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(Video) Welcome the Anaheim Ducks to the No Playoff Party

The boys are feeling the power of positive thinking and will take some time welcome the freshly eliminated playoff teams to the “No Playoffs Party” as they leave the comfy confines of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The red carpet is rolled out for the second consecutive day as the Anaheim Ducks were very eager to join the No Playoff Party. Last night, the Ducks lost their fourth straight game against the Sharks of San Jose, with four also being the number of goals they scored in the entire series. The sadness was soaked up and enjoyed by Oilers fans last night, and the boys get to share in that fun today.

Topics discussed:

The Ducks general terribleness

@Cooom’s unique ability to make a mess out of any situation

The really horrible awful luck the Ducks had last night with goal reviews

The future for the Ducks and how their window to win is closing?

We give you eight minutes of the highest quality video you could ever hope for along with bonus footage of Ryan Kesler getting beat down — you’re welcome.

In closing, we start a new tradition at the No Playoff Party as we take some time to say something nice about the Anaheim Ducks. Like really nice. Not backhanded at all.