GDB 81.0 Wrap Up: Three more McPoints on the pile, Oilers rally for a 4-3 win

Three McPoints and a win make for a good night. Final Score: 4-3 Oilers 

Remember the first game the Oilers played against the Golden Knights when they absolutely slaughtered them and we all thought (read: hoped) that it would be a turning point in the season? Good times. Unfortunately, that turning point never did come for our boys and, instead, we’re watching an expansion team make the playoffs in its first year for the first time in NHL history. Actually, it feels like these teams should have reversed records or something, but the universe had other plans for us. The Hockey Gords must have wanted to test our dedication, I guess. Ah well, it’s almost over. With only two games left in another playoff-less season filled with disappointment, all I really cared about for tonight was that we all walked away entertained.

With 20 minutes on the books, the Oilers found themselves with a one-goal lead, were doing a good job of trading punches with the Golden Knights which meant that life was looking a little bit sunnier for those that have stuck this thing through. But then the second period started and the Gords tested us once again. Before the period was even five minutes old, the Oilers had already given up their lead and ended up down by a goal for good measure. They started to go full Oiler and you know what happens when they do that. Though they had some chances to tie things up again, the Oilers couldn’t cash in on anything and found themselves 20 minutes away from a sixth straight loss. Heading into the third period down by a goal, we needed a hero to emerge and get the boys back into the game. First the tie and then the win. *plays Matt Benning’s music*

On this night, the Oilers were up for a challenge as they not only tied the game up on Benning’s early third-period marker but rallied for three straight goals, giving themselves a two-goal advantage with under seven minutes left to play. Even with the third Vegas goal and a late penalty to kill, the Oilers would bend without breaking and not give up their lead for the second time. To their credit, the Oilers never quit and managed to close out a hard-fought comeback win that was as entertaining as anything we’ve seen lately. Considering that being entertained (and McPoints!) was all that we wanted, I’ll go ahead and consider this night a success.

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The wrap.


  • Ryan Nugent-Hopkins opened the scoring after finishing off a beautiful tic-tac-goal passing play that started with a perfect cross-ice pass from McDavid to Rattie before winding up on RNH’s stick and in the net. Amazingly, that goal was Nuge’s 23rd of the season which is only one off from his career high. He would have crushed that total had it not been for his broken ribs. I don’t know anyone can look at this player and think that he’s expendable. Madness.
  • Matt Benning has missed the past couple of games with a wrist injury but you wouldn’t have been able to tell with the goal he scored to tie the game up at two apiece. Benning had all kinds of dangles going on in the high slot before firing a wrister through Malcolm Subban and into the net. The Oilers don’t get much offence from their defence and so Benning’s goal was not only well-timed but also a welcomed sight.
  • Mike Cammalleri gave the Oilers back their lead after he snapped his 7th goal of the year past Subban after receiving a McPass in the slot. Cammalleri may not be the sniper he once was, but he can still get that shot off in a hurry when given the opportunity. Tonight’s goal was Cammalleri’s second in a week after not scoring for 100 years prior to that, and I was happy to see him finish off what could be his last season on a high note.
  • Ty Rattie put the Oilers up by two goals after Connor found him with space on the wing, beating Subban cleanly with a wrist shot. Rattie continues to make a case for himself as he keeps finding ways to produce with McNuge. For a guy that needs a new contract, he’s doing everything he can to show the bosses that he deserves one.
  • After being held off the scoresheet in his last couple of games, Connor McDavid was back to his usual tricks with three McPoints in yet another dominating performance.
  • Cam Talbot wasn’t perfect tonight but he made enough saves to win the hockey game, and he never allowed the Golden Knights to extend their lead beyond a single goal which gave the boys the opportunity to get back in it. When they needed a big save they got one and he gave them a chance to win which is ultimately the point, isn’t it? Talbot got his 30th win on a night when he made 30 saves for a .909 save%.
  • Adam Larsson and Darnell Nurse each played over 23 minutes with both playing an effective flavour of hockey while also finding opportunities to move the puck forward as well. Larsson, as usual, was throwing his body around and his three hits were tied with Jujhar Khaira for the team lead. As for ol’ Darryl, he did a good job of picking his spots to jump in the play and try to get involved offensively. Solid night for the first pairing.
  • I know I just pumped both of these guys’ tires but it deserves its own bullet point. I was happy to see that McNuge would be reunited tonight because I don’t think Connor has been the same in the two games with Nuge by his side. Dusty wrote about it yesterday and I agree with him that Nuge is better on his wing than Draisaitl is and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees with me.
  • Normally when I talk about the special teams it’s for angry reasons. Tonight, both the PK and PP get to live in the bright side and that’s a bullet point we can all be thankful for.
    • PP went 1/3 on the night in a rare goal with the man advantage
    • PK went 0/2 on the night and killed off a huge third period chance that could have tied the game late in the third period. Clutch kill AT HOME.
  • Not sure why the rest of the league has such a hard time with Vegas. They’re not that good. I keed.
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  • Would you be surprised to find out that Brayden McNabb hadn’t scored in 25 games before breaking that streak tonight? No? Didn’t think so.
  • Brandon Pirri put the Golden Knights up by a goal after the Oilers apparently forgot that the second period had started. Before the period was even five minutes old, the Oilers went from leading by a goal to trailing by one.
  • Oscar Lindberg scored the Knights’ third goal of the game and got his team back to within a single goal. As per tradition, the Oilers got lost in their own end and Lindberg found a way to be wide open right in front of the net and he made no mistake of burying his chance when he found him.
  • What happened to the Oilers winning faceoffs? It couldn’t have all been Mark Letestu, could it? Nuge on the wing? What happened there? They only won 47% of the faceoffs tonight and, even though that’s not too bad, that’s not where they want to be. Ryan Strome was 8%. How does that happen?
  • The NHL site had the giveaways listed as 19-11 for the Oilers again. They love coughing that biscuit up, don’t they?
  • I’m not going to complain about the refs tonight, but that phantom call on Puljujarvi at the end of the third period was ridiculous.
  • This is my last wrap up of the season because of the Nation Anniversary Party on Saturday night and I have to say that it’s bittersweet. I would have really loved to write more playoff stuff to troll the other teams and their fans, but it wasn’t meant to be this year. Here’s hoping the Oilers can make the changes needed in the offseason to get us all back to a place where we’re not having to watch the spring tournament like we’re standing outside the club with the wrong shoes on. Thanks for another fun season of wrap ups, Nation. I always enjoy writing these and I hope you guys get a kick out of them too.
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07:03 Edmonton Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (23) ASST: Ty Rattie (4), Connor McDavid (63) 0-1


02:00 Vegas Brayden McNabb (5) ASST: Pierre-Edouard Bellemare (10), Ryan Carpenter (6) 1-1
04:47 Vegas Brandon Pirri (3) ASST: Alex Tuch (22) 2-1


01:49 Edmonton Matt Benning (6) ASST: Ryan Strome (21), Drake Caggiula (7) 2-2
10:07 Edmonton PPG – Michael Cammalleri (7) ASST: Connor McDavid (64), Leon Draisaitl (45) 2-3
13:15 Edmonton Ty Rattie (5) ASST: Connor McDavid (65) 2-4
14:37 Vegas Oscar Lindberg (9) ASST: Shea Theodore (23) 3-4


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Source: NHL, Official Game Page, 04/5/2018 – 10:00 pm MST

  • Randaman

    Oscar Lindberg scored the Knights’ third goal of the game and got his team back to within a single goal. As per tradition, the Oilers got lost in their own end and Lindberg found a way to be wide open right in front of the net and he made no mistake of burying his chance when he found him.

    Call it like it is BM, your buddy Daryl got caught puck watching again and lost his man. Draisaitl made a horrendous pass because he’s pouting not being on Connor’s line. Tough to have to drive your own line and earn your 8.5M!

    Fixed it for you

  • West

    This may not be on topic, but I am getting annoyed with the talking heads of the NHL flip flopping on criteria for winning awards. A few years ago Nuge had the best ppg as a rookie but was basically dismissed from Calder consideration of sone because he was injured part of the year. Same thing with McDavid 2 years ago (he was voted third best first year player). Now this year McKinnon has missed a few games and is currently 11 points behind McDavid and is about 6th in scoring, but is somehow the favorite in a lot of peoples minds to win the Hart Trophy. Why is that you may ask? Because he had the best ppg among the top point getters (currently he and McDavid are at 1.3 ppg). It seems like the voters are as inconsistent as NHL referees.

    • Big Nuggets

      is points all that matters? Does Mackinnon get no credit for lifting his.team that was dead last last season to in the playoff race this year? After Duschene got traded and the locker room calmed down that team took off and Mackinnon was obviously a big part of that. The Oilers had no team success so although McDavid is the best player in the league no team success to me means no Hart trophy. There is no value in a dumpster fire so you can’t win the most valuable player when you’re in one.

      • West

        The Avalanche have been on a 2 year cycle for years. One year they make the playoffs, the next they fall off the cliff. If the Avs miss the playoffs because the Blues can catch them, then what? Las Vegas has McKinnon at 1-1 to win the Hart. It is the change of attitudes toward missed games I was talking about.

  • TruthHurts98

    Man Nuge and Connor look dangerous out there! Was only able to watch the 3rd period, glad I did. We are so lucky to have Sir Connor making magic in an otherwise disappointing and depressing season.

        • GK1980

          Nuge-McDavid is fine but if they want to se post season next year drai needs to get the second line scoring consistently as well. If not it will be the same story as this year.

      • DannyGallivan

        To me the line of RNH-McJesus and Rattie is done. Pro-rated to 81 games, Nuge would have 30:60 goals:pts and Rattie (very small 13 game sample) would have 31:56. There is great chemistry on this line and it is cost effective with Nuge at $6M and Rattie at $700K as a UFA who will sign to play with McJesus.

        We need that same chemistry on a second line with Drai.

        Also, Pully is only 19 years so we need to give him a break. Develop him properly. When Drai was 19 he was still in Bakersfield.

        Finally, fix the damn PP and PK. With Drai, McJesus, RNH and Rattie out there half the time together it ain’t all on the players – look at the coaches and their schemes.

        • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

          PK doesn’t need fixing. Since the Florida game (the 7-5 loss), the Oilers PK is 1st in the league, and has only given up 6 goals in the past 26 games. PP on the other hand…oh boy

        • Keg on Legs

          I actually liked how the JP-LD- JJK line looked for the most part. They had some good looks and they put their size to good use near the end of the game too

  • D

    @baggedmilk – not to get too technical, but when the WHA and NHL merged, the WHA Oilers folded and the NHL granted Edmonton an expansion franchise. That means our team was the first expansion franchise (along with Hartford) to make the playoffs in its NHL inaugural season.

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    Do not trade Nuge. He is an internal answer for McDavey on left wing and he’s really, really. Good. He could score 30+ there next season. Perfect production for a top line winger.

  • 50 Flex

    Good for Taylor Hall to finally get a shot at the playoffs. 7 years without must have felt like an eternity. He really is a great player. Hope they do well.

  • Odanada

    A fine win and happy with the McPoints, but this team is pretty much a shambles. The defence struggles mightily getting the puck out of it’s own end. Calling the goaltending inconsistent is an understatement. The forwards shoot most often at the goalies midsection – where are the snipers burying it under the crossbar?
    I have no doubt in the world that Todd must go. I understand the peril of the revolving door syndrome, but his ship has sailed. It’s time for fresh blood to bring in new system, tactics and attitude.
    I don’t have much faith in Chia, but I doubt he will be sent packing. He has so many holes to fill that the odds are pretty good that he will make another inept trade.
    The OBC gives me the shudders. Management is top heavy with these guys and they have done jack, and the future is not looking much brighter, is it?
    There is a core group of good layers led by McDavid. Beyond that, the only salvation I can see is a good coach coming in, uniting the room and pretty much ignoring Chia. Unfortunately Chia will be hiring said coach, so it is unlikely he will hire someone with strong character who might challenge him.

    Rant over.

    • Serious Gord

      It is quite possible that a year from now that the housecleaning will have happened – chia tmc the assistants and the other flotsam and jetsam they brought will have been jettisoned (and Nicholson ‘retired’) just as you say who is be done now. And in hindsight you – and many others – will have been proven correct.

      But the forces of inertia within the organization- one that as you point out has churned the lower echelons of team management as much as any team in the league over the past decade – is to strong for that to happen.

      And what should happen first is the removal of all the ‘players’ in upper management who have been the source of much of the terrible hiring mistakes. I’d that doesn’t happen we will be having last season misery fir another decade to come.