Missing the playoffs is not just an Oiler thing

Whether you’re a fan of dynasties or not, the NHL is not good at producing new Stanley Cup champions. There have only been four different teams to win a Stanley Cup in the last nine years. Personally, I’m a big fan of that storyline; I think it’s cool to see teams reach legendary status. One thing the NHL IS good at though is having different teams make the playoffs every year.

As /u/GFS on Reddit pointed out, five of the eight Western Conference playoff teams last year currently do not own a spot in the postseason as of right now. Those teams are Edmonton, Chicago, Anaheim, St. Louis, and Calgary. Although I appreciate a dynasty, I can also appreciate different teams having a crack at the cup every year. This obviously excludes the Oilers, who I wish would make the playoffs every year for the rest of my life.

If the playoffs started today, the new teams that would be filling spots from last year are Los Angeles, Winnipeg, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Colorado. What I look forward to more than seeing new teams in the playoffs are seeing the playoff atmospheres in the different buildings. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a white-out in Winnipeg, and I love watching those types of games.

Meanwhile in the Eastern Conference, New Jersey, Tampa Bay, and Philadelphia have taken the playoff spots of New York, Montreal, and Ottawa. Again, this is if playoffs started right now.

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Since the Oilers are out of the run, which teams are you looking forward to watching this post-season?