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Nugent-Hopkins hits 300 career points

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins reached a career milestone in last night’s game against the Minnesota Wild as the goal and assist he put up playing alongside Connor McDavid got him to 300 points in his young NHL career.

After being drafted 1st overall in 2011, Nugent-Hopkins has had an interesting career for the Edmonton Oilers. In his rookie season, he was focused mainly on point production which saw him getting to 52 points in 62 games before going down with a shoulder injury. Since his freshman year, Nuge has spent a lot of time dedicating himself to polishing off his two-way game in favour of fishing for offence, a dedication to defence that the Oilers have desperately needed throughout the start of his young career. I would even go so far as to argue that Nuge sacrificed his point production to try and keep the puck out his own net, an admirable trait that is unique to players of his draft pedigree.

With the defensive side of his game rounding into form, Nuge was challenged with adding more offence back into his game. Had it not been for the cracked ribs that sidelined the amazingly still only 24-year-old centre, Nuge was on track to set career highs in both goals and points. Even more impressive when you look at some of the wingers that have been with him this year. Now that he’s playing alongside Connor McDavid (for now), RNH’s point totals could shoot skyward as the two seem to have found a little bit of initial chemistry. Last night’s two-point performance gives RNH four points in four games since returning from injury and got him to the impressive 300 point plateau.

Looking at the graphic above shows just how impressive it is that Nugent-Hopkins was able to get to 300 points before his 25th birthday. That’s some pretty amazing company to be in, right? Now, why the hell would anyone want to get rid of him? #KeepNugeForever

And here is point number 300 for Nuge, an empty netter that he drained from centre ice.:


2017-2018 50 18 17 35 -3 20 4 8 1 1 1 1 118 15.3
NHL Career 445 113 187 300 -45 142 26 98 1 2 14 4 1,005 11.2


Source: NHL, Official Player Page, 3/11/2018 – 10:00 am MST

  • elliotsmom

    The idea of trading Nuge should never ever cross anyones mind. He is so valuable and versatile to the Oilers, and seems to be such a great and unassuming guy. He also wants to be an Oiler. In my opinion, if anyone (Chia), does trade Nuge, then that person should have their nuts kicked out of their nostrils. Congrats to Nuge on reaching this milestone

    • TruthHurts98

      Problem is: He’s fast, makes good passes, responsible defensively, plays well with anyone especially Connor and is on a good value contract. So that makes every signing PC has ever done look horrible. Plus he’s too small, too fast and too perfect for this slow, bruising bottom feeding team PC is trying to build. So the real problem is management. #keepNugeforever #fireChia Congrats Ryan on your 300th point. May you score at least 700 more as an Oiler!

  • 40 Year Re-build

    In the NHL, there is no such thing as too much depth at centre. Unless Chia trades Nuge for an even better center, he will lose the trade. But I have this bad feeling Chia is going to do something really dumb.