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The NHL wants us to stop complaining

This past Saturday in between periods of the Oilers game, the boys on the Hockey Night in Canada panel had an interesting discussion as the annual GM meetings approach next week. 

Long story short? They’re not happy with the complaining they’re receiving from the players and coaches about their awful review policy. You can watch the clip that was aired on Sportsnet below:

As Mike Johnston stated, the GM Meeting will take place in Florida on March 19-21. There, the NHL is expected to request to all teams that neither players or coaches are allowed to voice their opinions about the NHL rules to any type of media. And by NHL rules, I’m talking about the recent goalie interference and offside video review challenges we’ve been having oh so many problems with since it began.

As seen in the video, there has been an increasing amount of coaches and players speaking out about it. This has been a long time coming and it’s awesome to see people besides media and fans speak their mind. Never forget about the day Cam Talbot spoke out about the issue and blew all of us away because of it. Seriously, I’ve never been closer to buying a Talbot jersey than I was that night.

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Also never forget that time Milan Lucic complained about goalie interference after “the goal” from last years playoffs. I get fired up just thinking about “the goal” and want to scream into a pillow whenever I see this video of fired up Looch.

This request from the league is hilarious on so many levels. You can’t just provide consumers with a crappy product and then demand that they not complain about it? We have obviously encountered numerous flaws with the system and if nothing changes this summer then the athletes who are directly affected by the awful rules should have every right to speak the truth about it.

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At the end of January during the All-Star weekend, Gary Bettman commented on the current state of reviews. He didn’t seem too impressed with how things are going, so my hope is that he has a plan in place to correct it this summer. I can understand how he doesn’t want any more complaining about it if there IS a plan in place to fix this mess.

Thankfully they are only asking players and coaches to lay off the harassment of the NHL for their review process and said nothing about the fans. So in the meantime, BAN THE REVIEWS I SAY YOU GUYS SUCK!

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The Pittsburgh Penguins are the latest team in the NHL to get fleeced by the review process. Here we have Evgeni Malkin straddling the blueline while his team carries the puck over the blue line BUT WAIT! Video review showed that in the process of Malkin refusing to go offside he did, in fact, have a skate blade over the line by 3/4 of an inch. Hit the showers, Pens! This is a tough one to watch but at the same time, it makes me a little happy inside to see other teams get affected by such ruling.

I understand that an offside is technically an objective call, but maybe we can do something that doesn’t involve the video replay to catch something a natural eye from the linesmen can’t? Just my two cents.

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Source: Sporstnet, Verified Twitter Account, 3/12/2018 – 2:54 am MST

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Hey NHL, heres an idea. I’m certainly no genius and I might be in WAY over my head here, but here is just a suggeation.

    *clears throat


    Simply put, fix it, and we’ll all shut up about it

  • Hemmercules

    The system was broken last year too and maybe the year before and they have done little to remedy it. If anything it got even worse this year. Goalie interference review will always be a tough one to perfect, there will always be controversial calls in that regard. The offside review flat out needs to be put to bed. Seriously, if its so close that only a zoomed in, slow motion review can see the offside then just let it go as a good play. More goals=more fun.

  • CMG30

    Laughable. It’s one thing for a Ref to miss a call during a split second of the game. It’s entirely another matter to have the gold standard EXPERTS reviewing high definition video footage from all angles and still get calls wrong. In fact, I could even live with wrong calls, if they could just be consistent about it!

  • crabman

    This is ridiculous. Why should it be against the rules to complain about poor officiating? Poor reffing not only ruins the experience for the fans, the people paying to be entertained, but when it effects the outcome of the game it could cost the owners millions of playoff dollars and players potential future salary. You would think everyone involved in the game would demand consistent reffing and should be allowed to complain when they aren’t getting it.

  • smiliegirl15

    Offside should definitely be breaking the plane and not the ridiculouslessness of he had his skate a millimeter off the ice.
    Goalie interference changes from one game to the next, heck, from one play to the next!!! If players, coaches and the fans continue to be vocal about it, maybe there will be change.
    Interestingly, Talbot was never fined for his tirade was he?

  • Derian Hatcher

    The most arrogant people in the league asking the complaining to stop. That’s laughable. The joke continues. Grab a giant sized mirror and take a look at yourselves NHL. You are an embarrassment – starting with Colin Campbell and all of the old guard that the game has passed by. In the meantime – keep embarrassing yourselves with your joke referring and reviews. Pathetic

  • Heschultzhescores

    You already can’t contact a goalie or they call it interference. Maybe it’s time to go back to, as much as I used to hate it, no skate in the crease. If the goalie is out of his crease he becomes a regular player and can be hit if he is playing the puck. It would at least mean there is no argument….you are in the crease when the puck goes in, there is no goal. We need to clearly keep it simple.

  • Oilerchild77

    Well here’s my two cents:

    Hi NHL, it’s us, the fans. Remember us? We’re the people you see just off in the background who pay for and watch the games. You know, your revenue source.

    Well, we have a concern about the way your calling some of the rules, specifically goaltender interference and offside. Yeah, it’s cheapening the product that we’re being asked to pay more and more for. And we want it changed. In fact, we’ve wanted it changed for a while now and so far we haven’t seen any work done toward this. Now, I didn’t want to tell you this, but since we pay the bills, we think we should have at least some say in how you operate. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is: DO AS YOU’RE TOLD AND CHANGE THE F***ING RULE!

  • Connor McFly

    It’s time Bettman started earning his ridiculous pay packet. He is the most unqualified
    Commissioner in all of sports. He looks and acts as though he has no clue about hockey. I was mystified when he was hired. All he wants to do is muffle the criticism rather than fix the problem. No other team in hockey has been screwed over like the Oil. Do the math.

  • Anton CP

    It is absolutely ridiculous to tell peoples especially those who are the meal tickets to stop complaining because peoples will always complain and it is the job for managements to address the issues. Do the job right then others will complain less.
    At least, stop doing a review on plays without either coach’s challenge or by ref’s request. It is very shady when all of sudden that war room wants to change the call on the ice.

  • wiseguy

    “You can’t just provide consumers with a crappy product and then demand that they not complain about it?”
    No, you can’t. But you can demand that your employees not complain about your poor product publicly to the media.
    That said, I agree that the system is broken and needs to be fixed. Keep the challenge the same but do not allow refs to zoom in or slow the video down. It has to be live speed and on a large iPad Pro. Give them 3 different angles to look at it at live speed, then they have to see something obvious to overturn the call on the ice.

  • DannyGallivan

    If the officiating and rule ambiguity weren’t so poor people wouldn’t complain. If you want to stop the offside and GI complaints, fix the problem. Everyone knows it is there.

    Watch the Malkin non offside, offside call. Ridiculous. The NHL wants more scoring, everyone wants clarity i.e. the offsides like Malkin should NOT be called as his body was clearly not offside (as opposed to a player who drags his skate but has his entire body over which is also not offside which is fine) and if you are not stopping the G from making the save like last years Oil playoff non-call or most of the recent bad calls (even Hrudy who usually sides for the G thinks it is ridiculous) then everyone understands and you get more goals.


  • OilRider

    The problem, as always, isn’t the rule itself, but how it’s called. You look at the PIT-TOR no-goal call, and absolutely the correct call was made. He contacted the goalie in the crease, and then a goal was scores. Was the contact very minor? Yep. Did it actually affect whether or not the puck went in? Probably not. But it was still a clear violation of the rule.

    But everyone is saying how PIT got fleeced Craig Button said something to the effect of “what, are we supposed to put the goalies in a bubble now?” And that’s part of the problem. As soon as you say “some contact” is okay, or “some interference” is allowed, then you get situations like “the goal” from last year’s playoffs.

    You can’t have ambiguity about it. And the only way to make it clear-cut is to say you can’t contact t

    • OilRider

      I was going to say you can’t go in the crease and contact the goalie at all, same as the pre-brett hull days. We may not like it, but it’s the only to make the rule clear. Otherwise it’s subjective as to whether it was “enough” interference to warrant overturning the goal. After all, what would we tell Corey?

      Also, thank you mobile for deciding to just post my comment in the middle of me typing it

  • Oilman99

    The refereeing has become a joke. Tell me there is no bias after you look at nerd alert report that shows the Oilers so far behind the rest of the league in pp opportunities. There should be a minimum of 2to3 penalties called on guys hooking and slashing McD every game,it is an embarassment to the league yet Bettman sits on his high horse and does nothing about it. Oilers management needs a kick in the ass for not publicly coming to Connors defence.

  • Snoop Scottie Dogg

    I asked my wife to stop complaining about my lack of interest to clean the garage. It seems to be working; she has t spoke to me in weeks!

    Dictatorship at its finest! Don’t like how things are going…”shut up and sit down” seams to be the flavour of the month.