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Klefbom expected to play tonight… and then sit for the rest of the year

Todd McLellan spoke to the media this morning and gave us an update on Oscar Klefbom and his shoulder “procedure.”

Here’s what he said:

He’s playing tonight. The procedure he had allowed him to digest some information and make a decision about where he’ll go moving forward, he will have a cleanup done. That will happen as early as next week and all the details and everything has to be sorted out. But he’s come to us, and he wants to play between now and then and we’re all for it.

When the media later asked Todd what he means by “clean up,” Todd replied by saying “I’m not a doctor.”

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He will play and will not finish the year. Once he gets the procedure done, he will not finish the year.

Okay, first of all….. what?

That was the most confusing statement ever. Todd gave a 66-word answer that literally gave us no details about what’s going on with Klefbom. I know I know it’s a privacy thing but c’mon Todd!

So this is what we know: Klefbom had a “procedure” and missed two games – he is now returning to the lineup but will have a “cleanup” next week which will put him on the IR for the remainder of the year. Coach Todd says he is expected to be healthy for training camp next season which is good to know!

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Okay dokay.

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Source: Edmonton Oilers, Twitter Account, 3/14/2018 – 1:00 pm MST

  • Oilfaninvan

    Perhaps there’s a clause in his contract for games played that they have mutually agreed to compensate him for? Regardless, the optics are bad and this only makes the fans wonder even more about whether this management group knows what the eff they are doing!

    • Finnaggled

      why would you just assume that? he clearly has an injury, and is playing through the pain. many injuries you can play through (or work through, like in real life) without it ever getting worse. hes made the decision to do a cleanup (usually meaning interior scar tissue cleanup), so that it will actually fully heal. its not a friggin conspiracy theory guy.

    • Dan 1919

      Klefbom is a big boy. It’s his responsibility to manage the advise of his doctors and the way he feels to decide whether or not to get surgery/take time off.
      Coach can scratch him if he plays bad but Mclellan is not his doctor and it’s not his place to say, “You’re done Klef, go get yourself surgery, trust me, I’m up to date on my House episodes.”

  • Consultant

    I guess it bugs him but no further damage can be done, so they play him until he gets the surgery, likely later this week. Then the typical few weeks to recover and then start getting ready for next year, hopefully with a shoulder at 100%…

  • Deezy

    Todd’s response is symbolic of his own season. Lots of confusion and gaps in logic all over the place. It will cost him and his buddies their jobs in 13 games.

    • TruthHurts98

      Let’s hope but I wouldn’t count on it. #becauseOilers #FirstoverallpickisourCup If Connor wasn’t on the team… I mean the whole team I wonder if the arena would be half empty by now.

  • arab05

    This decision doesn’t make any sense. Why not shut him down and let him get healthy for next year. Especially when he will be going on the IR once he gets the shoulder “Cleaned Up”!

      • Prairiechicken

        Ultimately, we aren’t in the room and lack detail so it’s hard to say.
        The only part that doesn’t make sense to me is why it took so long to get this latest diagnosis done. I mean … Why not get it done to at least know what you’re dealing with. At which point you could let him play but with more information; or, IMO shut him down a couple weeks ago (2 weeks extra to train in the summer seems more valuable than a couple games this season).

        But I’m obviously lacking detail so it’s hard to be overly critical.

    • Kepler62c

      McLellan literally said he’s been playing like this for a while and that playing isn’t going to injure it, it just hampers his ability. So, since he’s not going for surgery until next week he’s going to play until then. Pretty simple.

  • Kr55

    Injury has been getting progressively worse and treatments are no longer working. But apparently there is zero chance for it to get any worse by playing. These 2 pieces of information don’t really add up.

  • malmn

    There are a lot of layers to his statement but what I understand is that Klefbom has to get some kind of very minor surgery, like arthroscopic surgery, and, depending on his recovery speed and pain threshold, he might play again this year if he feels good enough.

  • YoungerThanSpidey

    Going to guess (and it’s only a guess) that they’ve been putting the cortisone to it so he could play. But that’s only going to last so long. Eventually it’ll need to get fixed.