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The Capilano Rehab injury report – Jumbotron down

While watching last nights game I was getting prepared to include Iiro Pakarinen in my injury report today after Cal Clutterbuck randomly broke his stick over Iiro’s back. Thankfully the hockey gods were nice to us and Iiro returned to the game unscathed. If you’re wondering about Clutterbuck, don’t worry, Jujhar Khaira took care of him for us.

If you guys have been reading the Oilers injury report lately on their site, you may still think that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is still on the IR with cracked ribs. I can confirm from my sources that Nuge is indeed healthy again, and has been playing the last few games with the Oilers. I even heard that he scored a goal and earned an assist since coming back too!

Now I feel like I should take this opportunity to thank you for tuning into my weekly injury reports where I aim to deliver TOP NOTCH injury news for all fans ranging from the top tier to the second tier. Never forget about the Andrew Ference injury counter. 

Anyways, what I’m getting at is that there are NO injuries to report on this week. I mean, Klefbom MIGHT be injured but no one really knows right now. Some reporters are saying he is, but the Oilers staff are obviously saying he’s not. It sounds like his shoulder is a nagging injury that he’s able to play through right now, but will need the summer to completely rehab it to normal. Jason Gregor touched on it during yesterdays GDB. Other than that all is well in Oil Country. The Oilers are all living a healthy lifestyle, and so should you.

Get a load of this

If you guys think I can’t find anything to discuss during an injury-less week you thought wrong. Cause we’ve got an injured jumbotron on our hands! This Rogers Place jumbotron has clearly been overworked throughout this strenuous season and is starting to give up as we speak. As you can see on the right side of the board below, the screen is refusing to display images and thus, needs time to rest.

Should we be concerned about the broken jumbotron? It’s only been two seasons and they already need to do some work on it. Maybe it’s just a few broken light bulbs? Maybe some intern just tripped over the wrong cord in the electrical room and someone needs to check-in on it?

Is the broken jumbotron a symbolic message from the hockey gods to represent our current situation? It was bright and shiny last year just like the Oilers and this year the team is playing like garbage and so is our jumbotron? I don’t like these games you’re playing with us, jumbotron guy.

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