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The Capilano Rehab injury report – Will Kassian and Sekera return this season?

Just because the season is winding down, doesn’t mean the Capilano Rehab Injury Report needs to wind down as well. We’ve got some fresh new injuries to talk about this week, so let’s get to it!

Oscar Klefbom

Oscar Klefbom played two more games after his “procedure” last week, had successful shoulder surgery this week, and has officially been shut down for the remainder of the season. This was expected as it was announced a few days ago. I feel for Klefbom. I know he didn’t want to be taken out of the lineup and wanted to stick out the rough season with the team. The boys are having fun right now while putting together some wins and earning Connor some McPoints and I’m sure Klef really wants to be a part of it.

For now he will take the summer to rehab and will come back to training camp in the Fall stronger than ever. With Klefbom’s injury, he is also unable to partake in the World Hockey Championships this Spring with team Sweden. It’s just an all around bummer for the kid.

Andrej Sekera

This really just wasn’t Andrej Sekera’s year, was it? He began the season on the IR after having knee surgery over the off season. He then missed two more weeks in February after taking a puck off the face, and he’s missing games AGAIN right now after taking a hard shot off the foot. Can’t the guy catch a break?

Last Sunday against the Tampa Bay Lighting, Sekera blocked a shot like the steady defenseman he is, but unfortunately injured his foot in the process. Reggie ended up leaving the game and didn’t return. It’s been three games since then and there are no signs of his return. There hasn’t been a real update since the injury, and all it’s considered to be is a foot injury. I’m REALLY hoping it’s nothing more serious than a bruise, but if there’s anything worse going on at least the off season is eight games away. If he’s shut down for the year, at least he’ll have the summer to heal up.

Zack Kassian

Zack Kassian took a nasty hit last Saturday against the Florida Panthers from Michael Haley and smoked his head on the boards. Unfortunately it was a clean hit, and Kass just got the much worse end of the deal from it. Kassian ended up going to the quiet room for a bit and returned to the game a little later.

All looked fine and dandy after the game, but Zack hasn’t returned to the Oilers lineup since, and Brad Malone has been called up as a replacement for him. Like always, we’ve heard absolutely no update since then on his injury. Just like Sekera’s injury, I’m really hoping it’s not anything serious like a bad concussion or neck injury. If it is, he’s got a good five months to recover.

It sucks seeing Kassian go down, but the best part about the whole sequence of the hit is how Jujhar Khaira didn’t hesitate to step up and fight Haley. Jujhar is building a great reputation for himself in the league as a good fighter, and he’s been showing a lot of heart lately by jumping in to defend his teammates. This is something we really haven’t seen much of from the Oilers squad this year.

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  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    I don’t see the point. There are 8 games left and all that’s left to do is end the season with some semblance of dignity. Don’t bother with them, let them heal up and come back next season refreshed and ready to play.

  • toprightcorner

    Kassian is likely to get traded in the off season to save $1 mill on the 4th line. Would rather see Sleppy there and give him some PK time to see how he does there.

    I also want to see more of Avitu as I like what he brings and a solid string of games could help him a lot as I would like to see the Oilers sign him again as a 7th dman