Humboldt Delivery Update

It’s been a grind, but we’re getting there!

We had 4,000 orders consisting of 7,000 shirts to ship. We began yesterday and today we’re reaching the process of getting your orders in the mail. You don’t realize how big of a number 7,000 actually is until you see 7,000 shirts in a room.

I’m not here to toot our horn or anything because this isn’t about us. This is about the community and the incredible support we’ve received. I just wanted to post an update to express the greatest appreciation for the volunteers who have come out to help us grind through this massive endeavour. We’ve had over 50 people come out to The Pint to help us unpack boxes, fold shirts, organize orders, stuff shirts into boxes, tape labels on to boxes and envelopes and all that jazz.

Again, for those who supported this endeavour, whether it was sharing on social media, buying a shirt, or coming down and helping us throughout the shipping process, we thank you. This whole thing has been an incredible example of how the community can come together and do something great.

For those waiting on your shirts, thank you for your patience! We’re getting there and we won’t rest (we will rest only a little bit) until this thing is finished!