Real Life Podcast Episode 73 – Headbutt a guy? “I had no choice”

On this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast, the boys were very happy to welcome Yukon Jack to the show. Yukon was set to teach the boys a little something about podcasting, mic technique, and talk a little bit about the Everything is Wrestling Podcast.

This week’s podcast was all over the map as the boys wanted to pick Yukon’s brain about how to improve their technique while simultaneously hoping that he wasn’t going to be too mean. Part of the critique? Fixing the audio. But chances are that you already know that. From there, Yukon breaks down the podcast from top to bottom, including his thoughts on his favourite guest, notes on mic technique, and ideas on what Baggedmilk can do for #BeetCasts next year. Lastly, the boys sit cross-legged storytime with Uncle Yukon as he regales us with tales from his storied career. Believe us when we say that you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Check it out:

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