Tonight we #MakeItFive

My friends, the day is finally here. Draft Lottery day. Our Stairway to Heaven. A day when Oilers fans everywhere feel a little more confident than anyone else in the league because we’ve been there before, we’ve climbed to the mother truckin’ mountaintop in spite of all odds. Sure, some may say that the Oilers only have a 5% chance of pulling this out and that it’s unlikely that they win any of the three lotteries, but would you really bet against them? I wouldn’t.


1. Obviously, as Oilers fans, we want the team to draft the best player we can and winning any of the three lotteries would give us an excellent opportunity to do just that. I don’t care which of the three lotteries they win, all that matters is that they win one of them, but if they can pull this off then we’re going to land an excellent prospect.

2. With another expansion draft coming up for Seattle, the Oilers will need skilled players on the depth chart that are draft-exempt and while that would certainly be the case for anyone drafted this year, I’d love to see them skate through with another top-three pick on the roster. If the Oilers don’t win any of the three lotteries, there’s a chance that Peter Chiarelli will trade the pick for more immediate help and have another body around that would need to be protected. That’s certainly a decision for another day, but it does add another layer to the onion.

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3. I just want to watch the world burn. The NHL literally changed the Draft Lottery rules because of the Oilers and now they have a chance to land in the top spot again because of those changes. A few years ago, only the bottom five teams had a chance at the first overall pick but now anyone that doesn’t make the playoffs has a shot as a means to even out the odds and the irony of the Oilers winning because of that would be too delicious for words. Please, Hockey Gords, make this happen. It would be hilarious.

Remembering the Heritage Classic

4. If you’re going to miss the playoffs then the only thing worth cheering for is a Draft Lottery win… or maybe a Flames win so that the pick goes to New York. That would also be hilarious.

5. Seriously, though, how funny would it be if we won? Twitter would explode, Facebook would be a mess, and the entire hockey Internet would probably implode on itself. I need that to happen. I need to bathe in the angry tears of other fanbases.


Obviously, the Draft Lottery is coming up tonight and Sportsnet will have it televised as always. This year, however, they decided to split up the process by showing the 15-4 picks starting at 5:30 pm MST and then finishing things off during the second intermission of the Vegas/San Jose game that starts at 6 pm. I guess the ratings must be down for the playoffs this year because Sportsnet really wanted to stretch this thing out and keep fans of non-playoff teams interested. I’m just happy that they’re not splitting it into a two day process or something weird like that.

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How does it work?

Every team is assigned a series of numbered combos that, if drawn, would land them the first, second, or third overall pick depending on which lottery they win. Lotto balls are drawn at random to form a four-number combination that gets compared to a master list to determine who will pick first overall. The process is then repeated two more times to figure out which team will pick in the two and three slots. Back in 2015, the Oilers had the combination of 5-14-6-1 come up and that landed us Connor McDavid with only an 11.5% chance of winning the first overall pick. This year, we don’t know what combos the Oilers have assigned to them yet but we’ll need some lottery luck yet again if we’re going to pull this thing off. In total, the Oil have an 18% chance of picking in the top three.

Edmonton Oilers 2020 NHL draft picks officially set


Now that you know the rules and familiar with the layout of tonight’s festivities, I need you to think back to where you were in April of 2015. Where were you when the Lottery Gords blessed us with Connor McDavid? As soon as you figure that out I need you to go back to that spot. I don’t care if you were at your in-laws or if you were hitting a patio with your squad, we all need to do our part and try to recreate the magic that landed us McDavid. I mean, I don’t any of us would have expected the Oilers to pull out that win with only an 11.5% chance and we’ll need to work extra hard to make this thing happen with our ninth-ranked 5% chance. At the end of the day, there’s no pressure to win this one because we already landed the ultimate prize just over three years ago, but it would certainly be funny and helpful to be able to do it again. Then again, maybe I just want to watch the world burn.

  • ed from edmonton

    Bob Mac suggests that Dahlen in the obvious class of this year’s drafte followed by a group of 4 or so that could go in almost any order. Then anther group from 6 to 9, then a big drop off after nine. Hope the Oil don’t drop below 9.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      that’s kind of what i noticed too….Dahlin, then a drop off a bit, then after 5, another bit of a drop from 6 to 9, then another drop….it is essential that the Oilers at least don’t DROP a pick or two and miss the real good stuff in the top 9.

    • crabman

      He suggests that his panel of 10 scouts surveyed about the draft prospects have Dahlen as unanimous 1st overall. Svechnikov as a clear #2 followed by Zadina, and Tkachuk. Bouchard was obvious #5 and interchangeable 6-8 because the 6-8 spots varied by each scout but consisted of the same 3 players.
      He doesn’t say there is a big drop off at 10. He says it is a big drop off of consensus pick at 10.He says that is where there is no clear obvious picks from 10 on. The scouts all had different people at different rankings starting in #10 and on range. Not that they say there is a big drop off of talent. They obviously aren’t considered as good as the top 9 because none of the 10 scouts polled had players #10 on in their top 9 but that doesn’t mean there is a huge drop off.

  • Florescent Oil Orange

    I just run the draft lotto simulator. The islanders won the first pick with Calgary’s pick. I almost think I would enjoy that more than the Oilers winning

  • Alberta Ice

    Maybe Buffalo will finally win from the last spot so they can turn their franchise into Cup contenders next year. LOL. Anybody gonna puke if the Canadiens win it? One thing for sure, the Oilers have owned the first draft pick lottery round this decade beginning in 2010.

  • Derian Hatcher

    The leather lazy boy I was sitting on when We where graced with McDavid has long since been given away to a friend of a friend’s kid who was just starting out on his own. Long story short, he has no problem with me coming over tonight and watching the lottery from that very chair. I am doing my part.

    Could you imagine the outrage?

  • Braindead

    I will be ok if the Oilers draft Grigori Denisenko. He attacks with the puck, has speed, create space and can shoot and pass. Oilers can let him develope in the KHL for a couple years. Unless the Oilers can get a Top rated D. The league was heavy a couple years ago, now it’s fast. I predict that the next trend will be puck attacking forwards.

  • Braindead

    I will be ok if the Oilers draft Grigori Denisenko. He attacks with the puck, has speed, create space and can shoot and pass. Oilers can let him develope in the KHL for a couple years. Unless the Oilers can get a Top rated D. The league was heavy a couple years ago, now it’s fast. I predict that the next trend will be puck attacking forwards..

  • 24% body fat



    Zdina, Tkachuk, Bouchard, Whalstrom, Bvoqvist

    Dobson, Huges

    Those are the groups, Every stat, fancy, regular, eye test, video tracked, etc all show Svechnikov ahead of the rest of the other guys by a long shot. Whether he turns out to be the best in the future is another question, but when it comes to the draft play the odds. 31 head scouts. the odds are the consensus is more right than one individual scout.,

    McKenzie, BPA and NHLE should always be the priority.

  • Oil4Ever

    Thing I would most like to see happen:
    1A- Oilers win, head explosions around the league. It would be magnificent!
    1B- Calgary wins, pick goes to Islanders. Classic!

  • What-a-Mike

    Although a weird way to show off the lottery, if I do not see the Oilers at 9-11, I will be there watching at 2nd intermission for sure. May the God of Hockey shine down on the Oilers once more today!!! Watching the NHL and fans of other teams explode of the Oil win would allow me to heal from this past mess of a season. That being said, I hope the Oilers take one of these players (pending the Draft # of course). #1 is obviously Dahlin…. then for me (if draft # possible) I would take Zadina, Brady Tkachuk, Wahlstrom, or Bouchard. If the Oil did take Tkachuk….man that would be fun watching him/Oilers vs his brother Mathew/Flames go at it. The hate between teams would be on even more…lol.

  • #97TRAIN

    I was in the Philippines with my wife on vacation and I totally missed the draft lottery by a day and I started hollering when we got the golden card!! What a vacation!

  • Opi

    Zero embarrassment over getting four first overalls in a very recent seven year period so have to hope & pray for a fifth …. ahahahhahahha, never seen a more pathetic organization in my life, top to bottom …

  • Trevy

    – Islanders stay 12th
    – Oilers fall from 9th to 10th
    – Canucks fall from 6th to 7th
    – Coyotes fall from 3rd to 5th

    Divisional foes fall back. Top three head out East. It’s a great day!

    • OilerFanExiledinCalgary

      I agree. Tempting to trade it for a quick fix but draft and develop is the way to go. Should have been doing that since forever, but especially since 2015 instead of throwing away picks on AHL dmen.