Now Maroon wants to return to New Jersey? What happened to Edmonton?

February 26, 2018: Patrick Maroon wants to come back to Edmonton in the offseason.

April 24, 2018: Patrick Maroon DOESN’T WANT TO COME BACK TO EDMONTON!

What gives here?

Patrick Maroon had his year-end media interviews last week, and said he’s hoping that he and the Devils organization can figure out a contract for him this summer as he heads into free agency.

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I loved it here. They gave me an opportunity to succeed. I would love to be back. I don’t know where I’m going to go. I’ve never been in this situation before. I’ll have to see what the best situation is for me and my family.

Wow, looks who loves his new city now! It’s as if they took him in like family and built a lifelong bond with his new teammates and coach, which led the Devils into the post season. Does he hate us now? Is it something we said? Or is it just a matter of going anywhere that will take him?

I know Maroon didn’t provide much/any value to the Oilers this past season, but I still miss him. And honestly I still sort of wish he would re-sign here. He was an interview god, celebrated like no other, and has an adorable dog. If he could sign here at a non-hometown discount, and agreed to play on the third line it would make me so happy. Besides, he could even replace Anton Slepyshev after he’s ditching us for the KHL. Before you criticize that take, apparently Maroon played RW in New Jersey.

“I’ve never seen a team respond to a coach the way that this team did to him.”

Apparently, John Hynes is just an all around great guy too which may hinder my plan to get Maroon back here. If I remember correctly, Taylor Hall also had great things to say about Hynes as well. Sure Maroon might want to stick around in New Jersey, but does New Jersey want Patrick Maroon to stick around? Here’s what a Devils writer had to say about Maroon’s time in Jersey:

Maroon brings one major component to the table that the rest of the team doesn’t. He can handle the puck under pressure. This team severely needs someone who can bring the puck into zone without immediately losing it. Even Taylor Hall struggles with this sometimes, as was proof against the Lightning.

Maroon, on the other hand, was skating through a great Lightning defense while waiting for his teammates to get in position. Multiple times this season it turned into goals.

And here’s Shero’s thoughts on Maroon:

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Alright, so it looks like they’re pretty locked in on Patty. I may be in the minority of wanting Maroon back, but all I know is that I’m going through a really bad Insta__Bernie withdrawal. Do you guys think Maroon is old news? Or would he have a fit here in Edmonton next year. Let me know in the comments.

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Patrick Maroon’s Season

2017-2018 Playoffs 5 1 1 -2 16 6.3
Career Playoffs 47 13 14 27 2 72 5 9 2 112 11.6
2017-2018 74 17 26 43 1 73 1 7 4 141 12.1
NHL Career 375 78 100 178 12 451 11 32 14 658 11.9