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Oscar Klefbom to miss next two games for ‘minor procedure’

According to Oilers head coach, Todd McLellan, Oscar Klefbom will miss the next two games to undergo a “minor procedure.” Could that lead to something more significant? That’s what the Oilers are trying to find out.

There’s been a lot of talk over the past week about just how healthy Oscar Klefbom is right now, and this announcement gives us a clearer picture of that. Todd McLellan added that this procedure and the resulting two-game break will give the Oilers a clearer picture of whether or not Klefbom needs to undergo something more significant.

For a while now, it’s looked like something is up with Klefbom as he’s been more tentative with his shot and defending in the corners. Needless to say, a shoulder injury would certainly affect both of those parts of his game.  This past week, Elliotte Friedman talked about Klefbom’s health and wondered why the Oilers are playing him at this point in the season:

“It’s pretty clear that he’s been playing hurt. And players who have played against him say that he’s been really protective of his shoulder, the way he turns, the way he goes into the boards… he’s played pretty hard this year considering he has really been hurting.

Well, that’s weird. Why the hell would they be playing him then? It’s not like they’ve got plans for the spring, amirite?

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“The fact that they haven’t shut him down, I think, that’s leading to some belief that they are showcasing him. If you want to trade something that can get you value in Edmonton, Klefbom might be the guy. And I think the fact that they haven’t shut him down when clearly he’s been playing with pain is leading to some wonder that he could be a guy that other teams are looking at.”

Personally, I hate the idea of trading Klefbom after a down year because the return is going to be less so I really hope Elliotte is wrong there. That said, this is the Oilers and trading guys after tough seasons seems to be their thing at this point. Rumours aside, it’s now clear that the guy was playing hurt and that the injury is affecting his game. Before Thursday’s game against the Islanders, Gregor asked Todd McLellan what was going on and he admitted that Oscar has been playing banged up:

“He’s been healthy enough to play. He went through a bad spell early in the year. He had a treatment that kept him out of the lineup for a while. He’s been good now for two months since he’s had that treatment, but it eventually wears off and that’s where he’s at right now.”

*sighs loudly*


With the Oilers out of playoff contention and the season winding down, it doesn’t make much sense to keep playing Klefbom in meaningless games unless, of course, they’re showcasing him for a trade as Elliotte Friedman speculated. If that’s the case, the showcase took a significant blow as this injury and likely surgery could keep him on the shelf for months, likely bringing down the potential bids for his services at the same time. If you’re trying to trade Klefbom and actually get something good for him then doing it after a down year with surgery thrown in the mix isn’t likely the best path to success. On the flip side, if the Oilers aren’t trying to move him then getting him whatever needs to be done now and maxing out the recovery time is the smartest thing they can possibly do.

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For Klefbom, I feel for the guy as this is the second time in three years that he’ll have to go under the knife. The last time around, the guy ended up with a staph infection that kept him out for basically the whole year so you’d have to think he’s a little gun-shy about getting back on the surgery table. For the Oilers, this is just the latest round in a series of kicks to the pills that they really didn’t need right now. As much as things went right last year, we seem to be getting the complete opposite this time around and it’s made for a painful season. Here’s hoping that Klefbom’s injury is not severe enough to impact his future but maybe enough to force the Oilers to reconsider trading him. Time will tell. Discuss.


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Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 3/10/2018 – 11:13 am MST

  • Slanto3000

    It’s insane of management to do this. Wasn’t this exactly what Souray had talked about years ago? The only reason trading Klefbom makes sense is if the Oilers pick #1 overall

  • Prairiechicken

    This makes no sense.

    He’s clearly not himself, playing not near 100%.
    *if* they are selling him (I hope they’re not), a message of “he had a tough year, so we shut him down early so he could rehab all summer,” would seem to be a lot more compelling than letting him play out the stretch continuing to look much worse than last year.

    If they aren’t showcasing him … Just shut him down and start rehabbing ASAP rather than coming into the preseason behind in training.

    I don’t get it

    • Prairiechicken

      Edit. I meant a message along the lines of “he had an injury that was holding him back, so we shut him down early to make sure he was 100% next year,” would be fairly compelling to an opposing GM. As opposed to him playing out the stretch “showcasing himself”, struggling at less than 100%

  • camdog

    So a guy with a bum shoulder who can’t shoot the puck has been playing first unit powerplay on the point all season, that’s like running a relay with somebody with a bum hamstring aka probably not going to work very well.

      • ComeAtMeDog

        I think they are showcasing bear , talking him up , maybe they want to trade him for someone further along ? Barrie ish ? Who will want a guy coming off a injury ? And terrible time to trade him , but oilers

  • Stack

    If Petey trades Klefbom for a winger I will lose my mind! The only way it makes sense to trade Klefbom is for an offensive D-man who can walk the blue line on the powerplay. I really hope he’s not even considering trading a D-man for a winger, I can’t handle any more of this tom-foolery

    • Peter Chiarelli

      Klefbom will be moved out for draft picks. Something like two 2nd round draft picks will get it done. Were moving him in order to sign Nurse to a massive long term contract. The Nuge will be next to go. He’ll get us a quick skilled winger that should fit along side McDavid.

  • Stack

    Just looking over any trades that would make sense… I heard earlier this year the pens were shopping Letang, they are close to the cap and Klefbom would probably flourish in a well established Pens organization. Minnesota is close to the cap and Dumba is an RFA who has played well this year, he probably won’t sign a discount contract. Although for either of those to happen I think the cap has to go up…..

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    If Klef is hurt, he should be shelved. And why shop him when he’s had a horrible year? Does Chia think he can trade him for a 1st overall pick a la Larsson for Hall?

  • bcoil

    I am starting to wonder it the trade mistakes ( selling Eberle low ) etc have been Peter C ‘s fault or has he had his chain yanked by Katz and Gretzky and Lowe ..Maybe some of the moves he has made weren’t his decision .Maybe the Boys on the bus and Katz have not let him do his job…Soon or later the truth will come out

  • CMG30

    If they trade him, it will just be another typical move for teams with a losing mentality. Fritter away valuable top line players when they can bring back the lowest return.