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Report: Oilers have deals in place with Trent Yawney and Glen Gulutzan

According to our own Jason Gregor, the Edmonton Oilers have deals in place to add both Trent Yawney and Glen Gulutzan to Todd McLellan’s coaching staff. In addition, Gregor says that the Oilers will be bringing in a third assistant coach at a future date. For now, let’s talk about the new bench bosses.

While it’s no secret that the Oilers have had Trent Yawney and Glen Gulutzan in their sights as potential assistant coaches for Todd McLellan’s coaching staff, the Yawlutzan addition was actually a horribly kept secret around here, we haven’t really had any indication of when an announcement would come down. After Todd’s other assistant coaches got the boot, it seemed like only a matter of time before we’d see the Oilers tweet something or other about some new faces coming to town. Hell, it’s been almost a month since Jay Woodcroft was named as the new Condors head coach so what was the holdup at the NHL level? As it turns out, all we needed was Gregor to pull out that Blackberry Bold of his and drop a hot coaching bomb on the Nation from his Twitter account.

What we don’t yet know is who the third coach will be that Gregor is talking about, but I assume that will happen in the coming days with the official announcement. Unless, of course, Gregor already knows who they’re hiring as the fourth leg of the stool but won’t spill the beans. We all know how much Gregor loves to hoard his beans. Maybe the Oilers are waiting for Manny Viveiros, head coach of the Swift Current Broncos that are currently playing a Memorial Cup game against the Regina Pats as I’m typing this post, like Brownlee has been talking about for a while now? Is it someone else? Is the third guy still part of another NHL staff? Are they going to lower MacT down from the rafters in a Sting-like fashion? I guess time will tell.

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For now, what we do know is that the Oilers have added two guys in Gulutzan and Yawney that both have NHL head coaching experience under their belts to a bench that could use some life. In them, Todd McLellan will add two experienced guys (*cough* and potential interim replacements if needed *cough*) that will be able to offer a fresh angle and ideas about what’s going on with this hockey team. What we don’t know is what role each guy will play in the McHierarchy and whether or not they can fix the Gord damned power play, but it will still be interesting to think about how the team will respond to some new blood offering a fresh spin on Todd McLellan’s message.

Add two new coaches to the fishbowl. Check one for Gregor.

More to come…

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Season Team Lge Type GP W L T OTL Pct Result
2009-10 Texas Stars AHL Head 80 46 27 7 0.619 Lost in Finals
2010-11 Texas Stars AHL Head 80 41 29 10 0.575 Lost in round 1
2011-12 Dallas Stars NHL Head 82 42 35 5 0.543 Out of Playoffs
2012-13 Dallas Stars NHL Head 48 22 22 4 0.500 Out of Playoffs
2013-14 Vancouver Canucks NHL Assistant
2014-15 Vancouver Canucks NHL Assistant
2015-16 Vancouver Canucks NHL Assistant
2016-17 Calgary Flames NHL Head 82 45 33 4 0.573 Lost in round 1
2017-18 Calgary Flames NHL Head 82 37 35 10 0.512


Season Team Lge Type GP W L T OTL Pct Result
1999-00 Chicago Blackhawks NHL Assistant
2000-01 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 80 36 26 13 5 0.563 Lost in round 2
2001-02 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 80 38 26 12 4 0.575 Lost in round 1
2002-03 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 80 37 26 12 5 0.569 Lost in round 2
2003-04 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 80 35 36 4 5 0.494 Lost in round 1
2004-05 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 80 43 30 7 0.581 Lost in round 1
2005-06 Chicago Blackhawks NHL Head 82 26 43 13 0.396 Out of Playoffs
2006-07 Chicago Blackhawks NHL Head 21 7 12 2 0.381
2008-09 San Jose Sharks NHL Assistant
2009-10 San Jose Sharks NHL Assistant
2010-11 San Jose Sharks NHL Assistant
2011-12 Syracuse Crunch AHL Head 42 22 14 6 0.595 Lost in round 1
2012-13 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 76 37 34 5 0.520 Out of Playoffs
2013-14 Norfolk Admirals AHL Head 76 40 26 10 0.592 Lost in round 2
2014-15 Anaheim Ducks NHL Assistant
2015-16 Anaheim Ducks NHL Assistant
2016-17 Anaheim Ducks NHL Assistant
2017-18 Anaheim Ducks NHL Assistant
A look back at the 2019-20 Bakersfield Condors

Source: Jason Gregor, Verified Twitter Account, 5/23/2018 – 9:44 pm MST

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  • OilersGM

    Not surprised with those two being named as they have been rumoured for a while now and I bet they have a deal in place for the other assistant as well and just waiting for the Memorial Cup to be finished to name him. Not naming any name (Manny Vibrious) will be the other Mark my word.

  • Is it possible that Viverios has quietly made a verbal committement to that 3rd assistant role? I haven’t heard any other names and I doubt Viverios would pass up that job if he was offered so maybe he’s saving the negotiations for when the Memorial Cup is done/he’s out(looks like that’s going to happen)?

    • OilersGM

      He has a deal in place with the Oilers and the only reason It hasn’t been announced is he doesn’t want anything taken away from his team at memorial cup, but know they are out I wouldn’t be surprised if he is named as soon as tomorrow.

  • OilersGM

    Swift Current just lost to Regina to get knocked out of Memorial cup so I wouldn’t be surprised if as soon as tomorrow for Vibrious to be named the other assistant.

  • These hires aren’t too big of a shocker, I think everyone expected it. Woodcroft and Johnson weren’t really well-known, hot commodities so it’s nice to have some solid, big name guys on our bench.

  • Moneyball

    In addition to a winger and maybe a defenceman the oilers desperately need some organizational control over information. Who are these guys that keep leaking information? Pretty lame when some beat reporter leaks the news rather than the organization having a press release and some control over the message to get these coaches off to a good start.

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      That’s kind of a horrible argument to make. Thats like saying organization have poor control when’s Elliot tweets out a trade before it’s officially announced.

      • Moneyball

        We’re just heading into the Stanley cup playoffs now. You think the timing of this leak from Gregor is a good thing? I’d like to see a few heads roll at the Katz group to get a bit of organizational discipline. Loose lips sink ships and if you wonder why the oilers can’t seem to win a trade it’s probably because some guy at the Katz group leaks the negotiating position to Gregor or Elliot welll ahead of time.

    • WillyWonka

      your joking, right? “Special teams” are “exhibit A” in his firing. it took Gulutzon over 50 games last year to add Dougie Hamilton to the power play, in spite of the fact that Dougie is one of the most offesnively gifted D in the league, and he played Brouwer without ceasing for these same 50 games, leaving Tkuchuk on the sidelines, in spite of the fact that Tkuchuck can tip shots better than most.
      If you think Gulutzun in going to bring better special teams… hahahahahahahhaahahahaha

  • BM

    LOVE thIs, bout time we have a competent coaching staff behind the bench.

    Now I’ve been thinking a lot about that pick, and unless we can can a clear win tht helps us now, Peter better Damn keep it.

    Unless it is equal to or greater than this following scenario, keep the pick:

    To Carolina:
    -10th overall pick

    TO EDM:

    The money works out and this would give us a top 6 of

    And a Top 4 lookin like:

    We can win now with that but Id prefer keeping the pick and taking whichever of Kotkaniemi, Dobson, Wahlstrom, or Boqvist falls to us.

    Imagine getting Kotkaniemi over in the fall to play in BAK on a line with Yammer and Benson . That’s more like it.

    Hoping these coaching signings are the first big moves of a very successful 2018-2019 season , and also hoping whatever we do in the next month with the pick is the right decision for once !

  • Braindead

    Las Vegas is a joke.
    They didn’ draft or develop any of their prospects. They didn’t have to negotiate contracts or attract UFA’s. Instead they where gifted a team that can win. A lot of teams didnt have a choice but to lose good players. A team built with 1st/2nd line playes and a Stanley cup winning goalie.
    Yeah good job Las Vegas you sure worked hard to get to this point.

  • Oilers Renegade

    Las Vegas is a joke.
    They didn’ draft or develop any of their prospects. They didn’t have to negotiate contracts or attract UFA’s. Instead they where gifted a team that can win. A lot of teams didnt have a choice but to lose good players. A team built with 1st/2nd line playes and a Stanley cup winning goalie.
    Yeah good job Las Vegas you sure worked hard to get to this point.

    • Derian Hatcher

      They just out work and out compete their opposition most games…novel concept. I wonder if the Oiler players would consider working and competing harder. Or is it that asking too much ?

      • camdog

        They have NHL quality depth throughout their line up. They don’t have any AHL players in their line up. Some of their extra forwards would be second liners on the Oilers (Tatar)

    • Dapper Dan 3099

      I kind of agree with this, as much as it’s a feel good story, it just seems so unfair to so many other teams trying to make a winning team for so long… I don’t think the fan base can appreciate winning as much until you experience losing (look at our fan base or any Canadian fan base actually) , which is why I don’t think it will help the franchise in the long run, because if Vegas struggles next year or whenever, the fans may stop caring since they already got their win …. I dunno maybe it’s just me

    • CMG30

      Bitter much? A team built off the players that 30 other teams found the most expendable is in the cup finals in year one! This is a great story and I’ve been pulling for them since it became clear that the Oil were not going to make the playoffs. So like November.

      Go Vegas!

      Movie to follow.

        • Rock11

          Gifted is an odd choice of words considering what they paid to get into the league. The other option was to give them no good players, have them be the worst team in the league for 6 years, have the Raiders dominate their marketplace, and have to be talking about moving them to Quebec like the Coyotes within a decade.

          • Kepler62c

            The fact remains they got a good team because of the salary cap, contract constraints, and the expansion rules. Take a look at past expansion teams, barely one top 6F or top 4D between them all. I’m not in favour of making expansion teams a basement dweller for 7-10 years, but altering the rules on the exemption of young players (say 3 or 4 pro years instead of 2), and/or adding even one more protection spot could make the process more fair for the Seattle expansion. It’s a bit ridiculous that Vegas got to come in, take a good player from each team, and make ridiculous deals with every team in cap hell to stockpile talent. “Here, have Jonathon Marchessault in exchange for taking Reilly Smith at $5M.” Every single team in the league does that trade if they had the cap space.

      • Big Nuggets

        expendable is not the proper word. Those teams would not give up those players if they didn’t have to. They theoretically got 11th best player from 30 teams. In the case Florida they got really good players because of dumping salary and it was after a down season from Smith. Edmonton is probably the only team thay didn’t give up a player of at least some value.

      • Leon Nugent McEberle

        Agreed – after the expansion draft, did any of you think Vegas was even a playoff team? NO ONE DID.
        This is a great story, no matter if they win or lose in the final.

    • Hemmercules

      The real work for that management team starts this summer. They cant keep everyone and some guys are getting raises. They were definitely gifted a well rounded team though but its good for hockey. They are exciting to watch and I would bet lots of kids are becoming bigger hockey fans because of them. A new team in the NHL that toils in the bottom for years doesn’t help the team, its fans or the NHL. I would hope they change the structure a little when Seattle gets a team though. Maybe let teams protect a couple more players than the last time??

      It sure hurts a bit to see a new team go to the finals when the Oilers have been building for 12 years and cant even make the playoffs. Hopefully these new coaches bring something to the table we didn’t have with the last group. Fix those special teams and we might be playoff bound. Its on the players just as much as these new coaches, cant have half the team having an off year. Hopefully they are watching Vegas and see that it takes maximum effort for 60 minutes to consistently win.

      • QuitForRealThisTime

        The Oilers and almost all other teams have developing players, borderline NHL players. VK has a full roster of experienced NHL players. An to many teams they were not expendable but had no choice. For sure some were lucky picks (Karlsson) others were bad decisions from other GMs (Marchessault) but many came from team that drafted well, developed well and then lost a sold piece of their team for nothing. (Theodore,Fluery). No this is not a Cinderella story. Cinderella stared from hardship.

        • Rock11

          Again, not for nothing. Each owner pocketed like $16million from the expansion fees. Go ask the owners of the 30 other teams. I’m sure they will keep their money in exchange for the 11th best player on their roster.

    • btrain

      Really? Who, of anyone who knows anything about this sport, would have predicted this outcome? You make it sound like its some sort of conspiracy. What it has done is flip the “traditional” NHL team building template on its head and I say good for them! Good on them for making it to the final without a superstar on their roster or a bonafide top pairing defender eating up 8 mill + of their teams cap. Its as good example of a collective team effort, top to bottom, that I have ever witnessed at this level.

      • OnDaWagon

        Absolutely. Bang on. Vegas is a great example of what a team should be. There are no superstars. Some will say, Fleury. Will Fleury was not a superstar the last few years in Pittsburgh. He just seems to be enjoying the game more now, and he has got to play again. Neal was never a superstar.

        Vegas took on some contracts that other teams wanted to rid themselves of( Smith, Neal, Fleury, Clarkson…etc), and for that, Vegas charged a premium. Exactly what they should have done. If GM’s had any balls they wouldn’t have themselves cash strapped with NMC, NTC, and vast overpayments, with term. If the cap went to 100 million this year, most GM’s would be up against it by July 2nd 2018. Because they figure, if i don’t pay what they want, someone else will. Let them. They can’t afford them all. Some has to negotiate for somewhat reasonable money and term.

        Someone mentioned they took a “good player” from each team. Would any of you consider GRIFFIN REINHART a good player?

        Go Vegas. Enjoy the ride.

  • ubermiguel

    That’s a helluva lot of NHL coaching experience, great moves. If the new guys aren’t afraid to speak their mind the shake-up will be good for McClellan too. He might have been in a rut with Johnson and Woodcroft, no new ideas were coming in.

    • OnDaWagon

      I think the brutal move was not removing McClellan also. When the goalie is not very good, the coach should know how, and who to dispatch in order to help keep the opposition to the outside.

      In 2017 they made the playoffs. Not because of McClellan, but, in spite of him.

      Just my take.

  • Acumen

    Well. As an Oiler fan living and working in Calgary, I have had a lot to say about Gulutzan in the last couple years.

    I’m willing to suspend judgement over his abilities as an assistant, but I have a lot of friends reminding me of my opinions stated about him as an NHL head coach today.

    Putting me in a tough spot here, Todd.

    • Carbonrod

      Gully wasn’t a good head coach. He didn’t have enough across the board strengths. The flames did have a good penalty kill under him, so there is that.

    • BringtheFire 2.0

      Gully isn’t built to be a head coach, but he’s the perfect assistant for you guys to hire because he won’t have the final say in player usage.

      Additionally, a part of the reason why he lost his job-a PART, mind- is that some of the players on Calgary are useless stupid lazy bums who actually felt the need to apologize to Gully for their part in getting him fired.

      Pathetic, really.

  • Carbonrod

    This is a good move. Gulutzan wasn’t amazing as a head coach but he has his strengths on special teams that can help the oilers out. Yawney will be one of our most valuable assistants for the work he can do with our D men and special teams. Anaheim always seemed to get amazing value from all the D-men they draft and Yawney was given most of the credit for their development. It is something the oilers desperately need to be able to do, so we can stop being the team that loses trades for D-men because we can’t make enough of our own.

  • Beer_League_Ringer

    I am hopeful that the solid reputation each new hire has for his specialty (D-man development, PK, etc) means that even if only minor roster changes occur, the Oilers should improve. More speculatively, it looks like management might have a plan.

    • Glencontrolurstik

      That’s silly… However all teams should be allowed 1 or 2 (as long as it’s the same across the board) players that salary does not go against the cap. There would be many advantages to this in all respects. The team obviously, but also the fan-base embracing a star from beginning to end as the most important loyalty tool. Also, it would break-up, hopefully the stagnant parody that the salary cap has created in the league. Having every team on the same level is great to a point, but their must be some separation between good & great? Otherwise it’s too much like a video game… Just my opinion. But, I’ll bet, if it stays like it is, die-hard fans will drop off the more it turns into a WWE type reality show & no dynasties will ever emerge again in the NHL which was, to a point a good thing.

  • You’ll want Yawney coaching special teams:

    Ducks special teams last season:
    PP 17.76% PK 83.21%

    Flames special teams last season:
    PP 15.99% PK 81.78%

    Oilers special teams last season:
    PP 14.76% PK 76.73%

    League Average:
    PP 20.18% PK 79.82%