Real Life Podcast Episode 71 – Draft Lottery, McDavid, and throwing stuff on the ice

On this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast, the boys are back with a brand new podcast for a brand new week. As always, it was another jam-packed podcast that covered everything from the Stanley Cup playoffs to Connor McDavid at the World Championships to throwing things on the ice at hockey games.

This week’s podcast starts off with the boys laughing about the audio issues that we’ve had in the past and explain a little bit about how we’re working through it. From there, Jay tells his story from the weekend where he sat with a former Stanley Cup winner and asked him questions about what it was like to play with Sidney Crosby and also under Todd McLellan in San Jose. After talking about Crosby’s dedication to improvement, the boys wonder how that dedication compares to our Connor McDavid. Lastly, the guys look at the playoffs and talk about whether or not throwing a penguin on the ice in Pittsburgh would be enough to rattle the Penguins and give the Capitals the edge they need to win the series.

Podcast Question of the Week: If Oilers fans were going to throw something on the ice, like they did with the steaks in 2006, what would it be? Hit us up on Twitter at @NationRealLife or here in the comments section. 

Check it out:

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