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WWYDW: What should a package of Klefbom + 10th get in return?

Earlier today, Ryan Rishaug dropped an absolutely horrifying prospect on Oilers fans. He suggested that the Oilers were going hard for a big name player and then proceeded to give the example of Rasmus Ristolainen as the target.

Okay, sure. That’s all fine and dandy. Ristolainen can produce offence, quarterback a power play, and he’s got a right-handed shot. He isn’t perfect, but he checks most of the boxes for what the Oilers need right now. But the cost of acquiring Ristolainen suggested by Rishaug was daunting. Oscar Klefbom and the 10th overall pick. Good lord.

We already know that the 10th overall pick is in play. It was discussed at length last week. The Oilers need to get better right now and the guy they choose at 10th overall won’t be able to help them for at least a couple of years. We also know that Oscar Klefbom’s name has appeared in multiple trade rumours. The Oilers have a wealth of lefty defencemen and something has to budge. It makes some sense that Klefbom and the 10th get used in a package to bring back a game-changing asset to the Oilers.

That brings us to this week’s What Would You Do Wednesday question. If the Oilers are willing to package two key assets like Klefbom and the 10th overall pick, what would they have to get in return to make it worthwhile?

It isn’t very often you see this big of a trade in the salary cap NHL. A top four defenceman and a top-10 draft pick is a wicked package to receive, so the player coming back to Edmonton would have to be very, very good. But, like I said, in the salary cap, age you don’t really see players moving around in trades like you used to.

The Matt Duchene trade was similar, but it involved three teams. The Senators gave up a first that they didn’t expect to be in the early half of the first round, Kyle Turris, and some other stuff and they got Duchene back. That was an absolute disaster for them. The difference between Turris and Duchene isn’t that big. Other similar trades are difficult to find. In 2015, L.A. sent Martin Jones, a solid goalie, and a first to Boston for one year of Milan Lucic. In 2014, Anaheim gave Vancouver a solid player in Nick Bonino and a first for Ryan Kesler. That was very bad for L.A., and quite good for Anaheim.

In my opinion, much like the Duchene deal, the difference between Klefbom and Ristolainen isn’t so big it’s worth giving up the 10th overall pick. If Edmonton is going to pay that high of a price in a deal, I would hope they explore something like the Tampa Bay Lightning did at the trade deadline when they moved a massive package involving prospects, picks, and already-solid player Vlad Namestnikov for Ryan McDonagh and J.T. Miller.

The Oilers have more than one hole to fill than right-handed defenceman so if they’re going to use two bullets, they have to check off two boxes. Maybe you could get Carolina interested in dealing Jeff Skinner and a righty defenceman. Maybe you could get Florida to give up a good forward like Vincent Trocheck by taking Keith Yandle’s contract in return. I don’t know, but I have a hard time thinking of a realistic option that’s worth both Klefbom and the 10th overall pick right now. Something like Erik Karlsson comes to mind, but, as we discussed last week, that probably isn’t feasible.

What say you, Nation? If Pistol Pete is actually loading Klefbom and the 10th overall pick into his trade gun and he’s ready to fire, what kind of return would you expect? One big name or a bigger collection of assets that can help the team? 


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  • belair

    In my opinion it’s one or the other, not both. The only reason I see moving Klefbom as a valid option is because there are some blue-chip level defensemen available at #10 this summer. Robbing ourselves of that replacement hurts us in terms of organizational depth and ultimately cap-wise considering the player we’re acquiring is eventually going to cost significantly more than Klefbom’s very cap-friendly salary.

    I’m all for Klefbom for Ristolainen though.

  • Carbonrod

    I’d rather take one more bad year than to lose a trade like this. Ristolainen would fit perfectly in our top 4 and would improve our D significantly, but we can’t overpay again. Next year we can move Russel, and package him in with next years first for a similar player to Risto. Klef and 10 is an overpay. While I will give Russel credit for having one of the better years of his career last year, a healthy Klef is younger and worth 2x Russel for about the same price.

    My proposal is the take it easy this year. Fixing our D problems really involves moving Russel (my preference) or Sekara and replacing them with a capable Righty with some offensive upside. This really isn’t practical until after next season. Klef and Nurse are the keepers on our left side. If Sek’s rehab goes well and he gets back to 80-85% of what he was 2 years ago he’s the one I’d want to keep. A left side of Klef-Nurse-Healthy Sekara is a solid set up, and keeping the pick this year gives us a prospect to season for either the forward or D corps. If the Oilers finish better next year the 1st we are trading then isn’t nearly as valuable as 10th overall, and we can move one of our lower value lefties along with it for a Risto/Faulk type player. If the crap the bed again, we have a top ten prospect in our system from this year, with 1 year of development, and we’ll still have a early first rounder to play with in next years draft. The real key is to be able to get rid of one of our lagging left sided D-men.

    I’d consider Klef and 10 for Risto + something else, like a forward prospect with middle six potential or Buffalos 2nd rounder. The pot would just need to be sweetened a before I’d feel comfortable doing that trade. I’d do Klef and 10 for Ekman-Larsson if he had term in a second. But who knows, because Chia has pulled some boners in the past.

    2019 D line-up:
    Klef – Larsson
    Nurse – Russel

    2020 D Line Up:
    Nurse-New Guy
    Sekera/Russel (whomever we keep) – Benning

    • Glencontrolurstik

      What you said Thumbs… Klefbom seems to have had one healthy year (playoff year) in which he improved immensely. It seems that those bone chips he had removed were the cause of most of his ailments over the years? Apparently that’s fixed? What would we be saying if Klef became the stud defense man we always could see him aspire to? That would be a we”ll develop him, figure out his medical issues, pack him up & sell him low scenerio. The Oilers have to stop being a nursery for the rest of the league. I say, keep the 10th, keep Klef (we all know he’s going to be fantastic now). And develop some of our recent signings. And stop developing players, only to ship them off to become effective elsewhere.
      The Oilers have to figure out what went wrong with their existing players? Like say, Kassian, Lucic, etc. Work harder with the assets we have.

  • LordRuggles

    There have been a number of great Defensemen drafted in the first round over the last few years…McAvoy, Dumba, Werenski, Ristolainen…wouldn’t it be more economical for us to draft and develop our own instead of paying an absurd premium to buy one from someone else? I know we all want immediate improvement for the oil, but shouldn’t we be laying the foundation for a perennial contender, draft and develop! Chia is godawful at the hail marry, but seems pretty decent at the smaller acquisitions, don’t throw a Klefbom and 10oa at the problem, pick the carcasses of the defeated and disappointed, looking at you Carolina and Minnesota. Last year the pp was atrocious, even with McDavid, Draisaitl and Nuge, but maybe the reason it was atrocious was because of coaching and deployment, rather than a lack of rhd on the blue line?
    If ChiaPete overpays again, and sets us back further I am switching to Sumo wrestling and Jai Alai.


    How about we keep klef now that his shoulder is healed, draft a RH dman in the 1st round offer Carolina our 1st next year and a left hand dman from the ahl like Lowe or Jones .
    Stop trading away good players in the 24-26 range before they go to the next level as did Petry, Shultz, Dubnuk.

    • HardBoiledOil 1.0

      Wow, people on here constantly whine about the Lucic and Russell contracts but if you want see a player who for sure is NOT earning his big money contact, then look no further than Loui Erik sson! Stay far away from that vastly overpaid has been!

  • Bee-Rye

    If the OIlers are going big game hunting, maybe they should look at Subban. Klefbom, Puljujarvi, the 1st and Kassian (salary dump) for Subban and maybe a 2020 2nd rounder.

    • Fire Woodcroft!

      Don’t forget to throw in McNuge while you’re at it.

      It would be a real struggle to be able to fit Subban in under the cap over the next few seasons.

      Nurse is a huge part of the Oilers future and shouldn’t be going anywhere. Nurse is the type of beastly defenceman that every team wants desperately and only idiots trade away.

      • Glencontrolurstik

        Yeah, we don’t need that “look @ me showboater” on our team.
        If you are talking big move, high level d’man, Doughty is our guy.
        I have heard reports (google it) that the Bruins & their fanbase are missing Looch.
        To the effect, that he was that missing piece in the playoffs this year.
        We all deep down know that that was probably the “Looch of Old” they miss, but they don’t know that?
        Something to ponder? I’d bet he would waive all those clauses to return to his former glory?
        Great cap-space their?

  • Friesenhan

    I would only do one trade for Klefbom and the 10th, and that would be for OEL. Klefbom for Faulk one for one I would consider. Another option is getting a 2nd pairing RHD and a lower 1st round in the 20’s for our 10th, so we still get a 1st rounder. Don’t want Risto whatsoever.

  • Jerri Kurli

    One of Sekera or Russell needs to be the defenseman heading out and I firmly believe it needs to be Sekera. Russell can confidently play both sides and comes at a 1.5 million cheaper cap hit. He is overpaid but he’s a durable workhorse that is actually an ideal defenseman playing the 5/6 slot. Sekera played well last season but that’s been his only strong season since joining the club, he’s another year older, and is a guy that won’t ever be quite the same (mobility wise) coming off that injury. Klefbom and Nurse are stronger, younger, more affordable options on the left side. Sekera was the weakest defenseman on the team this past year after returning from his injury (yes I know why). My point is, klefbom and Nurse are only getting better and the best Sekera is behind us. Management should be doing everything in their power to trade this contract. If you can do it without retaining salary and only get someone worth a bag of pucks back, it’s a trade worth losing.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      I don’t agree. Sekura, in the playoff year was one of our best defense options. His defensive hockey sense is remarkable, more than we can say for others, Benning, Nurse, Russell @ times. Though Benning and Nurse are naturally developing, we can live with that. Last year was an anomaly for Sekera, as you alluded to. He will bounce back, he has something to prove. I’d rather he prove that with us actually.

  • toprightcorner

    Klefbom and 2nd to Ristolainen would be fine.

    If you trade Klefbom and a 1st, you should be getting Pietrangelo, Josi, Dumba (with a trade with 8 year contract pre agreed)

    I may even consider Klefbom and 1st for Buff 2nd (32 overall) they say 12-35 are the same ball park.

    Another option is Klefbom, 1st for Rostolainen and one of their 2 top prospects of Nylander or Olouffson, both NHL ready with good offensive upside

  • Ginbaby

    Insanity is doing the same thing time and time again, whilst hoping for different results. I don’t have a large amount of faith in Chia to not lose a trade involving 10th over all plus Klefbom. Keep the powder dry and see what shakes loose.

  • DannyGallivan

    OILERS BEST TRADE 2018: Chia and a bag of pucks for nothing. Then perhaps we can get a GM that knows the value of players like Hall and Eberle. We don’t have an endless supply…….

  • MrBung

    We all know how this is going to end. After The Oilers miss the playoffs a couple more seasons and suffer from all the damage Chia did, McDavid finally runs out of patience and demands a trade.

  • Orm Nullman

    I am stunned that anyone takes this Klefbom + 10th for Ristolainen rumour seriously. Have a look at Buffalo’s defensive core at CapFriendly and you will see that Buffalo has a defensive leftorium to rival the Oilers. Does anyone think that Jason Botterill is going to trade his top RD for an LD when his only other RD Bogosian is coming off season ending hip surgery, keeping in mind that Dahlin is an LD. For this trade to take place Botterill will want a lot more than just Klefbom and the 10th overall and PC will have to approach the trade table walking backwards with his pants down around his ankles.

  • Ron Burgundyz

    First off, I don’t think Klef and his extensive injury history plus the 10th is that much of an overpay for Risto, one of the best young D in the game, who is signed to a good contract for the next 4 years. If they were to throw in a prospect or bottom 6 forward I do that in a heartbeat.

    But why not go bigger?

    Buffalo has the cap space to take one of our boat anchor contracts. They are also horrendous on D and also could probably be talked into Russell being added to the mix. Klef-Russell-10th for Risto-prospect-Minny’s 4th? The D then looks like this:

    Gryba/prospect/cheap UFA

    The real problem here is Nurse is getting a big raise this year, which means if you don’t move Russell and/or Klef, we’ll have 5 D making north of $4MM, which is just terrible cap management. Nice work Chia…

  • Kepler62c

    I like what you said about 2 bullets meaning you have to check 2 boxes. Fully agree. If they are sending a package like that somewhere they need to plug RHD and complimentary top 6 winger. Would I take Faulk and Skinner for Klefbom + 10th? I’d seriously consider it.

  • Hemmertime83

    Im curious to all the people who want to dump Lucic who your 2nd line LW is. Khaira?? Take a look at the free agents and eliminate all those that wont come to Edmonton without an overpay and then take a look at your Lucic stance. He is not addition by subtraction. He is overpaid but is still a NHL player

    • Reg Dunlop

      Last year Lucic was the worst skater in the NHL. But you are correct, he still was in the NHL. When they change the rules back to allow mugging and towing players up and down the ice, then Lucic will have value. Before that happens he has banjo value. As in ‘I had a banjo in my car, it was broken into and when I returned I had 2 banjos’.