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McDavid reacts to the Hart voting

In unsurprising news last week, Connor McDavid was left off the Hart Trophy finalists list. In other unsurprising news, Twitter erupted while complaining about the thought process behind the PHWA’s voting. It was a discussion that built up for weeks about how Connor was likely to be snubbed solely on the fact that the Oilers did not make the playoffs. Last Friday all our suspicion was confirmed as Nathan MacKinnon, Anze Kopitar, and Taylor Hall were named the three finalists.

Here we are three days later, and Connor McDavid has responded to the poor results:

If you’re unable to watch the video, don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

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That’s the way it goes. It could have gone so many different ways. You look at all over the league there were guys that weren’t on the list that could have been on the list. Obviously there are three very deserving candidates, I’m sure it’s exciting for all of them.

As expected, Connor McDavid handled the situation with nothing but class. I’m sure he’d love to be one of the three finalists and I’m sure he thinks he deserves to be. But as he’s done his whole life, Connor answered the question with pure professionalism and humility. This is another reason why he’s the best player in the world, why he’s the Oilers captain, and why he was just named the captain of Team Canada in the World Hockey Championships

At the same time I’m still slightly annoyed that he’s even in this position of having to answer how he feels after being left off of the nominee list. Connor McDavid SHOULD BE on that list, and it’s a shame that there is somehow an unwritten rule to the voters that because the rest of Connor’s team sucked, he is unable to win the award.

The NHL describes it’s Hart Trophy as the following:

An annual award given to the player judged to be the most valuable to his team. The winner is selected in a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association in all NHL cities at the end of the regular season.

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Taylor Hall, Anze Kopitar, and Nathan MacKinnon were all extremely important to their respective teams this past season. Without them, the Avalanche, Kings, and Devils would not have landed in a playoff spot. That’s great and all, but think where the Oilers would have landed in the standings if Connor McDavid wasn’t on the team?? I know for a fact that we would have been the first team ever to finish in 31st place.

Connor scored six points more than Cladue Giroux (who finished second) to land him his second Art Ross trophy in a row. Anze Kopitar, Nathan MacKinnon, and Taylor Hall finished seventh, fifth, and sixth in the scoring race respectively. Again, I don’t want to take anything away from their great seasons, but it’s dumbfounding how Connor was left off this list. I’m very anxious for all of the voting results to be released later this summer to see who voted for which player.

Twitter Reactions

  • Redbird62

    The Art Ross Trophy winner is almost always in the top 3 for Hart Trophy voting. However, rarely does a Art Ross winner play for a non-playoff team. Jamie Benn won the Art Ross in 2014-2015 and finished 12th in Hart Trophy voting as Dallas barely missed the playoffs. The next year, he finished 2nd in the Art Ross race behind Kane, and moved all the way up to 3rd in Hart voting as Dallas surged to 109 points and second in the NHL. Benn was definitely more important to he team than several of those who finished ahead of him in the Hart voting in 2015 (and his point share of team goals was higher in 2015 than in 2016), so clearly playoffs matter. The Oilers just need to make the playoffs every year going forward and this will be a non-issue. The additional consideration for a Hart Trophy I sure will only be a minor fringe benefit to McDavid compared to just being in the playoffs. They are nice, but he doesn’t play for individual trophies.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I’m not too worried. He won the Art Ross and was nominated for the Ted Lindsay. I put more stock in player’s opinions than the media’s when it comes to this stuff. Would’ve been nice to see him repeat his award hat trick from last season, though.

  • WhoreableGuy

    The good thing about a player like McDavid is that he will use this as an extra motivator next year. So all of the anti-McDavid people we’ve seen coming out in groves the past couple of days will be wetting themselves next season in fear. “Mom, make him stop scoring points!”

    • 24% body fat

      I think the idea is to quantify a players value to a team. How many spots in the standings did the player contribute to or to how many more points did they get because of him.

      If you could quantify this than couldnt you make a measurement of who is the most valuable to their team.

      So which team has the biggest fall off if they lose there best player. That by definition should be the Hart trophy winner.

  • C U Next Tuesday

    What if a player gets traded at the deadline to a non-playoff team? Does that eliminate him from contention (Not that a Hart calibre player would be traded with 15 games to go)? I know it’s going down the rabbit hole but its a stupid “unwritten rule”.

    • Leaking5w-30

      Hmmm… while we’re at it what if someone gets traded 41 games in and is the most value player to both teams? Can he be nominated for the award twice in the same year? … like when ovi was an all star on both wings.

  • Dr. Merkwurdigliebe

    I’m in the minority, but I don’t think he should have been on the ballot. Like it or not, team success has always played a role in Hart voting. Is McDavid valuable to the Oilers? Absolutely! Most valuable this season? I don’t think so. I don’t feel like those other teams would have made the playoffs without the contributions of the nominees this year.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    Who cares. Let Mackinnon, Hall, or Kopitar have their 5 minutes of fame. McDacid will wind the Ted Lindsey award and we’ll be reminded who the TRUE superstar is

  • godot10

    There is no effective difference between 23rd place and 31st place, so nothing of value was accomplished by McDavid this season. The Oilers achieved nothing of value this year, so none of their players were”valuable”.
    A quadrillion times zero is still zero. Plus there was no significant seperation in points.

    None of these things are McDavid’s fault, but if he wants to win trophies he should perhaps demand more from the management, the coaches, and the six million dollar winger who got 1 goal in the 2nd half of the season.

  • Oiler Al

    Just shows you how bright these “talking heads” are.These people tend to make up the rules as they go along.They are saying this is some kind of “team” trophy for making the play offs. You are a bum if you happen to win back to back scoring titles.

  • ed from edmonton

    More surprising than McDavid not in the top ( given the unwritten rule(?) about playoff team) is Clause Giroux not being there. He lead his team into the playoffs in a similar style as Hall and Kopitar but with better production. Really the two shoe ins should have been McKinnon and Giroux.

  • jadedoilersfan

    You could argue that his excellent individual play did more harm than good as a whole, in the sense that his stellar efforts only decreased their chances of landing Dahlin, or atleast landing somewhere in top 6 of draft order. This year, McDavid’s pride and natural don’t tank attitude might have actually harmed this team for years to come.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      That’s just ridiculous, and to suggest that is just petty. McDavid had a fantastic season and this team should be above and beyond tanking for first overall. I’d much rather have McDavid score 108 points than select first overall. McDavid is the ONLY reason this season was bearable.

      • jadedoilersfan

        Not really, it’s just a classic vicious cycle. Many average teams get stuck in the middle of the pack, the vicious cycle, never dropping low enough to pick well, and never being strong enough as a whole to accomplish a playoff berth. A state of purgatory that a quarter or more of the league inevitably will always be stuck in, right now it’s teams like Carolina, Calgary, Dallas, Edmonton, Detroit, Islanders, Rangers, it might take a few years longer for these teams to achieve something, because they’re taking the long road uphill, rather than a one-step backward to steps forward approach like the Sabres the last 3 years. Mind you, the Oilers obviously did use this same approach for the last 10 years, and unfortunately many management factors did impede their ability to succeed using this approach. I see Buffalo making the playoffs this year, just like New Jersey’s turnaround. And Oilers might, but probably not.