Nation Talks: Bobby Nicholson Presser

Oilers CEO Bob Nicholson had a press conference today. Well by it’s very definition it was a press conference. I am not sure coming out and saying one whole line about how Peter Chiarelli will remain the GM and President of Hockey Operations with the Edmonton Oilers, constitutes a thing that people would have taken a break from their days to listen to. People like our very own BaggedMilk who live-tweeted the “event” for ON, as well as writing a recap of it. Give it a read over here first, if you haven’t yet.

Like that piece from BM, the boys were all fired up when Bob thought it wise to come out and A) support the GM that oversaw a team with the Art Ross winner, Connor McDavid on it, fail and B) not really give a reason as to why he decided to do so. There was also an interesting sidebar about the experience in the arena, as well as fans getting told to “sit down and be humble” which we are particularly interested in, so much so that we have put out a call for stories:

Enter, Nation Talks.

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Once we figured out how to do it live, and I am ashamed to admit it took three of us to figure it out; we proceeded.

Have a look over here:

    • percy

      While they are at it send the 80s boys packing also. There was a time I had admiration for this bunch. Now not so much. My goodness that was over 30 years ago,,,,,,, get lost. Get over it. Hockey has changed , time for a 2018,2019 dynasty to begin. Katz wake up

  • Connor McFly

    Nicholson is one gutless turd. It does show the Oilers top man doesn’t give a crap about the “fan experience” in Edmonton. This shows the season ticket buyer how little they are valued. What unbelievable corporate arrogance. The only honest post-season commenter from the team was from a guy who may well be fired.

  • #OilerFanProbs

    I dress up as thor when I go to games. 90% love my energy, but there is always 10% not having fun, yelling at me to sit down. Can’t a guy just swing his hammer?