GDB 78.0 Wrap Up: Spoiling Vancouver’s lottery odds, Oilers lose 2-1

Oilers were just trying to spoil Vancouver’s lottery odds. I get it. Final Score: 2-1 Canucks

Whenever a new NHL schedule gets released, I always like to look at the last week of the season to see how many division games the Oilers will get as the season winds down. So in my head, seeing two games against the Canucks in the last week of the season was supposed to mean some casual bonus points being added to our spot in the standings but instead of talkin’ playoffs we’ve lived through another disastrous season and all we’ve got left are the McPoints. Though the first period took some time to get going, the captain woke us all up with an electrifying goal that made not only got the Oilers on the board but also left the Canucks looking ridiculous. Unfortunately, peaking with a McDavid first period goal is nothing new for our beloved Oilers.

Moving into the second period, the Oilers weren’t able to get anything further done on the scoresheet and it allowed the Canucks to hang around, get themselves back into it and eventually take the lead. To their credit, the Canucks did a good job of limiting the Oilers’ space and not allowing them to get many second-chance shots on goal. Despite being outshot in two of three periods, the Canucks were able to keep many of those chances to the outside but also had the benefit of Markstrom standing on his head if anything more substantial was to materialize. Well… it was either that or the Oilers missed the net entirely. Edmonton misfired and missed the net on so many of their prime scoring chances that it seemed like they were looking for new and creative ways to shoot themselves in the foot.

In the end, this was a game that could have easily been won by the Oilers if they had any luck go their way, but it just wasn’t meant to be. At least there was a McPoint.

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We wrap.


  • How many of you were here for the McPoints? All of you? You’re Gord damned right you were. Connor opened the scoring with an incredible solo effort where he was able to use his speed to walk past (good guy) Sam Gagner and knock the puck past a helpless Markstrom. It shouldn’t have been a goal based on how the play was going, but the puck somehow ended up in the net because that’s what McDavid does. The Oilers may not have won but at least there was a McPoint on the pile.
  • Cam Talbot was not very good in his last appearance against the Blue Jackets so you know that he wanted to have a better showing tonight in Vancouver and he did that. Despite the loss, Talbot was not the reason for it as he stopped 28 of 30 shots and finished with a .933 save%. You might argue that he was too aggressive on the game winner but I think that’s unfair considering how bad the initial giveaway was. To my eye, Dadbot was very good tonight.
  • The Lucic-Strome-Puljujarvi line was good tonight and seemed to cause mayhem in the Canucks’ zone on nearly every shift.
  • The Oilers have fallen off a cliff in the faceoff department lately but they were very good tonight, winning 61% of the draws.
  • The Oilers were able to kill off the only penalty they took, keeping their run of fine work on the PK going.
  • I’m going to try and do my part in changing Milan Lucic’s fortunes by including him in the bright side section of the wrap up. The big man had a decent night and had all kinds of chances that should have probably ended up in the net if he had any luck going for him.
  • I like the way Pontus Aberg throws the puck at the net any time he gets a chance. He had four shots on net in under 14 minutes of ice time and that was tied for second among forwards. I like guys that shoot. We need more of that.


  • Sam Gagner got the Canucks on the board and tied the game at one apiece, making amends for the defensive gaffe on the McDavid goal in the first period. Gagner was in the right place at the right time and knocked a rebound attempt in past Talbot for his 10th goal of the year. The problem, at least in my opinion, was that the goal shouldn’t have counted because the play should have been blown down on an icing. You can tell me that Nurse lifting the guy’s stick negated the icing but I won’t buy it regardless of what the rule says.
  • Derrick Pouliot put the Canucks up by a goal after the Oilers decided to lay down on their backs in their own end and hope for someone to rub their tummy. Basically what I’m saying is that the defensive coverage was gross and the resulting goal was embarrassing.
  • Why couldn’t the Oilers hit the net tonight? There were plenty of good chances that got wasted because the boys would rip the puck way wide and it didn’t really matter how close to the net they were. What was going on there?
  • Oh, and posts too. So many posts.
  • Why can’t anyone other than Connor score a goal? Though, I guess I should give some credit to Markstrom.
  • It’s that special time in the Wrap Up where we take a look at the power play. Excited? Of course you are:
    • PP went 0/2 on the night. Surprised? No you’re not, are you?
  • The NHL site has the giveaways listed as 8-4 for the Oilers but I don’t buy it. Even if that number is true, many of those giveaways came in prime scoring locations and certainly contributed to the loss.
  • There’s nothing worse than doing a #BeetCast at 11pm because of the Gord damned Canucks. I’m unhappy, soon to be eating another can of beets, and could use some company. As always, you can and should join in and follow along over on my Twitter.



11:33 Edmonton Connor McDavid (41) ASST: Andrej Sekera (7), Adam Larsson (9) 1-0


15:14 Vancouver Sam Gagner (10) ASST: Daniel Sedin (31), Henrik Sedin (45) 1-1


02:00 Vancouver Derrick Pouliot (3) ASST: Nikolay Goldobin (6), Jussi Jokinen (9) 1-2


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 03/27/2018 – 10:00 pm MST

      • Anton CP

        How is he compare to MacT and Tambo, or maybe KLowe?

        I mean, considering the Oilers history that the team never really have a good GM since Sather left. Or to some extend that Sather’s later years were also terrible.

        I mean, Chiarelli was nominated for GM of the year last season. What would be the real reason behind this “terrible GM” tag on Chiarelli from? The most ridiculous thing that Chiarelli haters are all about the VERY FIRST TRADE he made, it almost sounded like that Chiarelli should be fired right after the FIRST TRADE.

        If anyone actually has been following the years of the Oilers should have known that the terrible history of player development. Chiarelli is not the one who ruined this team, this team was terrible when he took over.

      • Anton CP

        I will say this, and continue to say this: Chiarelli may not be the best GM in the league but most of the Chiarelli haters are the reason why this team still suck, you are irrational and delusional.

        • RJ

          sorry ON.

          I apologize for Sekera and Klefbom being banged up. I made Benning take a step back. I convinced management to not sign any defencemen with all that cap space.

          Talbot, Montoya and Brossoit have been subpar and it’s my fault.

          I made sure the wingers couldn’t score.

          I also gave Connor his cold.

          • jultz=2cups!??

            Lol. Why do you hate benning? Did you expect him to be Duncan Keith like? Benning has been fine. Klefbom sucked all year. Not benning. Oilersnation always blaming the wrong guy lol. Classic oilersnation

          • RJ

            I don’t hate Benning. All young players have ups and downs. That’s why you build depth.

            In the pre-season they were not just expected to make the playoffs, they were expected to go far. They couldn’t sign anyone other than Russell and Jokinen?

          • Anton CP

            They will get better as long as that you keep on calling them bunch of garbage fires and heckling them and tell them how much they suck whenever the chance you have so it will surely boost their confidence. Tough love right?

        • GinYYC

          But what would most Oilers fans do if they couldn’t run young players out of town and then complain that we can’t develop talent or sign FAs for a discount. But hey, those things aren’t important to the long run success of the team. I guess they could just revert to their second passion, complaining about every decision from management using their perfect hind sight.

  • D

    You know, it was that loss to the Canucks in the second game of the season last October that was the first indication that something might be off with the Oilers. Kind of fitting that it’s the Canucks that gave one final kick out the door (and a nice reminder to management that there are serious roster flaws).

  • PleaseWinOilers

    The Oilers sure are finishing off the year strong. After all they’re foiling Vancouver’s lottery chances.

    Fire this front office into the sun. Every single one of them.

  • Randaman

    Other than Bear and Maroon, what has This GM and scouting staff for that matter done right? List them for me. Don’t trash me unless you have an educated response. Jesse is a fail. Tkachuk was the obvious pick but we had to go with the flow… FAIL! Doesn’t hit, can’t hit the net, can’t defend! Am I missing anything? Oh ya, doesn’t use linemates effectively and don’t use Lucic as an excuse.

      • Randaman

        As I said. He does fly bys better than Eberle, skates in big circles rather than straight lines, shoots from 35 to 49 feet out rather than driving the net, fans on 90% of his shots, never covers his point (winger responsibility in your own zone). Coaching? Seen any? I haven’t

      • Heschultzhescores

        I used to think that about him too. I even liked his smile. Now I think he’s just big and dumb and am surprised we draft so many players without hockey IQ’s. But low IQ’s guys drafting explains all that.

      • Odanada

        Someone needs to get him out on the ice practicing his shot, especially his one timers. He has a shot, but needs to work on the release, the accuracy and bringing the heat. Surely he is motivated enough to put in the time practicing this.

    • TruthHurts98

      Can’t put that judgement on him just yet, I think a different and better coaching staff could get a lot more out of him. However I’m a bit frustrated too but have to remember he’s only 19 and can still be taught a few things. Have you watched the YouTube video of how PC and staff went about trading Seguin? We need a real management team. Look at how Boston turned it around with him gone. SJ is so much better as a team and tougher in the playoffs with DeBoer behind the bench and McLellan gone as well. I’m bracing for more bad trades this summer and another disappointing season next year unless they finally wake up and hire competent people.

  • slats-west

    After seeing McdAvids goal tonight i thought about this quote on HNIC.

    “Sure it was a good goal but I just don’t see him (McDavid) as an elite goal scorer as the other guys” Kelly Hrudey on HNIC March 2018.

    Um Kelly 40G guys are elite and that goal tonight maybe there is 2 other guys who could have made that play Stamkos and Malkin. Give your head a shake and stop being such Flame homer. He’s Elite …he defines Elite.

    • crabman

      What would be the risk of a 2 or 3 year deal at or around 900K? That line has played well and if McDavid and Nuge stay together and play well it would be great if the 3rd man on that line had some chemistry with them and was cheap. If he can fill that role and even get 40 points that would be a huge value contract. Of they sign him to 1 year and he is used in that role and has any success he will cost more.
      If he doesn’t work out his entire cap can get buried in the minors and he is available as a call up. All he would take up is a spot on the 50 man roster.
      No risk with a huge upside is it works.
      It would be like Gourde in TB. Played well in the AHL for a few years. TB signed him to a 2×$1M deal and gave him an opportunity. He ran with it and now is a value contract this year and next.
      Odds are Rattie doesn’t have the same success but there is absolutely no risk in signing him.

  • CMG30

    Take the Mcpoints, pass on the league points. Yup. They’re playing it right: help Connor win the art ross, make that draft pick worth more and put PCs GM career on thin ice.

  • The best part of this season will be Not having to listen to Eberle make his annual “going to work hard in the off season in order to help the team make the playoffs next year” spiel he makes every year.

  • KennyG

    If you had to name The Lucic curve what would it be? I would call it The Wrong. TM puts him out with the goalie pulled?? 40 seconds left and a pass right on the tape to him for an easy zone entry and the puck bounces off his stick like it hit a trampoline. Oh yes forgot about moving up in the draft standings. Great coaching.

  • Odanada

    Watched parts of the Nashville SJSharks game. Preds were playing Saros in net and he looked better than our number 1 goalie.
    At this point everyone is focusing on Talbot having a bounce back next year, but if he doesn’t??? Then we will continue losing while Chia makes Chia trades to get a number one and I’m hesitant, given his record, that it will go well. If Talbot becomes the backup, then the pick traded for Montoya was not a good deal.
    Don’t know what the Camster’s answer is, but he does need to stay on his feet once in a while to keep the shooters guessing. Right now he drops straight to his knees every time and they all aim high and it works like a charm. He needs a new goalie coach. I guess the OBC will bring in Eddie Mio……

    • Mclellan rode Talbot into the ground. 72 games and 2 hellacious play off rounds = this season results. Seriously how many back to backs has Talbot played as an Oiler? Everyone knows you don’t play goalies in back to backs but what do I know, I just watch on TV at home.

      • camdog

        Missed 9 games with injury and is still number tied for 1st in games played at 63. The only goalie in the league to play a 70 game pace in either season. There are 30 other coaches in the league that don’t do this.

        Same with man to man defence – how many teams do this? One guy loses his man and you more or less have a breakaway type situation even though all 5 Oilers are back in zone, case in point the Pouliot goal where Leon got beat. Zone defence and Leon’s got cover and Talbot doesn’t have a breakaway to stop.

  • Baggedmilk has a special place in his heart for the Vancouver Canucks, so last night’s beets were probably a little sour.

    Canucks played well, even though one third of their regular line up is out due to injury. Boeser, Eriksson, Bertschi, Granlund, Dorsett, Gudbranson, and Tanev. Oilers should have taken advantage of that.

    Lucic needs to go back to hockey school. Start with the basics and go from there.

  • percy

    Might be a good time to see if Montoya is going to be a suitable back up. Like maybe give him the remainder of the games to see if we need to find another backup. If he comes up big then we have that question answered. Then in the off season we can concentrate on upgrading our def. It’s called moving forward. We might get lucky and they will grasp that. It’s a win, win situation either way.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Is it bad that I’m not upset? Is it wrong that I’m not swearing like a sailor and calling for the heads of everyone in the organization? Am I wrong in just idly sitting here and thinking nothing but the McPoints? Am I an Oilers fan or a Connor McDavid fan?

    Couple thoughts on the game:

    1. I thought Lucic had a good game last night, and it’s hard not to see why McLellan put him out in the final minute. Sure, we all knew it was a bad move, but Lucic could’ve had 2 goals last night. Heck that whole line of Lucic-Strome-Puljujarvi was clicking at points, but couldn’t put the puck in the net.
    2. Funny enough, I played NHL18 after and I was down 3-2 and Lucic scored the tying goal with 35.6 seconds left…
    3. McDavid was ridiculous was usual, but I was concerned for RNH as Bob said he was suffering something and hence looked a little slow. Something to do with his “core”
    4. Talbot was solid last night and he definitely gave the boys a chance to win, especially after Vancouver went up 2-1.

    Ah well. Let’s add further misery to those Flames fans on Saturday night (we won’t, but it’s good to dream).