Three Thoughts: On the way?

To understate, it’s been awhile since the Edmonton Oilers drafted and developed a goaltender who turned out to actually be worth the wait. That would be Devan Dubnyk, who was taken 14th overall in 2004, navigated the minefield that was Edmonton’s minor league maze, graduated to the Oilers’ crease on a bad team during the…


McDavid visits Humboldt

There is a beautiful moment happening in the small town of Humboldt. In a town that is still reeling from the tragedy that took place with the Broncos, news has been surfacing over the last few hours that Connor McDavid has been spending some time in the community.


(Video) McDavid Mic’d Up

Making it’s rounds last night across the interwebs was a video of a compilation of the top “mic’d moments of 2017-18.” If you haven’t taken the time to watch it, I highly recommend. In a league of “lobotomized” twitter accounts and “cookie-cutter” interviews that we never really get to see the human side of things…


The Ducks are bad and it makes me happy

I need to preface this article by saying that yes, I understand that the Oilers are not in the playoffs this year and the Ducks are. They earned more points than us in the regular season, I get it. BUT I don’t care what you say about me being a salty Oilers fan because that’s…


ONE GIF – Oilers Forwards Edition

Finally, the perfect piece for someone who doesn’t like to read. I’ve decided to sum up the 2017-18 season for every Oilers forward with only one GIF. One Will Ferrell GIF to be exact. There will be no explanation for the GIFs whatsoever because if I’ve done my job correctly, and I have, these should…


RFA Profile: Ryan Strome gave the Oilers what they should have expected

Ryan Strome was thrown into an unenviable situation this year. After back-to-back disappointing, sub 40-point seasons with the New York Islanders, Strome was sent to Edmonton in a deal for Jordan Eberle. The trade was one-for-one. No matter what, whether it was fair or not, Strome was forever going to be linked to the player…