Watch It Again: Juhjar Khaira hands Cal Clutterbuck the L

The season is lost. For the Oilers, all that remains is to see where they end up at the bottom of the standings table.

There’s also this little thing called pride. Pride in the jersey, pride for your teammates and the fans. Oilers fans were understandably upset just a couple of games ago when no Oiler really stood up for Matt Benning against the Sharks. Tonight, that was not how this was going to play out, thanks to Juhjar Khaira.

Cal Clutterbuck made a real strange play at the Oilers bench at the 13:29 minute mark of the first period of tonight’s game against the Islanders.

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For what seems like no real reason, he cross checks Iiro Pakarinen who was just heading off for a line change. Clutterbuck got his two minutes, but McClellan and the Oilers clearly thought there should have been more. I mean, he did break his twig on Iiro’s body.

Just under five minutes later, Clutterbuck found himself on the ice with Jujhar. It looked like Clutterbuck was heading off for a “convenient” line change when he was met by Jujhar and agrees to answer the bell for his stupid play.

JJ leaves the face-off dot to his winger Kassian, while he lines up with Clutterbuck. The two guys square off, and away we go. Khaira has the arm span advantage, and he uses it. Other than an initial jab from Clutterbuck, Jujhar has this one from start to finish (Even when Clutterbuck is trying to punch up from the ice in full guard under JJ). Total domination and you have to love the response of the young man protecting his teammates, letting another team know that you can’t just come in and push the Oilers around.

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Source: Hockey Fights, Twitter Account, 3/8/2018 – 8:30 pm MST

  • What-a-Mike

    First off… was awesome to fionally see McLellan let loose off in anger against the ref whpo made the minor (wrong) call. I watched the replay and that was definitely an intent to injure offence and deserved at least a double minor to five minute major. But, seeing a teammate sticking up for a friend and teammate is exactly what it is all about. Khaira did great and he did the right thing. I was hoping for him or Kassian and one of them did the honour for a friend play. BTW…. was a definite awesome one sided act of fighting and I loved it….but…wished there was more….lol. Good on J.J. Now can we please see this all the time from a good fighting Oiler for when another teammate/Oiler gets hurt or roughed up wrong…. intentionally by an opposing player.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      I burst out laughing, that’s hilarious. Is JJ Sikh? The Kassian jersey I was sizing up might end up a Khaira with the way he’s been playing lately. I had no idea this dude was so tough, he looks like he has a natural fighting ability – almost all his punches (even the haymakers from over the top) connected with Clusterf**k’s noodle.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Cal Clutterbuck’s career has now reached the point where his shenanigans are now getting him into retribution-fights with players who were in junior-high when he first brought his shenanigans into the league. I guarantee he had no idea who JJ Khaira was before this game but he knows who is now. He gets full marks for answering the bell, but like I say, he’s now at a point in his life and career where breaking sticks on guys with cheapshot crosschecks near the bench are going to result in major headaches for him.

    One more thing: If this season accomplishes nothing else for the Oilers, the emergence of JJ Khaira as a bruising power-centre will be that one thing we can look back on fondly about this year.

  • OilersBro

    I’d be happy with JJ being our 3C next year. The entire game he was winning puck battles, and creating chances. His puck handling and skating has significantly improved since last year as he’s usually the one breaking out of the zone and making controlled zone entries. So happy Vegas took Reinhardt over him