he would have kept pace at 1.2 per game, i would think the team would have went farther.

      You ripped on Ebs for ever so long last year, and you finally got your wish, when he was traded. And YOU laid the blame on him, undeserving, in many situations.

      I wish i was as good at my job all the time, as you must be at yours.

    • Gerald R. Ford

      I dearly miss the era of “SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” and heartfelt (yet slightly disturbing) 14-related MS-Paint masterpieces. This place is far too legitimate now. *sad*

  • btrain

    I was and will continue to be a fan of Eberle. A rare bright spot across many difficult seasons. Only a fickle, heavily biased, fan can find nothing to appreciate about Eberle when he was an Oiler. As is tradition, he is likely good for a few points tonight against his old squad.

  • ifiwasgm

    Yup Eberle had a bad year, seem I remember probably the best goal scorer in NHL history (Ovie) having a bad year not to long ago, but ya he is garbage too.
    Eberle is a very good player that helped this team far more then he hurt it 90% of his time here.
    But fans here like to think players aren’t human.

  • The Puck

    Some general thoughts on the evaluation of trades:
    -the value/impact/winner of a trade can only be truly know in the fullness of time.
    -a player’s value can not be determined by simply looking at his points.
    -current performance, together with age, health, contract status, may be an indicator of future results but are not determinative.