GDB 74.0 Wrap Up: More McPoints on the pile, Oilers win 6-2 in Ottawa

Keep McNuge together forever. Final Score: 6-2 Oilers

Heading into tonight’s game against the Senators I was curious to see how the Oilers would follow up on Tuesday’s big win against the Hurricanes. Draisaitl had a huge night, there were some scoring droughts ended, and I was hoping to see those goals translate into a little bit of confidence heading into the rematch against the Senators. The last time these two teams met, the Oilers got absolutely killed in a one-sided affair that saw the Sens put up six goals and lead in basically every stat available. Fortunately, the Oilers got off to a great start and built themselves a lead, basically the opposite of what happened last game where they gifted the Sens a casual stroll to two points. It was nice to return the favour.

The beauty of this one was that the Oilers never stopped playing and pushing for more offence. For all 60 minutes, they looked and played like a team that deserved to win this hockey game and that’s exactly what happened. They moved the puck well, got great goaltending, added McPoints to the pile… it was beautiful! I won’t lie to you guys, it was really nice to be able to sit back, have a couple of beers and enjoy the show for a second straight game. I know that these wins do nothing other than ruin our draft odds, but I don’t care. I always want the Oilers to win and these two consecutive shit kickings have been a nice reprieve from the reality that they won’t be going to the playoffs this year. To me, this looked like the Oilers team that we were supposed to see this year and I don’t care if the teams they’re killing are weak ones from the east.

We haven’t had enough fun this year and I’d love nothing more than to see the Oilers finish off strong. Nice win, boys. I like it.

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We wrap.

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  • Drake Caggiula was in the perfect place at the right time as he found a loose puck right in the crease and all he had to do was tap it in. Goals don’t come much easier than that, but you have to give the Drake credit for getting himself to a greasy area of the ice that landed him the opportunity. Caggiula followed with a second goal after, again, getting himself to the net and smashing home a loose puck. All of a sudden, Caggiula finds himself heating up as he’s scored four goals in his last five games.
  • Connor McDavid got his 35th goal of the season after taking a beautiful pass from Ryan Nugent-Hopkins into the slot where he had all kinds of dangles ready for Craig Anderson before shovelling the puck into the net. The captain added a second goal in the third period after he took a layup from Nuge and made magic with it, walking around anyone that stood in his way before burying his 36th. Remember when Kucherov’s point lead looked untouchable? Add four more McPoints to the pile.
  • Only eight seconds after Matt Duchene got the Senators on the board, Nuge gave the Oilers back their two-goal lead after he put home his 21st of the year after being the business end of a nice passing play with McDavid and Rattie. Why would anyone in their right mind think that trading Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a good idea? He IS the winger for Connor, just look at them together, while also being able to slot in at 1C or 2C if needed. Why would anyone want to give up that kind of versatility? Add three more points to Nuge’s total on the year as he looks more and more like the perfect fit with Connor.
  • Ty Rattie got in on the fun after he was able to knock home a loose puck at the side of the net for his third goal of the season. Rattie is making his case for wanting to stick with McNuge to close out the year.
  • Cam Talbot was fantastic tonight. He was there when the team needed him and he came up with some big saves at times when his opponent couldn’t. The shots were 38-35 for the Oilers which tells me that this wasn’t exactly a gimme night for Dadbot. The Oilers were only up by a pair heading into the third period and he was the one left standing when the final buzzer rang. Talbot finished the night 33 saves and a .943 save%.
  • Anyone else appreciate when Ethan Bear is taking clappers out there? The kid has a cannon from the point and I’m really excited about his future with the team. All I hope is that they take it slow with him and don’t force feed him too much responsibility too soon.
  • Darnell Nurse had himself a solid night on the backend as he not only played the most minutes of any Oilers defender but also added three assists to his count. Combined with four shots on goal, one hit, and a block and you’ve got a solid night for ol’ Darryl.
  • Two more assists for Pontus Aberg as he keeps himself on the scoresheet after sitting out two games for whatever reason. All of a sudden Pontus has five points in his last two games.
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  • Matt Duchene scored a highlight real goal tonight to get the Senators on the board after he walked Matt Benning near the line and ripping a close-range clapper past Cam Talbot.
  • Would you be surprised if I told you that Filip Chlapik scored his first NHL goal against the Oilers tonight? You wouldn’t, would you? Of course not. Is ‘most first NHL goals against’ a stat that gets tracked? It should be.
  • Once again, it’s that magical time in the Wrap Up where we take a look at the special teams. Who’s excited?! *dodges flying fruit*
    • PK went 1/2 on the night as they weren’t exactly bad but weren’t good either. The PK has been great over the last 19 games and it was almost surprising to see them give one up.
    • PP went 1/5 on the night. Normally I wouldn’t have the power play in the Face Palmers when it scores but I feel like they should have had more than the one goal tonight. The Oilers have been so frustrating to watch with the man advantage that it almost seems like a miracle when it actually clicks. I’m a crank, I know.
  • Not a good night for the Oilers on the dot as they won only 45% of the faceoffs. Since moving Mark Letestu at the Deadline, and Nuge to the wing the Oilers haven’t had many guys outside of Draisaitl that have consistently won faceoffs.
  • I wanted to do a quick mention for Erik Karlsson and send out some positive vibes to both him and his wife. They’re going through hell right now and it’s a solid reminder about life is more important than sports. I know he’ll never see this but I wanted to send out some thoughts to them during this tough time in their lives anyway. All the best.
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08:23 Edmonton Drake Caggiula (11) ASST: Pontus Aberg (11), Darnell Nurse (17) 1-0


05:10 Edmonton Connor McDavid (35) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (20), Ty Rattie (2) 2-0


04:43 Ottawa PPG – Matt Duchene (23) ASST: Cody Ceci (14), Thomas Chabot (15) 2-1
04:51 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (21) ASST: Connor McDavid (57) 3-1
05:29 Edmonton Ty Rattie (3) ASST: Connor McDavid (58), Darnell Nurse (18) 4-1
06:34 Edmonton PPG – Drake Caggiula (12) ASST: Milan Lucic (24), Pontus Aberg (12) 5-1
14:23 Ottawa Filip Chlapik (1) ASST: Marian Gaborik (10), Bobby Ryan (20) 5-2
16:40 Edmonton Connor McDavid (36) ASST: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (21), Darnell Nurse (19) 6-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 03/22/2018 – 8:30 pm MST

  • Señor Frijoles

    RNH for Hoffman rumours were always ludicrous – after tonight, especially after McDavid went around Hoffman like he was *literally* standing still (he was), and anyone media person/blogger still suggesting the deal should be traded to Ottawa for anything lying around on the floor of their empty stadium.
    RNH is so obviously the answer for McD’s wing, on top of the fact he can step into the face-off circle or fill in for an injury at Centre at any time – he’s a beauty, and a keeper.

    • toprightcorner

      In fairness to Hoffman, McDavid walks around Doughty and Hedman like they are standing still.

      Knowlegable bloggers were only suggesting trading Nuge for Hoffman if he and McDavid didn’t click. They clicked, end of discussion. As soon as some people heard Nuge and trade in the same sentence, they never listened to any other words and think fans are running him out of town.

      As a 3C, Nuge is too expensive and under utilized, as a top line winger that clicks with McDavid, he is very valuable and I don’t think many, if any, thought otherwise.

    • toprightcorner

      Winning the Art Ross shows you are the best player, not necessarily the most valuable to your team that season as the rules says the Hart is for. MacKinnon and Rinne have been more valuable to their team this year, but McDavid is by far the best player.

  • Disappointed

    The Road Runner Show was an animated anthology series which compiled theatrical Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoons from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, which were produced by Warner Bros. Cartoons between 1949 and 1964.
    1949, 1949, who in the hell was around in 1949?

  • freelancer

    Next season you have Nuge with McDavid and Draisaitl and Puljujarvi. Team needs two capable NHL players who can serve as complimentary players on the RW and LW respectively.

    • Randaman

      I’m sorry but what has Puljujarvi done to warrant being in the top six. Pull the reins back a little. He has a long way to go to earn that and yes I realize Drake has been getting gifted minutes and others as well but I want Jesse to succeed when he finally gets his shot. He’s not ready yet. Takes the long way round on forecheck sand backchecks. Doesn’t use his big body effectively and can’t hit the net consistently enough. He needed to be in the AHL this year. Lots of potential but not there yet.

      • crabman

        @Randaman, this is what I’ve been saying. I think Puljujarvi has talent and the potential to be a hell of a player but he has shown nothing yet to make me believe that he is a guarantee to play in the top 6 next year. He may be ready but it would be foolish to count on it at this point.

      • M22

        Yes, Randaman’s is the correct assessment of JP. Flashes of talent, but often lazy. I see a young man with lots of potential, who hasn’t nearly figured out yet how to achieve consistency in the NHL. It’ll come, eventually, but he has been somewhat hampered by an organization overly eager for success. This propensity to force players into roles they are not quite ready for has been a hallmark of the Oilers for many years, although it does seem to be waning with the current regime. But, in Puljujarvi’s case, it seems like a return to the ill-conceived developmental strategies we all witnessed during the DOD.

        • fasteddy

          You know what a good definition of “consistency” is; work your a$$ off. Kid hasn’t shown that yet. To be a solid NHL player he needs to realize that a lot of shifts are going as hard as you can in one end or the other and not trolling for open ice hoping to get a chance to create something.

          • M22

            Couldn’t agree more. That was my point when I said he hasn’t figured out yet how to achieve it. It’s on him to realize that. And it’s on the Oilers to handle it accordingly. In other words, if he hasn’t earned the minutes, he doesn’t get them. Gifting NHL time to players who aren’t quite ready has been the Oiler way – this is the over-riding theme of my post.

        • ET

          M22, you are not watching the same games as I am if you think Jesse plays a lazy game. Yes he gets out of position at times in his own end but those are few and far between. Do yourself a favor and isolate your eyes as much on him as you can next game and you will discover, like I did, that he plays a better defensive game and backchecks harder than most other wingers on the team. I had heard he was good defensively and took pride in that part of the game and he really does. While I would like to see him get an opportunity to play up in the lineup more and more PP time but playing third line in the NHL at 19 years old is pretty dam good.

      • McJeetz

        Hey I am all for bringing our 19 year old, 6ft 4, 212lbs 4th overall pick along slowly. But to say he he hasn’t done anything to prove he belongs in the top 6 next year or is being gifted minutes, consider this:

        Goals Per 60 minutes (5 on 5, minimum 20 games played)
        Connor McDavid 1.22 G/60
        Jesse Puljujarvi 0.86 G/ 60
        Jujhar Khaira 0.86 G/60
        Leon Draisaitl 0.73 G/60
        Drake Caggiula 0.73 G/60

        Shots Per 60 minutes (5 on 5, minimum 20 games played)
        Jesse Puljujarvi 9.84 S/60
        Connor McDavid 9.27 S/60
        Anton Slepyshev 7.35 S/60
        Mike Cammalleri 7.17 S/60
        R. Nugent-Hopkins 7.14 S/60

        Goals per 60 minutes (Power-Play)
        Jesse Puljujarvi 2.99 G/60
        R. Nugent-Hopkins 2.4 G/60
        Leon Draisaitl 1.6 G/60
        Connor McDavid 1.43 G/60
        Drake Caggiula 1.25 G/60

        Shots per 60 minutes (Power-Play)
        Mike Cammalleri 16.24 S/60
        R. Nugent-Hopkins 13.8 S/60
        Jesse Puljujarvi 13.46 S/60
        Drake Caggiula 12.54 S/60
        Leon Draisaitl 11.83 S/60

        (Stats from a previous article). Sure he looks out of place at times but that is why he is being developed slow. Also he is far from lazy. Do any kind of research on him and it shows he is a passionate hard worker. I believe the story on him is that he is a bit frustrated with his season. That lines up well with someone who holds himself accountable and wants more.

        The key with him is to manage expectations. The problem with fans is that they are comparing him to Laine. The problem with that is even the scouting report on the 2 was that Laine would show better at the beginning but Puljujarvi will become the better player long term. also factor in that a slower development path helps with our salary cap management due to a lower 2nd contract than Laine.

        I’m really good with Puljujarvi the way he is going and no doubt by next Christmas he will be (by earning) on 2nd line with Draisaitl on pace for 25+ goals and 30+ assists

        • M22

          Fair points, and thanks for the stats. To be clear, I’m in his corner, and I think he’ll be a good one, but I still see a player with a with a lot to learn about being a pro. This is where he and Laine differ most. Same draft year, but vastly different progression

        • M22

          My own expectations of JP are not as high as maybe some peoples’. I simply want to see prudent development. Also, I’m not a believer that he’ll be better than Laine, long term, but I’ll be thrilled if I’m wrong. Laine’s hockey sense is far beyond Jesse’s at this point.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Seriously though, keep Nuge with McDavid. The RW can be juggled around a bit (Rattie’s good, but he’s not the long term solution), but if we can keep McNuge, we an compete with Toronto having Matthews and Nylander together

    • Randaman

      Why is Rattie not the long term solution. He’s a right handed shooter on the off wing and he’s cheap. No brainer if you ask me. Please explain your rational on this.

      • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

        Just something I keep hearing. In my own opinion, he’s slotted in very well and I hope he stays. Heck, hope he starts in that spot next season

      • Kneedroptalbot

        I agree with you 100% Randaman. He is a smart hockey player with good net presence. Nuge is a great passer and very good defensively. That line looks really good so far.

      • crabman

        Rattie has played well in a small sample size on that line. But he is a 25 year old who hasn’t been able to become a fulltime NHLer. This could be a good little run when the games don’t matter or the start of an amazing run to start his NHL career. At this point it is more likely that he is the fringe NHLer he has been up to this point of career. But he has played well and deserves to finish the year on McDavid’s wing. I would also bring him back on a cheap 1 year contract and see if they can build on this year’s chemistry. I would also count on him not being a long term fix and sign or trade for a more proven top 6 winger in case.

        • Big Nuggets

          Sometimes players need to be put in a situation to succeed before they find success. Rattie might have deficiencies as a 3rd liner but be useful on a scoring line. Something like Vanek perhaps. In truth I would also like an upgrade on him for Connor’s wing but it’s nice that he is making the best of his opportunity at least.

        • McJeetz

          It is not uncommon for 25 yr old players to come into their own. Plus finding the right complimentary players for Mcdavid (and now, the right player for McNuge) is far from an exact science. If he continues this pace for the end of the year, Sign the guy 3-4 years at 1.25 mil per (1 way contract). Low risk but could become one of the best value contracts in the league if he sticks with Mcdavid and Nuge.

      • toprightcorner

        Because when McDavid and Nuge are putting up 2-3 points a game each, anyone can look good for 5-6 games. He is at least showing some promise but to pencil him in for next year is dumb. People are mad at Chairelli for taking chances on Sleppy and Caggulia after a strong finish last season and yet here they are doing the exact same thing with a smaller sample size.

        • McJeetz

          Look at it this way,

          1) McNuge will be 18.5 mil next year so getting a low cost, low risk player complimentary next year that works with both these guys would be like winning the lottery.

          2) The problem wasn’t Chairelli wasnt taking a chance on Benning, Cags, Sleppy, Khaira etc, it was JUST taking a chance, with no back up.
          Not factoring:
          – career years from key players McDavid, Talbot, Klefbom, Draisaitl etc
          – not replacing lost offence from Hall, Pouliot, and Eberle
          – not considering our amazingly low injuries last season
          – not replacing the loss of Sekera at the beginning of the season
          – handcuffing us with the salary cap with Lucuc, Russell and Sekera NTC/NMC

          Bottom line is that we will have very little flexibility next year and finding good value contracts will be key. Rattie might be one of them. We need to give it a chance.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        It’s because he’s an ahler and is only succeeding because the oilers have been playing teams that are actually worse than they are. Hahahaha classic oilersnation getting excited about wins when all the pressure is off! Hahahahaha you guys are hilarious.

    • I disagree, I think Rattie deserves every chance to be the long-term solution and has shown he might be it. Im hoping though that Chiarelli doesn’t just gift him that spot and not try going after another good winger, that’s really what his plan was last summer and it failed misery. More good wingers are a good thing for this team, if we can push guys like Caggiula and Slepyshev down the depth chart and take some offensive responsibility off of them then it’ll help our offense alot.

      • QuitForRealThisTime

        Said it before but if you can fill a top line RW that can play the way Rattie has recently and still have Nuge and McD dominate…then his biggest value is his 700k contract. Rather than the Oil spending any excess cap next year on on a top line RW they can fill other (i think) more pressing issues.

  • Arfguy

    I will continue to say this, as the years go by:

    Connor…we’re not worthy of your magic!

    LOL, it was pretty awesome watching him take a slapshot. If he starts working on that slapshot…watch out!

  • NickL89

    HOLY Ottawa is boring to watch, awesome job by the Oil though! I even caught a glimpse of Lucic coming in with speed and having the patience to turn a crowded push into a beauty goal. Nice to have all lines making contributions. Glad I tuned in for this one!

  • OilersGM

    My favourite part of the game besides McNuge McPoints was the slap shot from McDavid. He keeps adding to the repertoire and the only thing that’s missing is a one-timer and it will be full.
    Also if McDavid has an elite goal scorer aka Ovi or Laine like player to play on the right wing and Nuge on the left next year I see him getting 150 points. Call me crazy but I will prove you wrong if he ever had a sniper.

  • Chongo Chuck

    Nice to see a bit of success but last 2 wins were against weak teams and we have some major issues that need to be rectified. McNuge should stay together. Why was that not tried sooner? Would have been nice to have Drai and Hall anchoring second line. Perennial contenders with that firepower. Thanks for that Chia…

  • With the salary cap going up…I think that should be just the excuse to keep Nuge with his $6 mil contract. McNuge can deliver, gives the team the C depth that other great teams have, and will help if (God forbid) any injuries occur to any of the Oiler’s Cs.

    Knowing that Chiarelli reads these posts, mine especially, I hope this is enough to sway him. 😛 jk

    • Leo Tard

      Lucic needs to be stapled right where he is. At this time, he is not a top six player. The added speed of Aberg and Rattie into the top six is a sight for sore eyes. Maroon and Lucic to slow to play in the Oiler top six.

      • Kneedroptalbot

        With Kassian out (not sure what he brings?, doesn’t score, doesn’t play with edge, isn’t great defensively), and the ” Big L” having reduced ice time, the Oiler’s are fun to watch again, scoring goals and winning!!

  • bazmagoo

    Keep Nuge. Sign Rattie. McDavid wins Art Ross. MacKinnon wins Hart. Fire the assistants. Give McLellan one more year. Give Chiarelli one more year. Bear is still two years away. Puljujarvi will be top 6. Gotta love the Drake. Still need that PP quarterback.

    That’s all folks.

    • Big Nuggets

      Chia has made a few nice draft choices, I haven’t liked him in any other capacity as a GM, maybe fire him after the draft. McLellan I have no major feelings about. Appears to have made several poor decisions this season but he might be seeing the light and the replacements may not be much better. Otherwise agreed

  • toprightcorner

    BM, how come you are such an extremist. A few people say the Oilers might have to trade Nuge and you think the entire fan base is against him.

    For the record, I believe it wasn’t as much of a trade Nuge no matter what, it was Nuge is too expensive and not able to utilize his talents as a 3C. If he clicked with Conner on the wing, great, if he didn’t, he was the best option to trade to fill the big pot holes on the team. Thats why fans have been wanting to see them together even before Nuge was injured.

  • toprightcorner

    In 7 games with Connor, Nuge has 4 goals and 9 pts. McDavid has 5 goals and 13 pts in those 7 games. I think Nuge can be a 35 goal scorer and 70 pt player on McDavids wing. Nuge is the most talented player McDavid has played with and that can push McDavid into the 110-120 pt range.

      • jultz=2cups!??

        Oilersnation is getting excited about wins against Carolina and Ottawa to prove their point. If the oilers lose the next two games they will be blaming Lucic and benning again. Just watch. Classic oilersnation

      • ubermiguel

        Nah, you forgot about how talented Nuge is and why he went #1 overall in the draft. Nuge has been working on his 200 ft game and be slowed down by injuries inthe last few years. Drai is amazing, but Nuge at his best is sublime.

  • Kepler62c

    On a less talked about note – Ryan Strome, while no Jordan Eberle, is quietly proving to be a very effective 3C. If you just look at the player himself, he’s the kind of depth player the Oilers haven’t had in a long time.

      • Dan 1919

        Although you’ve been somewhat trolling I do agree with you. It would be naive for Chiarelli to go and assume the team is just fine because they have a couple strong games against crappy teams when the games don’t matter.
        As far as fan bases getting excited, that’s always happened. Even in DoD the Oilers could win two games straight and seems like half the fan base forgot they had lost 20 of the prior 23. Past management often blinded themselves with their own hype, let’s hope this management looks at the record and basis decisions off that at the end of they year and not a strong outing against Ott when Ott could care less about hockey.

      • M22

        Strome – average player looking bad on a bad team – this is a mystery to you? All that he and most of the team (outside of McDavid, Nuge, and Khaira) have proven is just how far away from adequate they’ve been this season.

      • Hemmercules

        Dude, just stop. Your trolling is so bad Im almost embarrassed for you. I almost cant fathom how lame your life must be to come on this website and pretend you are actually funny.

  • GK1980

    With all the new prospect trades/ signings and playing themselves out of a lottery pick, I wonder if the oilers will trade the first round pick this year? Is it a good idea?

  • OilersBro

    Keep. Nuge. Forever.
    Also Rattie will resign for cheap. He’s been trying to crack an nhl roster for half a decade and now he’s on a line with two of the best playmakers int eh world

  • Bobnett

    Nice to see Nuge turned loose. I was surfing YouTube and watched old hilights of Nuge, Eberle & Hall. You could see he was playing a wide open game and having a blast. The last 3 seasons he has been forced to become a defensive centre playing with wingers that can’t come close to playing with him. These last few games with McDavid allow him to use some of his creativity. The other thing to watch is how he is back to attacking players and stripping the puck off them. At least if he is traded his new team might use him as a skilled offensive player instead of suppressing his creativity.

  • Wolverine_Oiler

    Great atmosphere at the game tonight. In the first period, I started hearing some “Let’s Go Oilers” chants. My buddy sitting next to me was like, you’ve got to be kidding me? He’s a Sens fan. The place was packed with Oiler fans, moi included. Great night and great game!