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Sekera done for the year after suffering knee injury

According to our very own Jason Gregor, the Edmonton Oilers have shut down Andrej Sekera for the remaining two games after suffering an injury to his surgically repaired knee in Monday’s game against the Minnesota Wild.

Poor Reggie. As if it wasn’t tough enough that he had to try and come back from ACL surgery at 31 years old but the guy never seemed to catch any breaks either. After coming back from ACL surgery in late December, Sekera never looked fully comfortable on the ice as he was forced to play catchup with the rest of the NHL despite missing training camp, the pre-season, and first few months of the season. When he finally did come back, Sekera’s mobility never got back up to speed and he struggled to regain his form from a season ago. Sekera was noticeably a step behind where he was a year ago and that lack of mobility forced him to adjust his style of play in order to be effective, something that never really materialized.

In 36 games played, Sekera managed only eight assists and averaged only one shot on net per game. I know we lovingly call him the shinpad assassin but to only get a single shot on goal on any given night is not a great look and was certainly not what we’ve come to expect from him. Towards the end of his abbreviated season, Sekera was often playing third pairing minutes and struggled to handle them despite the softer assignments. That’s not the guy we remember. With three more years left on his contract that includes a full no-move clause until year five, the Oilers will have to hope and pray that he can bounce back for next season because it seems like a lock that he’ll be coming back. At $5.5 million per year, the Oilers will need him to perform at a high level because that’s a big ticket to pay for a guy that could barely manage third-pairing minutes.

Needless to say, it’s been a nightmare season for Andrej Sekera and his place within the organization going forward will be an intriguing storyline to follow as we head into the summer and into next year. Considering how many longterm contracts are on the back end, the Oilers likely won’t have much changeover before next season barring a trade or two and so they’ll need Sekera to get back up to form if they have any hope of success. Like I said, based on his contract, I assume Reggie will be back and we’ll have to hope that this offseason will be kinder to him than last year was. Hopefully, he can use the next six months off to get himself back into a good space health-wise and that his robot knee will actually be ready for next season. Gord knows the Oilers will need him.

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Sekera’s 2017-18 Season

2017-18 36 0 8 8 -15 6 0 2 0 0 0 0 36 0
NHL Career 683 45 187 232 -9 172 10 64 2 5 6 3 941 4.8

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 4/4/2018 – 12:35 pm MST

  • Spaceman Spiff

    CP Style note: You don’t need to hyphenate “31 years old” if it’s not a compound-adjective. So if you’re saying someone’s been on this planet for 31 orbits around the sun, they’re 31 years old. But if you’re putting that age in front of a noun … then yeah, it’s a “31-year-old defenceman” or, in my case, “45-year-old” washed-up former journalist.

    Submitted respectfully,
    Spaceman Spiff

  • btrain

    Could we be looking at Andrew Ference 2.0 situation? I certainly hope this is more of a precautionary decision rather than a significant set back for Sekera. He was a heck of a defensemen before the injury. However, if he can’t find his game back and be an effective/reliable top 4 guy anymore, then someone needs to pull a Lamoriello and get this guy on the LTIR for some cap relief. Can’t be paying 5.5 mill and 4 mill for you 3rd pairing D men which is a real possibility with Russell.

  • @S_2_H

    Surgery again? Let’s hope not – so he can have a full offseason to properly rest/rehab, and show up to camp on par with his peers and ready to redeem himself.

  • Anton CP

    I think that Sekera was never really anywhere close to be 100% at the time of his first game of the season so maybe he was sort of rushed back to the lineup. It is no surprise that he struggled almost for the rest of the season, if anything that I’m more surprised that they did not shutting him down sooner.

  • Mike Modano's Dog

    My biggest concern with Reggie isn’t his play. Yes, he’s been poor, and yes, we can bury him on the depth chart or on LTIR. However, when expansion comes and he counts as a no movement contract, will there be any team that would be enticed to take on his contract? If not we have BOTH HIM AND RUSSELL who have similar contracts. Slice that anyway you want and there is no way we can keep Klefbom, Nurse and Larsson (not to mention any other good, young defensemen that count towards expansion).

    If Reggie’s play isn’t up to par will any other team want to take him in a trade, even with money being paid towards his salary? I have serious questions as to our team’s ability to retain it’s good players heading towards another expansion team that, unfortunately, we all saw coming. Terrible contract management so far for this inevitability…and in light of Russell’s contract. I like Russell, but at his price and given a full no-trade, no-move for a 5-6 defenceman AFTER Sekera’s contract already in-house…Russell’s contract status is indefensible!!