Nation Talks: Post-Mortem 7-3 loss to Columbus

Your friends at Oilersnation are everything if not ones to try new things. In this new feature, we take a few minutes to wrangle @cooom, The Nation Dan, and Chris the Intern onto camera with Baggedmilk as your moderator and friend filming.

The Oilers (not named Connor McDavid) got absolutely annihilated last night at the hands of Thomas Vanek and the Columbus Blue Jackets. By now you have read the Wrap-up from the one and only BaggedMilk as well as the Oil Spills from @cooom. Fear not, we also took the time to put a camera in front of the boys and got a little more out of them talking about last night’s big loss.

We discussed the heart wrenching injury to linesman Steve Barton and why Sportsnet didn’t cut to commercial.

We have a chat about the fan appreciation night and the things we’d like to see to show us the appreciation.

Then we talk about some guy named Connor McDavid and just how good he is. Does he have the superhuman power to help us forget the terribleness that was the last 50 minutes of the game last night? No, no he does not. But Gord bless him for trying.