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Koskinen signing a redundant one

The Edmonton Oilers made it official Tuesday signing Finnish-goaltender Mikko Koskinen to a one-year, $2.5 million contract.

The former second-round pick of the New York Islanders in the 2009 Entry Draft just came off one of his strongest seasons in the KHL. Playing in 31 games with St. Petersburg SKA, he posted a .931 save per centage and a 1.69 GAA.

The numbers are nice for sure, but he is 30-years old and by all accounts, his numbers are relatively pedestrian even for KHL standards, as highlighted by Walter Foddis below.

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Unfortunately, there is no NHL equivalency tool for goaltenders coming from the KHL to NHL, so we won’t be able to get an early look as to how his numbers translate.

Last season, the Oilers traded a conditional fifth-round draft choice in this year’s draft to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for goaltender Al Montoya. The conditon was met on the deal, turning the pick into a fourth.

The move was made as Laurent Brossoit went 3-7-1 boasting a bad .896 save percentage.

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Montoya didn’t do much better in Brossoit’s wake posting a .906 save per centage and a 2-2-2 record and he is owed just a smidge over $1 million next year.

The Oilers goaltending depth chart now gets confusing. The Oilers have two guys who will compete for the backup role in Koskinen and Montoya, while the AHL/ECHL level will see the likes of Nick Ellis, Shane Starrett, Dylan Wells and Stuart Skinner battle for playing time.

This is assuming that the team lets Brossoit walk and signs Skinner to his ELC.

Edmonton didn’t even give themselves to see the free agency market, or the trade market open up in the offseason. Instead, they decided to outbid any other team possible and forfeit $2.5 million for a goaltender who they don’t even know what they will get out of.

The team still has to sign Matthew Benning, Darnell Nurse, Drake Caggiula, Ryan Strome and Anton Slepyshev (rumoured to be KHL bound) to RFA contracts.

UFA’s this year are Yohann Auvitu and Mike Cammalleri, whom the team needs to decide on as well.

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Peter Chiarelli said during his year end press conference that even though he knew that the team had contracted goalies going into next year he said goaltending was “closer to the top of the list of things to look at and it’s something we’ll have to look at closely.”

Obviously, it’s understandable given that Cam Talbot had himself a bit of a down year, but the decision to jump the gun when we already have a backup goaltender on the payroll is one that makes me scratch my head.

Is there something that Peter Chiarelli and his pro scouts saw in Mikko that they just couldn’t possibly pass up? I doubt it.

I hope that Koskinen works out. I hope that he comes in, blows Montoya out of the water and can play 20 really good games for the Oilers this year. I hope that the Oilers would then be able to flip Montoya for a draft pick, recouping the otherwise wasted asset.

If that isn’t the case, then this is just another blunder by the Oilers organization.

  • Chris Prongers Rake

    This was an idiotic signing, we didn’t need a backup, fix the rest of the team. Montoya’s .906 was fine for a backup playing 10-15 games.

    • TruthHurts98

      We might have the worst GM in the league. Threw away a 4th round pick for Montoya then signs an unproven NHL backup to how much?!? Cap hell now. PC overpays every contract and this team is looking more like a bottom 5 team next year. Once Nurse is over payed in the next contract there will be nothing left to spend on improving the team. Next year’s draft is better but DOD 2.0 is here sadly. Until we can finally get hockey competent people running the team not much will change. The Oilers have been the worst NHL franchise since Katz bought the team in 2008. Good Ole Boys.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Unless Chia has a plan to move a high priced asset? I sure hope not?
        RNH is finally settling into a star role on this team & he has definitely earned it. There are pieces that can be moved, unfortunately, not many of the high priced ones.
        When I look at the caliber of play in this second round, this Oiler team has a ton of work to do to be viable at this level. A ton…

        • 24% body fat

          I dont mind moving high priced contract like Lucic or Russell, oh wait you said “asset” nevermind.

          “I thought you said you had no high priced talent” forget about dorn, cause hes just high priced”

          Lou, and Pepper from Major League

  • What-a-Mike

    Other than how Koskinen will do or be as a new incoming backup to Talbot, his signing cost for one year is at the very same amount average as those already in the NHL doing backup, and of these already in the NHL, their records are actually the same or even lower with save % totals. I for one don’t think this is a bad signing mainly because he is huge like a Pekka Rinne type goalie, his age isn’t too old, and most importantly, its for one year. How many times do we see other goalies have bad years at even higher money per year (Talbot included for this year, especially when ya look at guys like Darling (Car), Steve Mason at $4 plus mil (Win – since hellebuyck won starter job), Greiss (NYI), Chad Johnson (Buf), Mike Condon (Ott), etc. Its not going to be just Koskinen or Talbot this year coming up, its also going to be the defence and 2 way play of the forwards with the Oiler big time too. I also easily believe that many of the upcoming free agent goalies are going to want the same or much more than the Koskinen cost and they will be looking especially at term. Now the Oilers have three goa;ies all on contract years so not only will they be playing their best if can be, but the Oilers will have a full year to keep an eye on a possible big time starter for 2019-20 at the same time if all fail the Oilers again. The Oilers now have competition and a unique position to deal with.

    • Kevwan

      ” his signing cost for one year is at the very same amount average as those already in the NHL doing backup ”

      21 of the 31 teams had their primary backup making 1.5 mil or less. 11 had them making less than 1 mil. The examples you give are not traditional backups. Darling was brought in to be a starter. Mason to be at least a 1A. Condon because he played so well last year and Anderson is 36. etc.

      To imply that bringing in an inexperienced 30 year old European goalie with
      little North American experience @ 2.5 mil is normal is wrong. It’s way outside the box.

      If anything that’s what I like about this deal. It shows me that Chia has faith in his scouts. It also shows he’s not going to be paralyzed by fear of losing his job to make some moves.

    • TruthHurts98

      Problem is there will be no cap room left to play with after he signs Nurse to an inflated contract. PC over pays everyone just like the GM’s of old. Paying based on potential at it’s highest, not prepared like this year when players don’t pan out. Oilers are screwed for next year.

  • Lucas McDavid

    1)Chiarelli, a veteran NHL GM, makes a deal that isn’t deemed immediately beneficial by some impatient fans.

    2)Queue the “Peter Chiarelli is incompetent” article/comments.

    3) Rinse, repeat.

    • Hemmercules

      What moves has Chiarelli done in the last 12 months that you see as beneficial?? They signed a 30 year old guy to a 1 year contract. This needs to be immediately beneficial or its a waste of money in my opinion. We have yet to see him play a game here so I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now but if his KHL numbers aren’t all that great I dont see how he’s going to be better in the NHL. I get the feeling Chia has already been combing the league for a backup and can find one that doesn’t involve giving up a good asset so he jumped the gun on a move like this.

      • Lucas McDavid

        Call me naive, but I like to be an optimist. Good things are coming for the Oilers next season. Chiarelli had some bad luck with some of his bets last season, now he has a chance to fix things.

        • Kepler62c

          THANK YOU. Oil aren’t in a bad spot at all – keep the pick, flesh out the wingers (Maroon, Vanek), MAYBE add a top 4 Dman, but honestly Klefbom, Larsson, Nurse, Sekera (of old), Russell, Benning is a decent group to work with and I think they can get it done – plus that Dman will cost some cap we might not have.

        • Hemmercules

          I got optimistic about the Oilers twice in the last 12 years and it didn’t work out so well. After they made the cup run in 2006 and after the 2016-2017 season. I wont be fooled by the Old boys ever again. I immediately assume any move they make is a bad one until proven otherwise. I have quit being mad about it all though, its a joke to me now when they make a terrible move and it blows up in their face. Mights as well laugh instead of being stressed about it.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    It’s amazing how, on this site and others, the KHL’s relativity to the NHL changes with every move the Oilers make or don’t make.

    If the Oilers pass on a guy ripping up the KHL or if, say … oh I don’t know … Anton Slepyshev bolts for the KHL … well that’s another sign how out of touch the organization/Chia/Nicholson/Lowe/MacT are. Because it’s the second-best league in the world, don’t-ya-know? Oh it’s definitely ahead of the American Hockey League. Without a doubt.

    But if the Oilers run out and sign a goalie from a KHL team with a .931 save percentage and a paltry 1.69 GAA, suddenly we all need to be reminded that “by all accounts, his numbers are relatively pedestrian even for KHL standards,” or “based on save%, Koskinen is an average KHK goaltender.”

    Oh my shattered aching effing nerves. We’ve long past reached the point where any and all moves Chiarelli makes are being parsed beyond all recognition but the reaction to moves like these are just so grating.

    Blunder? Puh-leese.

    Listen closely. It’s a one-year deal the Oilers can afford. If he’s a dud, he can be buried in the AHL for a few months. And are you seriously going to look sideways at a .931 save percentage and a 1.69 GAA on an incoming goaltender that few NHL shooters have ever seen or would have any type of a scouting report on?

    I don’t know who Walter Foddis is, but I’m wondering why he doesn’t wonder why Koskinen’s save percentage went up by two full percentage points last year over the season before. Yes, OK, his save percentage over the last few seasons is on the league-average … but it increased drastically to fifth in the league last year. Did SKA improve that much, year-to-year? Haven’t they always been a powerhouse? Or is it all some sort of Cinderella story?

    And why isn’t Foddis talking more about Koskinen’s 1.69 GAA? Here’s the thing: I actually don’t know where the 1.69 number comes from (the Internet Hockey Database has it as 1.69, too). The KHL website says he finished second in the league with a GAA of 1.57. I’m hoping someone can clarify that discrepancy for me because it looks like he finished second in a shooter’s league in GAA. Once upon a time in the NHL, that was a big deal.

    But, then again, it doesn’t really matter. 1.69 is nothing to sneeze at, either. And I don’t really know why so many of us are sneezing at it … although I suspect it’s that persistent case of Chiarelli Derangement Syndrome that’s been dogging much of the fandom/blogosphere since Hallsy was sent packing two summers ago.

    Is it too much money? Maybe, but only if he bombs … and even then, it would only be for a few months and he can be buried in the NHL. If he plays well or even decent, then it’s what the fancy-stat guys call a “value contract” (although I’m sure the fancy-stat guys will be all over Chia next summer for not signing Koskinen for more term when he had the chance in May 2018).

    Otherwise, it’s a shrewd move for a bunch of reasons. Montoya was fair-to-middling, at best, and bringing in an unknown outsider should help set up some competition in the organization at the NHL level (side note: is there a fandom on this planet that worries more about losing fourth-round draft picks than the Oilers’ fandom? Jesus, Mary and Joseph – that’s so grating, too). It forces guys like Broissoit and Ellis to work harder on their games in the summer. It also prevents the Oilers from rushing Skinner into the AHL or, worse, the NHL (hey, stranger things have happened). And it wouldn’t hurt to have an older Finnish guy on the team to hang around with Puljujarvi.

    Is all of that worth $2.5 million? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see. And it’s only May. More moves to come. Let’s not sweat the first ones, shall we?

    • btrain

      Appreciate the stab at a positive spin. However, its difficult to look at each move in a vacuum. On its own, perhaps it wouldn’t be such a horrible choice to throw 2 million dollars at at what amounts to a gamble for a season. However, this team and its current GM, for a spectrum of reasonable to ridiculous has over-payed Sekera, Russell, Kassian, Draisaitl, and Lucic. They also have 1.3 mill going towards the cap in the strange decision to buy out Pouliot. For a team that still needs to sign Nurse, Strome, some others, and also has deficits at wing and at D, as well as an extra 12.5 mill about to hit the books, suddenly taking even a slight gamble against the cap is a big deal. So when you have another area of weakness that both needs to be addressed and has the ability to improve sv% without paying for another goaltender, then its probably best, in my opinion, to put the 2 mill towards that position (i.e RHD!!).

  • Serious Gord

    This sure sounds like Anton Belov 2.0.

    Who scouted this guy? Anybody? Did chia just work off of his stats? Someone should ask chia to give an overview of his goalie scout’s scouting report. I bet there isn’t one.

    More likely he dropped 2.5 mill – 3% of the cap on an unscouted goalie currently not in the nhl.

  • ed from edmonton

    I doubt if anyone on this site has a good understanding of whether Koskinen is NHL caliber. His resume suggest he may have a chance, but KHL players usually don’t do well coming to the NHL (with few exceptions like Panarin and Donskoi). On the other hand Finland is knee deep in goalies and he is often chosen for their international teams. I sure don’t see this signing as being “redundant” at all. We all know that goal tending was a grave weakness this year and backup goal tending a disaster over the last two years. Saying this move is redundant night be as silly as saying signing a KHL winger with good numbers (like say a guy named Kovalchuk) is redundant because the Oil have a lot of wingers in their system.

  • Serious Gord

    It does seem like an odd, high-cost move. Were there any other teams prepared to pay him this kind of dough? Is any other team even looking for backup goalies this time of year?

    • OilerForLife

      I heard that Koskinen may be waiver exempt, on a reputable site. Only 3 of 4 seasons and only 4 games played out of 60. If this is the case, then this would be a low risk deal then.
      Any input on this?

  • russ99a

    IMO this could be something coaching identified as a problem area where we had no reliable backup the last two years abd the workload took its toll. Also Montoya started hot but was disappointing much of the year, i see him as a fringe backup. Lastly can we finally classify Brossoit as an Old Boy Oil King “inside information” reach like Moroz and Reinhart? I recall we gave up NHL assets for him.

  • TKB2677

    If someone wants to question signing Koskinen because we don’t know if he can put up decent numbers in the NHL, that is fair. It’s a gamble for sure because he’s a bit of an unknown. But to say signing another goalie was redundant or not a good idea is completely ridiculous and flat out wrong. I am a believer in Talbot. I think he is a good starter. I think this season was a one off and we will see a very motivated Talbot and he will bounce back. But even though Talbot had a crappy year and he missed 2-3 weeks due to an injury he was STILL tied for #1 in games played at 67. As a Talbot fan, I am shocked that he was still tied for the most games even though he missed a lot of time with injury AND there was a time he was sick as well and he STILL only missed 15 starts. That to me is ridiculous that it had to happen. I am of the opinion that provided a starter is healthy for the whole season, no starter should be over 60 games. This definitely applies to Western conference teams and the Oilers who have one of the worst travel schedules in the league due to their location. With the travel and the intensity of the games, anymore than 60 is just too much. So they need a guy who is capable of playing 20+ games and actually play 20 DECENT games. Montoya is not capable of that. When you look at his numbers over his career, Montoya is not capable of putting up decent numbers. His career save percentage is .908. That isn’t good enough. So they need to bring in someone who can play that much.

    So while I think the money is a touch high for Koskinen, unless you fluke out and find a young, unproven guy who’s dirt cheap that can shoot the lights out, I don’t think they would have been able to spend a lot less on a more proven guy if you want a guy that has the ability to give you 20+ good starts. They tried that with Brossoit and it blew up in their face. What concerns me is they are rolling the dice on a unproven guy. I would rather they went after a guy that has been in the NHL so you have a better idea of what you are getting. I hope that this Koskinen can do the job.

  • Keg on Legs

    Edmonton didn’t even give themselves to see the free agency market, or the trade market open up in the offseason. Instead, they decided to outbid any other team possible and forfeit $2.5 million for a goaltender who they don’t even know what they will get out of.

    This excerpt here makes this signing really stupid!!!
    Way to go Chia, watch Skinner out perform all vets, NOW WHAT Idiot???

    • TKB2677

      HAHAHA Good point!!

      If your starters that includes position players all stay healthy and all play well all the time, then technically, you don’t need any depth. But that never happens.

      Another thing I will say about this signing is taking who it is out of the equation for a minute due to him being an unknown. Supposedly, if Montoya gets waived and heads to the minors, his salary doesn’t go against the cap. So he can be in the minors as depth if something happens. My question to anyone how thinks bringing in another goalie was a mistake is, if you went with Talbot- Montoya and Talbot gets hurt, are you prepared to have Montoya be your starter for how ever long Talbot is out? AND who’s behind Montoya?

      At 25 yrs old with 5 yrs of AHL under his belt, Brossoit still hasn’t figured out how to be an NHLer. Given how many goalies the Oilers have used over the last 5 years, it’s not like Brossoit was buried behind all this awesome depth. If he hasn’t figured it out by now, he might never. It’s time to move on. Then there is Ellis who’s 24. He just finished his second year of the AHL. He had a .918 in his first year which is decent, this season he was .898. So a 20 point DROP. Now save percentage will fluctuate a little but shouldn’t drop like that in the minors if you have a chance. So if they didn’t sign anyone and went with Talbot and Montoya, they have nothing behind them who’s remotely capable of being an NHLer even for a short time.

    • Big Nuggets

      Always playing catch-up is a problem. I don’t think no goalies signed for 2019 is the problem. They all have something to play for and we have the best chance at resigning them.

      • camdog

        You don’t give 2.5 million for a KHL goalie if you’ve got options for 2019. The Oilers are desperate for goaltending options. This isn’t just about trying to find a back up, this about finding next years starting goalie.

    • Kepler62c

      Ya the contract thing isn’t an issue – if they want Talbs back he’s going to sign, if they are interested in Koskinen he’ll sign (unless he’s lights out and is a clear starter and they want him to be backup), Montoya… well he’d resign too but I don’t think we’ll want him.

  • Big Nuggets

    I don’t mind the idea of Montoya spending some time in the AHL helping that team be competitive. Not sure what to make of this Finnish guy. I hope they did their research and its not just the braintrust hearing some hype about a player and getting over zealous. Seems like that Winnipeg back-up Hutchinson, or whatever, would probably sign for cheaper and might be a better bet.

    • LAKID

      Montoya won’t see the AHL, he will be waived or bought out even if he plays better than Koskinen because this is Chia’s solution for gifting the Habs a 4th round pick for nothing. Time is not on Chia’s side or for that matter Todd’s if they can’t right this sinking ship.

  • Hemmercules

    The comedy continues with another overpay. Is anyone surprised even a little?? I doubt it. If he wouldn’t take 1.5 or 2 mil then I would have moved on but you know, Oilers. I suppose one of the Oilers eastern scouts sees something in him that no one else does as usual. Counting on a guy to elevate his game at the age of 30 is such an Oilers move its almost expected at this point. Who knows, maybe the guy surprises everyone but making the jump from KHL to NHL isn’t a small leap. Smaller ice, faster game, more traffic.

    I didn’t think Chia could sewer the team anymore than he already has but he still has lots of time. The trades, drafting and free agency signings he does in the next few months should be entertaining.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Question, if the Oil magically won the cup next year do you still want Chia fired?
      Let’s try some logic like TKB2677 just did.
      1, The Oil needed a new backup
      2, Ideally one with experience
      3, Getting one without giving up an asset would be preferable.
      4, Getting any backup, even one with NHL experience is voodoo, and those like Montoya, although serviceable are not pushing Talbot.
      5, Those like Bernier, Hutton etc are probably going to look for longer term deals. I don’t think going beyond a 1 year deal is good idea for any backup that is an unknown.
      6, What we do not know is what other offers this player had (KHL or NHL), if the Oil liked this guy (as in the Oil I mean their scouting staff which Chia has to trust). Which means he may have had an offer from his KHL team for similar money.
      7, Until this guy plays, you have no idea if this is a good signing or not.

      Don’t get me wrong I am 100% in favor of the Oilers moving on from Chia if it means hiring one of you know everything fans as the next GM.

      • TruthHurts98

        Win the cup? What are you smoking? Can I have some??? They won’t even make the playoffs next year. Time to face reality. Until a competent GM is brought in it’s DOD 2.0. Look how much better Boston is without him. Took a few years to clean up his mess.

        • QuitForRealThisTime

          Competent GM? Why would anyone want to work in the viper nest that is the Edmonton Oiler and their hate filled fans. PS Cheveldayoff was a terrible and incompetent GM in Winnipeg last year.

        • Buttonpusher

          Yeah the current Bruins are so much better than the 2011 Championship team that Chiarelli built. I’m not sticking up for Chia, he’s done more harm than good for the Oil so far, but come on man. Your comment is ridiculous.

      • Hemmercules

        They just made Koskinen one of the highest paid backups in the NHL and he might not even earn that spot unless the plan is to just gift it to him no matter what (which wont be a surprise). You are right though, we haven’t seen him play here and maybe he’s good. They are taking a gamble and cap space isn’t in abundance, especially for a guy that has only played 4 games in the NHL like 8 years ago.

        Forgive me if I have no confidence in this management and I don’t see them even magically getting a sniff of the cup. More like magically squeaking into the playoffs if all goes well. Maybe Chia has the summer of his life but I’m not expecting a whole lot of good moves based on what I have already witnessed.

        • TKB2677

          No argument there. Koskinen is making a lot of money to be a back up. My question for you is who would you have went after?

          Here is the capfriendly link for all 36 goalies in the NHL who need new contracts for next season. https://www.capfriendly.com/browse/free-agents/2019/caphit/all/goalies

          So who is this unicorn goalie that the Oilers should have got who will be available who you think is actually good but would come dirt cheap?
          The guys that I would really like are Hutton. But the Blues with be stupid to let him go but in saying that given the numbers he put up last year and the insane numbers he put up this season, I could see a team throwing money and the chance to be a starter at him. Regardless, you aren’t getting him for 2.5 mill.

          Same goes for Grubauer. If the Caps let him walk, some team is going to probably try to give him a starters job or at least be a 1A so he will make way more than 2.5 mill.

          • Hemmercules

            Its not so much that its Koskinen, its paying 2.5 mil for an unproven NHL goalie. I feel like they could have had him for cheaper but I guess he probably had similar offers over the pond. If they were going to dump 2.5 mil on 30 year old backup I would rather try for Bernier or get Halak or Pavelek or someone like that for cheaper.

            Who knows, maybe this works out wonderfully and he pushes Talbot a bit and they both have an awesome season splitting the time 60-40? As of right now it seems like a an overpay on a gamble. The Oilers management seem like smart guys so I’m sure it all works out…..

    • TruthHurts98

      Oh he will. After he signs Nurse to a huge contract and has no cap space he’ll trade Nuge for another Reinhart. Oiler brain trust is not exactly hockey competent. DOD 2.0 is here even with Connor. Without him this team is easily the worst in the league and in cap hell to boot. sigh

  • Etown

    Not sure what this guy has done to deserve 2.5 … you seriously couldn’t get him over here for 1.5? If not then find an alternative. He better be good Chia or you are done!

  • The Future Never Comes

    My take:
    Cap hit is a tad high for an unknown.
    Bring him over to practice on the North American ice surface with NHL players ASAP to get acclimatized to speed, size, and caliber of shooting.
    This goalie will never be given a chance by doubting fans, if he has a bad start oh dear lordie the fans will pile on and all confidence will be lost. Here’s to hoping he comes out of the gate sprinting.

  • ed from edmonton

    “I hope that Koskinen works out. I hope that he comes in, blows Montoya out of the water and can play 20 really good games for the Oilers this year. I hope that the Oilers would then be able to flip Montoya for a draft pick, recouping the otherwise wasted asset.

    If that isn’t the case, then this is just another blunder by the Oilers organization.”

    Should we rename Zach “captain obvious”?

    “The Oilers goaltending depth chart now gets confusing. The Oilers have two guys who will compete for the backup role in Koskinen and Montoya, while the AHL/ECHL level will see the likes of Nick Ellis, Shane Starrett, Dylan Wells and Stuart Skinner battle for playing time.”

    What’s confusing? Two guys battling for the backup, a bunch of minor leaguers and one graduating Jr. Surely you don’t think anyone outside of Talbot, Montoya or Koskanin (barring a run of injuries) will be anywhere near a NHL rink this coming year.

    • Spaceman Spiff

      Yes, if anything, this clears up confusion. It’ll be Talbot and either Koskinen or Montoya in the NHL. Broissoit and Ellis in the AHL. Skinner in the ECHL or the A, I suppose. For there to be any “confusion,” you’d have to be actively cheering against Koskinen (or Talbot, for that matter). It’s clear what the plan is and it’s a gamble … but not an outrageous one.

  • Backup goalies have big boots to fill. They are expected to step in and perform as well as a starter, but only part time. That’s a tough assignment.

    Oilers scouts must have seen something in Koskinen, so we’ll see soon enough. Oilers goaltending will be under the microscope next year.

  • btrain

    I don’t for the life of me understand how this was seen as a good idea. At best its another calculated gamble but still very much a gamble. Its a GM that throws enough money at free agents that they simply can’t refuse to sign. Checking off his to do list trumps all other considerations (cap, remaining talent, other areas needing to be addressed, statistical analysis such as understanding regression, etc). He had goalie at the top of his list, he clearly loves to put a check mark beside items, so he moved as quickly and carelessly as possible to make it happen as per usual. This should have the organization rethinking there decision to keep this guy in charge.

    There is no doubt the Oilers now have a situation where Koskinen bumps Montoya out of justifying the signing rather than on merit, which only hurts this organization further.

  • puckle-head

    I think the author is wrong assuming Koskinen is supposed to compete with Montoya, it seems more likely he was brought in to push Talbot. If I’m Talbot and I’m seeing them spend $2.5m on my back up I wouldn’t be feeling too good about my job security. I’m not saying I agree with the move, but I think that’s the logic behind it.

  • camdog

    It really doesn’t get discussed much but LB not taking the net has created a huge hole in the organisation. The organisation invested a lot of time trying to develop him and it didn’t work and they have nobody else coming down the pipes for another 3-4 years (hopefully Skinner). Finding the next Tim Thomas might not happen again for PC, but he doesn’t really have many options. The Oilers organisation and PC are rolling the dice here, hoping it works out, because if it doesn’t they could be in for some hurt in 2019 in net. If Talbot has a good year, he’s going to want a career contract (like Maroon), if it goes bad for Talbot well then they would want him to walk. The Oilers went all in with LB, that was a big mistake, now they have to fix a problem they created by not identifying this very real possibility 2 years ago.

    • Spaceman Spiff

      Oh yeah. Make no mistake – if LB was a better goalie, none of this would have been necessary. But they don’t all turn out. The Oilers handled his development well. He’s played a lot in the minors and had a decent shot in the NHL. He failed … but there are second chances. He might not be done yet.

      • Kneedroptalbot

        LB was 3rd on the depth chart for the Abbotsford Heat whn the Oilers traded Smid to Calgary for him. Yes, they got fleeced.
        The OBC (Oilers/Browns Collaboration) most likely had input in this move as he was a former Oil King. Tristan Jarry had better numbers than LB and also won the Memorial Cup. LB did not.

  • Freddie the fog

    Maybe we already had a Koskinen in Miroslav Svoboda , an Oiler draft that for whatever reason never got a contract here but just last week the Nashville Predators signed him as a free agent. Can someone explain that one to me ? Oilers are weak in Goaltending depth yet somehow Svoboda slips through the cracks ? Then a well managed NHL team signs him. Good grief