Nation Talks: Edmonton Oilers at Vancouver Canucks

The Oilers are in Vancouver tonight to take on the Canucks in what will be their second last meeting of the season. With both teams out of the playoffs, the conversation turned toward what will happen with Connor McDavid tonight as the boys take bets on how many McPoints get added to the pile.

With the Oilers out of playoff contention, the only thing propelling Oilers fans forward is the quest for McPoints and the resulting Art Ross Trophy to follow. From there, they get into predictions for what will happen with Milan Lucic next year and try to figure out if the Oilers legitimately have a chance to win the draft lottery again for the fifth time.

We even found a little bit of time to soak up @cooom’s (the editor and chief of BlueJaysNation) tears resulting from the Toronto Blue Jays woes in this afternoon’s season opener.

Watch the full video below:

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Your friends at Oilersnation love trying new things and this pre-game chat is no different. In this new feature, we take a few minutes to get @cooom, the Nation Dan, and Chris the Intern in front of the camera while Baggedmilk acts as your moderator and friendly neighborhood cameraman.

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