(Video) Nation Talks: Kadri, JJ Rumors and More

In an effort to have you welcome us into your lives and minds more, we bring you another in our continuing series of Nation Talks. A ten-minute, round (rectangle?!?!)-table discussion about the topics of the moment, things on our minds and just about anything else we can possibly talk about.

In today’s episode, the boys talk about the Kadri hit from last night’s Game 1 between the Leafs and Bruins. Here is the clip in case you had missed it:

Then the topic shifted to Don Cherry’s comments on the night and how the instigator rule is the cause for a lot of what went on. As well as what didn’t go on (picture Chara tossing Kadri into row three).

Prediction tracker:

BM, NationDan, Chris The Intern: 2 games

Cooom: 1 game

The nuzzles by Marchand into Komarov’s neck got discussed; the video if you didn’t see:

Then the chat shifted to more Oilers-centric news *rejoice* with the Jim Johnson rumors coming down late last night (BaggedMilk covered it nicely here) and the boys just expand on that.

Finally Jesse Puljujarvi’s ride sharing comes up. Once more, if you missed it:

And the love-in of everyones favourite Finn continues.

For the full video: