Real Life Podcast Episode 70 – Flip phones and full beers

On this week’s Real Life Podcast, the guys bring you up to date on all things Nation Network and the goings on behind the scenes at Nation HQ. With the Humboldt tribute tees set to be shipped, there is a whole lot going on at the Nation offices and the Real Life Podcast is your window into it all.

To start this week’s episode, the boys talk about the massive undertaking that is shipping 7000 Humboldt tribute tees and the work that’s gone on behind the scenes to make it possible. From there, the guys get into the changes in technology and how much even your cell phone has been updated since they first became commonplace. Next up, the guys talk a little bit of Stanley Cup Playoffs as they heard a story about Philadelphia Flyers fans throwing full beers at the Pittsburgh Penguins, prompting a quote from Crosby on the wasted suds. Check out all this and more in Episode 70 of the Real Life Podcast.

Podcast Question of the Day: What is the most embarrassing game or app that you have on your cell phone right now? Hit us up on Twitter at @NationRealLife or here in the comments section. 

Check it out:

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