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Strome jokes with the media about Jordan Eberle

Yesterday, after practice, Ryan Strome was asked whether or not he pays attention to Jordan Eberle’s stats seeing as he was the sole return in the trade for the former Oiler. Rather than get upset by it, Strome handled the question in stride and played right along.

For an NHL player, it must be tough to have to answer questions in relation to a trade that you had no part in completing. Aside from being the return in the trade that sent Eberle to New York, Ryan Strome had no say in the deal regardless of what fans or media think about it. When asked whether or not he follows how Eberle is doing in New York, Strome had some fun with the media.

Q: “Do you pay attention to Jordan Eberle’s stats?”

With Eberle’s Islanders in town tonight, Strome’s sense of humour may be called upon once again as it almost seems likely that both players will be asked about the trade. Maybe this story will be done after tonight’s game? We doubt it.

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  • Bills Bills

    Handled it well. But to answer your question, no. I hope he does well and returns to the 27 goal man he was. Strome is as billed. For playing on a crap team he has 30 points and could finish with 40 this year. On a good team maybe he gets 50 and plays solid at both ends.

  • Republic of oil

    Its another deal where Chiarelli should have gotten a bigger return. Probably a second or a third round pick. Eberle puts up 50 + points a year. Strome gets 30. I actually really like Strome myself. I think hes a good 2 way player. He could do very well as an oiler. Peter just needs to work on negotiating better deals.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Strome’s disdainful exhale and bemused smirk is one of my favourite moments of this season. I get that it’s a question that the media had to ask … but I do love the little bit of passive-aggressive contempt Strome showed. If that clip doesn’t symbolize “Time to move on,” nothing will.