The Ducks are bad and it makes me happy

I need to preface this article by saying that yes, I understand that the Oilers are not in the playoffs this year and the Ducks are. They earned more points than us in the regular season, I get it.

BUT I don’t care what you say about me being a salty Oilers fan because that’s exactly what I am! I hate the Ducks with a burning passion, and I’m absolutely ecstatic that they’re about to be swept by the Sharks.

In all honesty, I really thought the Ducks would be performing better in the playoffs this year but I’m not sad that they’re doing the opposite. Actually, I even chose a couple of Ducks players in my fantasy pool, thinking they were going to go further than Round 1. I hated myself for it, but you gotta do what you gotta do to win that prize money, right?

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Last night, the Ducks got blown out 8-1 at the SAP Centre and it was a beautiful thing to watch. The Sharks’ attack was relentless and they poured it on in the third period and didn’t let up until the buzzer went. What made the game even more entertaining was that the Ducks turned into the dirty team we hate and despise in the third period and got absolutely demolished for it. Their frustration boiled over and it led to three power play goals for the Sharks in the third. How wonderful is that?

Take a look at Corey Perry’s cross check (below) in the third period. Maybe he was trying to send a message for game four, or MAYBE he was just acting like a dummy? Tough to tell with the Ducks these days because their skill is often outweighed by their reliance on being dirty. A little bit later on, Ryan Getzlaf followed up on Perry’s penalty with a misconduct penalty for mouthing off to the referees, and nothing makes me happier than seeing the Sharks walk all over the Ducks during an epic collapse.

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The Nation Roundup

Again, you’ve gotta love playoff matchups. If it wasn’t for the disastrous Oilers/Ducks series last year, I might not have the hate for them as I do today. BUT I’ll never be able to erase the awful memory of Ryan Kesler holding Cam Talbot’s pad as the Oilers gave up a 3-0 lead in the third period and that brings my schadenfreude to an all-time level. I still have nightmares about that blown lead and may for the rest of my life, and the only thing I can do is hate on the Ducks.

As if their constant unravelling wasn’t enough, I also want to share an angry comment from a Ducks fan that I read last night on Reddit. It seems like the whole league loves to hate on Getzlaf and Perry, but to see their own fanbase throw them under the bus too? It puts a smile on my face!

We had an interesting conversation this morning at NationHQ on whether or not the Ducks are going to blow their team up this offseason and I’d love to get your thoughts too. Has their time to push for a Cup officially run out? Is this the end of the Ducks reign on the Pacific Division? Only time will tell but I know what I’m hoping for.

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On one hand, it will make me happy to see their fan base and team go through a dreadful rebuild, but on the other hand, it’s sort of nice having a team around that you can write angry articles about. If the Ducks do decide to tear things down then we might not get the enjoyment of seeing Milan Lucic or now, Jujhar Khaira beat the crap out of them anymore. Then again, maybe I’m just salty.

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What do you guys think?