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Oilers to lose fourth-round pick in 2018

Al Montoya is making his seventh appearance as a member of the Edmonton Oilers tonight. Why is that significant? Because it means Edmonton had reached the condition on the trade they made with the Montreal Canadiens back in January.

As a result, the Oilers will now give Montreal a fourth-round pick instead of a fifth-round pick in exchange for Montoya.

As the condition states:

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Edmonton will have their own first-, second-, third-, fifth-, sixth-, and seventh-round picks in this June’s draft.

In six games so far with the Oilers, Montoya has a .894 save percentage and a 3.15 goals against average. None of him, Cam Talbot, or Laurent Brossoit have been very good this season, but I would suggest that a lot of that comes down to how the team has played in front of them.

Montoya is signed for next season at a cap hit of $1,062,500. If the Oilers can find a better backup goalie, they can bury him in the minors with a tiny cap hit. If not, Montoya is an adequate, veteran backup. That said, based on how much Cam Talbot has been forced to play since joining the Oilers, I bet the team is interested in finding a 1B type goalie who can comfortably play 25 or 30 games in a season.

  • Consultant

    I believe the deal was 7 games with over 30 minutes played. On jan 23, he played only 28 minutes so that one doesn’t count. So tonight should only be his 6th game. The Oilers are hopefully not dumb enough to just throw away a better pick.

  • Green Meanie

    Didnt I hear that Montreal was going to put Montoya on waivers anyway and that if PC would have waited a little they could have picked him up off waivers for nothing…..Or did I hear wrong?

  • forsberg21

    OH NO! NOT A 4TH ROUND PICK! OH THE HUMANITY!!! Seriously though, why do people have to make such a big deal about this? I’m not too brushed up with my statistics but I think the odds of that 4th round pick playing as many games as Montoya has is probably pretty low. Chiarelli took a low risk gamble on Montoya and it didn’t pay off, nothing more and nothing less.

      • A-co

        I would rather have chips on the table to take a crack at a long shot instead of throwing them away on something that could have been handled via a waiver claim that would have only cost a roster spot…Pistol Pete is not the guy I want handling my poker chips..he’s like a guy that goes all in on the first hand playing poker without looking at his cards…you might get lucky once in a while but there’s no skill to it and you lose the majority of the time..whoever hired this clown should be shown the door as well…