The Capilano Rehab injury report – Don’t you forget about me

It’s the final Injury Report of the season and probably the busiest one yet! Can you believe it? The season has come and gone. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve thrown inanimate objects out of anger, and we’ve cried some more. It’s been a less-than-ideal run, and it’s finally coming to an end. 

Our weekly injury report is brought to you by our good friends at the Capilano Rehab Center. You can call them at (780) 466-1104 or visit their website!

Overall the hockey injury gods weren’t really on our side this season. Thankfully we didn’t have any type of collarbone incident, but compared to last year we had a lot more man games missed to injury. I don’t think our season results would have changed if we had a healthy roster throughout the whole season. MAYBE we would have kicked off the season better with Andrej Sekera in the lineup out of training camp, but there’s no point pondering that now.

We’ve got a full list of injuries on the docket today to talk about. Some are more serious than others, let’s get into them.

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Andrej Sekera

If you missed it, Reggie has officially been shut down for the year as of yesterday. He’s apparently re-injured his knee that he had ACL surgery on last summer. This injury happened last Monday during the game against the Wild, and comes right after he missed two games a couple weeks ago from an “undisclosed injury.” Was that undisclosed injury a recurring knee injury the whole time?

Whatever it was, wherever it came from, it doesn’t matter. It’s almost a blessing that Sekera’s series of unfortunate events have finally come to an end. The guy has had absolutely no luck this season and his injuries made it nearly impossible for him to find his game. Maybe it’s a good thing the season is over for ol’ Reggie so he can rest up and regroup for next year.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins

Ryan Nugent Hopkins became a late scratch last Saturday before the Flames game with a lower-body injury. This is very upsetting because Nuge ALSO has been struck with some unfortunate injury luck this season. He’s been listed as day-to-day with a lower body injury but like the investigative report I am, I continued to do some digging. I later heard from a source that Nuge may be dealing with a groin injury.

Nuge was skating yesterday which is great news for the guy. If Nuge is dealing with a groin injury, it’s pretty hard to predict his recovery time. We all know how groin injuries tend to linger for months at a time but the fact that Nuge is skating makes me feel pretty good about it. OR maybe it’s not even his groin and this is all a giant lie.

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Whether he participates in these last two games of the season or not, I’m still hoping that Nuge will be able to dress for Team Canada in the World Hockey Championships this Spring. He’s already accepted an invitation so the last thing he would need right now is a lingering injury.

The announcement that Nuge will be playing in the World Hockey Championships came the morning of the day he became a late scratch. This could mean his “lower-body injury” is just a minor one. Nuge, please don’t take long to recover from this. The last thing we need is a long term injury after the whole #McNuge thing started to take off. We need you buddy!

Yohann Auvitu

Auvitu was one of the victims from the awful game on Monday against the Wild. He took a shot in the ankle early in the game and didn’t return. There has to be nothing worse than getting badly injured in the last week of an awful season. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious for Auvitu who’s made quite the impression in his first season with the Oilers this year.

Matt Benning

Matt Benning missed the last two games with an undisclosed injury. He practiced with the team yesterday and said afterwards that he’s feeling better and will hopefully be able to play tonight against Vegas.

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Benning also commented on the end of season injuries the Oilers blueline is currently struggling with. It’s definitely not a fun time of the year right now for the players. I’m pretty sure everyone’s just trying to make it out alive and in one piece but every game a new person seems to go down. You can try your best to not get injured out there but sometimes you just take a puck off the ankle and that’s the way it goes.

Oscar Klefbom

Let’s not all forget that Oscar Klefbom was the first Oiler to be shut down for the season. He did it before it was cool.

Klefbom had his surgery a couple weeks ago and is in recovery mode now. A shoulder injury going into the offseason might be the worst kind because you KNOW he’s not doing any golfing in the near future.

Tony Finau

Okay this is not Oilers related whatsoever but you HAVE to watch this.

Picture this: it’s Masters week. The Par 3 tournament is underway and all the golfers and their families are having a wonderful time. Tony Finau steps up to the tee box and nails a hole-in-one and he’s currently living the best moment of his life. He begins running towards the hole in celebration as he’s waving to the crowd and then BAM! Dislocated ankle!

We at Nation HQ unfortunately were watching this live as it happened and I nearly vomited all over my desk. Finau continued to POP HIS ANKLE back into place and walks slowly back to the tee box signalling to the crowd that he’s okay.

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If you’re wondering, Tony had an MRI on the ankle and has been cleared to play for the rest of the tournament beginning today. RIP Tony’s ankle.