What’s going on with Oscar Klefbom’s Instagram?

Alright, so it’s the middle of May and we’re always looking for something to write about but then I got this weird little social nugget sent my way through a text and on Twitter. There’s something going on with Oscar Klefbom’s Instagram account right now and I’m going to try to get to the bottom of it.

Seeing as I cover the Oilers for a living, I follow most of the guys with open accounts on Instagram and, generally, the things they post are pretty much what you’d expect. Food shot here, beach shot there, dinner with the boys here, formal evening there… it’s the classic pro-athlete life shots and usually nothing more than that. But if you look at Oscar Klefbom’s Instagram this morning, which has now been set to private, something very strange and hackery is going on.

Fortunately, I already followed him before all of this went down so I’ve still got access to the playground and, like any good reporter, I’ve been following very closely. Let’s check out the evidence:

As you can see, all of Oscar’s pictures have been deleted and replaced by nothing but this video of Born to Die by Lana Del Ray and instructions to unfollow him. So why would Klefbom do this, you might be asking yourself? And the answer, as I’m sure you’re probably assuming just as I am, is that it’s probably not Klef at all and that someone scooped his password. Why him and why now? That’s anyone’s guess, but I’m assuming that his password was very easy to guess and someone took a few swings until they connected.

I always find it interesting when a celebrity or pro-athlete has their account hacked because the things that get done with the access are always odd. Sometimes the account starts making off-colour jokes, like the time Ryan Dunn’s account was hacked after he passed and tweeted out that he was hanging out with Harambe, but what’s going on with Klefbom’s account is just weird and seems focused on reducing his following. What I’m curious about is whether or not Oscar knows that this is happening yet.

Check out a couple of the pics that are going up on his Insta story right now:

Weird, right? It doesn’t get any better…

You get the idea.

So far, since I’ve been following this extremely important breaking news story, the hacker/Klefbom/whoever has caused the account to fall by more than 500 followers which is the ultimate goal, I guess. Why this person would gain access to Klefbom’s account just to try and have people unfollow him is beyond me, but that’s the world we’re living in.

If there’s anything that social media has taught me it’s that nothing has to make sense: Lil Tay has 1.8 million followers, the Cash Me Outside girl is nominated for a Billboard award, and Yodel Kid just released a record on Atlantic Records. It’s a new world with strange shit happening every single day so it’s hard to be surprised when something like this happens anymore. All I can hope for is that whoever unlocked this account doesn’t post any important or private information that could be included in his DMs, and that Klefbom gets a hold of Instagram to get this sorted out as quickly as possible.

So what have we learned from our investigation? Someone with a lame idea for a joke likely hacked Klefbom’s Instagram account and is spending a lot of time trying to get him to lose followers. I mean, not even one abs picture? C’mon, hacker guy, do better. Getting the guy to lose follower is a really strange goal, but, then again, I guess it’s important to have dreams*. At the very least, seeing the shenanigans on Klefbom’s Instagram is a good reminder that you should change your passwords often and keep them a little bit more intricate than whatever you’re probably running now.

I’ll keep following the story as news develops.

*seriously, though, don’t hack people