Report: Manny Viveiros to join Edmonton Oilers coaching staff

According to Global’s Ian Duffy, the Swift Current Broncos will be holding a news conference tomorrow morning at 9AM to announce that their head coach, Manny Viveiros, will be leaving the organization to join the Edmonton Oilers coaching staff.

Late last night, Gregor broke the news that both Trent Yawney and Glen Gulutzan had deals in place to join the Oilers’ coaching staff and that there was going to be a third addition to the staff announced over the coming days. While many of us assumed that Viveiros, whose team was still playing in the Memorial Cup up until last night’s loss to the Regina Pats, was going to be the third name added into the mix, nothing was written in stone even though we’d been guessing about it for months.

Back in late April, Brownlee put his chips in on Viveiros being the third name that would be added to the coaching staff and he nailed it:

As for the name of the third candidate for McLellan’s staff, I keep looking at Swift Current Broncos’ head coach Manny Viveiros. I thought he might be a candidate to take over as the head man in Bakersfield, but if Woodcroft is slotted into that spot, I can’t see Viveiros taking an assistant’s gig in the minors. I can, however, see him considering a position as an assistant here.

If things unfold as I believe they eventually will – it might be more accurate to say as I believe they should – then it’ll be Gulutzan, Yawney and Viveiros manning the bench with McLellan when the smoke clears and the dust settles.

Calling his shot a month before the announcement is pretty good, there’s no doubt about that, but Brownlee has actually been talking about Viveiros as a potential option to join the coaching staff for much longer than that. He first mentioned Manny Viveiros’ name as a potential option for the staff back in February:

Viveiros, now 52, took over from former Oiler Mark Lamb in Swift Current. He coached the Broncos to a 39-23-0-10 record last season before his team was eliminated in the second round of the playoffs. As of Thursday, Viveiros had the Broncos in the mix again, sitting second behind Moose Jaw in the East Division at 36-12-3-1.

Talk to people around the WHL and they’ll tell you Viveiros is a coach who knows how to develop defencemen and somebody with a philosophy of breeding offensive confidence in his players. Hockey people will also tell you it’s only a matter of time until NHL teams looking for an AHL bench boss come calling on him – I won’t be surprised if that happens as early as this summer.

With the addition of Viveiros, the Oilers will have, more or less, a brand new coaching staff while still being able to maintain the same message. Just like the Yawney and Gulutzan additions before him, Viveiros will bring a fresh perspective on what’s going on with the Oilers while also offering a different approach to various any problem that may arise. Having this much experience behind the bench with differing views on how to handle things will be a huge asset going forward.

While we don’t necessarily know what specifically Viveiros will be doing on the staff just yet, we can assume that he will play a prominent role in helping to turn this ship around. He wouldn’t have taken the gig otherwise, right? But based on what I’ve read about him and the stories Brownlee has told, I’m thinking that the Oilers just added a cherry on top of what amounts to a very significant coaching overhaul. From where I blog, I see nothing but positives in the work the Oilers have done with their staff so far.

Now that the coaching staff is sorted and out of the way, maybe, just maybe, those boys can start to tackle what’s going on with the Gord-damned power play? Dare to dream.

What do you guys think?


Season Team Lge Type GP W L T OTL Pct Result
2008-09 Klagenfurt AC Austria Head 54 38 12 0 4 0.741
2016-17 Swift Current Broncos WHL Head 72 39 23 0 10 0.611 Lost in round 2
2017-18 Swift Current Broncos WHL Head 72 48 17 0 7 0.715 Won Championship

Source: Ian Duffy, Global News Anchor, 5/24/2018 – 3:14 pm MST

  • Teeeb

    I am very pleased with the coaching overhaul this summer. Lots of experience, lots of specialty and focus on developing young d man. Adding a rising star in Manny will hopefully provide the catalyst for getting the most out of the roster we have. With the cap situation, it seems our best option is to work with what we’ve got.

  • Sammy27

    I hope we see Todd come out soon and publicly support the new staff. I sure hope he can find enough common ground in philosophies to allow them to share responsibility and use their talents to let them do their thing.

  • Glencontrolurstik

    I have a question, because I don’t know:
    Can the players train & learn in the off season with Coaches if they want to?
    Does NHLPA step in and slap wrists if that happens?
    The reason I ask, is I can see a few players that would do this, or should anyway?

    • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

      As far as I know, there are no rules in place to prevent that from happening, considering NHL players train with one another from time to time.

    • ubermiguel

      CBA Rule 15.11 “No Conditioning Camp. Other than the Conditioning Camp described in Section 15.10 above [the one for unsigned players, picks, prospects, etc.], a Club is prohibited from organizing or holding any mandatory or voluntary camp in the off-season for any Players.”

      So having any sort of practice/camp with coaches present, even if organized by the players, is probably frowned upon. Besides I would prefer players work on individual skills an weaknesses in the summer, coaches tend to worry about systems and tactics too much.

  • C U Next Tuesday

    Say what you will about TMac but the guy is a true professional and a decent person. I think that there will be one less thing to worry about next year…only 98 problems to go!

  • RexHolez

    It’s never a good thing when a team changes a coaches entire staff. Not sure how this can be seen as positive or negative since none of us are in the dressing room. I’m sure McLellan feels the pressure now that his guys are out and we have 3 guys capable of taking over his job. Hopefully they can work together.

  • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

    HOT DOG this keeps getting better and better! These are the savy, smart moves that we need to make and I LOVE IT! Chiarelli has done a good job with the signings thus far, the coaching staff is revamped and the draft keeps getting better by the day. This is getting me pumped up! How long until opening night?

  • Rusty Patenaude

    I am very pleased with every single one of the new coaching hires. It is incumbent on McLellan to communicate effectively with three alpha types in order to keep the coaching staff’s message cohesive. If Todd is up to that challenge, this could work out very well. I see Viveiros as the most likely next in line if McLellan (for whatever reason) needs to be replaced.

    • OilersGM

      See I didn’t break the story on Viveiros yersteday but I broke it two weeks ago when Stauffer hinted on his show but of course some Oilers fans are little slow and please go head trash all you want make my day, I want to see 50 trash.

    • Gaz

      All three hires are from outside the organization. What evidence do you have that a formal search process wasn’t conducted.

      Now, let’s grant you that a formal process wasn’t done. So? What would be wrong with an organization identifying talent (and not within the last couple weeks but over a longer period stretching back a year, say) and pursuing it?

      Don’t look for narratives that you can’t support with troubling things like ‘facts’.

      • Serious Gord

        As has been discussed here and elsewhere, all three are friends of the current management. There was no search process that any professionally run organization would recognize.

        So, when/if the oil are not above the playoff line in December and chia out of self preservation cans tmc what happens to all these new hires when tmcs replacement comes in with his own views on who should be his assistants?

        • Gaz

          But Gord, you are using circumstantial evidence. They have a connection to current Oilers staff, therefore no serious search was conducted. You cannot say this conclusively based on the information that is publicly available.

          The hockey world is so small and interconnected, connections can probably be made between any two indivdiuals if you really want. Do you have an issue with Calgary hiring Peters without evidence of a formal search? Do you take issue with David Poile elevating his son to assistant GM within the Predators organization?

          You appear to believe that the gold standard is something that is not realistic in practice.

          I think you’ve indicated previously that you are a business owner. If you had a supplier that does a great job for you, do you put out a call for tenders every single time you place a new order for that widget, or do you weigh past experience, personal relationship, etc. and conclude that an exhaustive, broad ranging call for tender is simply not a value-add exercise?

          I’m no fan of the boondoggle that was this year’s performance, and the fault is that of Management, but you appear to have standards in place for the Oilers that you likely don’t have for anyone else…a double standard, if you will. Try and remove emotion here and look at this objectively.

          • Serious Gord

            I have for years (20+) hired people using search firms.

            The circumstances – make it a certainty in this case that no real search was done. Unless you are delusional enough to believe that the top three options in the world were all coincidentally all guys who played in the WHL on SK teams.

            I therefore can say no proper search was conducted.

            The proof is the proof as someone once said.

            As for the Peters and Poole Hirings – I do indeed have an issue with it.

            Hockey spans three continents. The pool for assistant coaches must run in to the several hundreds. The great teams have looked hither and yon for both players and coaching talent. The oilers have not. And the results will very likely be the same going forward as they have been in the past.

          • Gaz

            Ok, but you’ve sidestepped my question with respect to a supplier. Instead you have pointed to an instance where you do use a formal process…but to continue in your line of argument, when you engage a search firm, do they have a mandate to cover the globe to find you the best possible employee, or do they contain their search to some sort of localized geography?

            You continue to demand some sort of ideal that is not practical or realistic in virtually any walk of life.

            I’m not even going to get into the semantics and flawed logic in your understanding of what a proof is. I have to abandon that one, because you appear to be wilfully ignorant on this.

        • Serious Gord

          Gaz. D pending on the situation the search has been local, provincial and interprovincial in my instances.

          In a case like the NHL – the premiere league in the world of
          Hockey that would be a global search.

          The proof is the proof is a cheeky reference to jean Chrétien go google him.

          I think it very much a reasonable expectation that an org that professes the desire of becoming THE premiere org in the hockey world that they have world class hiring processes.

          • Gaz

            “Depending on the situation” – so you’ve given yourself permission to utilize your judgement and experience on how expansive of a search you are undertaking, but another business – global or not – is not permitted to employ that same judgement?

            What would qualify as a better assistant coaching candidate in your mind? And this is a genuine question – do you know of any organization in the NHL that conducts these comprehensive global searches for coaching staff (let alone assistant coaches) that you seem to represent is the only acceptable approach for the Oilers?

            I read Gregor’s post and listened to Friedman on Stauffer’s show today, and it seems like 3 impressive resumes that are coming aboard that any organization would be happy to bring on. There just isn’t much here to lose sleep over.

    • Do you have any names that would be better additions? Trent Yawney has consistently ran a top-10 PK and has served as an assistant/HC with several teams while Gulutzan was a good enough assistant to get 2 looks as a head coach, I really don’t understand what else you’d want.

        • Hemmercules

          I’m just wondering how on earth you have any idea who they talked to and didn’t talk to? Who’s available that they should have hired instead in your opinion?

        • AlexTheOilersFanSince2006

          Um do you expect them to reveal everything that goes on behind closed doors? What proof do you have that they didn’t conduct a “formal search”. Seriously

          • Serious Gord

            Prima facie evidence. All the hires are friends of the current org. They were all hired as soon as they were free of their previous commitments. They are all from western Canada – actually the pas mb, Hudson Bay SK, and St. Albert.

            So zero evidence that they attempted to talk to anyone outside their own circle. Pathetic small time “management”.

          • Serious Gord

            And Yawney and Gulutzan and tmc ALL played for the Saskatoon blades…And Viveiros played for Prince Albert 141 km from Saskatoon.

            Any organization that only hires within its own circle of friends – the only enduring practice the oilers have persisted in in the past 25 years – will doom it to mediocrity at best; abysmal failure at worst. What it will NEVER become is the best in its business

    • Dr

      How do you know how many phone calls McLellan and Chia made before hiring these guys? Besides, if they know them, and have personally worked with them, is that automatically bad? Or, should they hire people that they don’t know and have to take their word that they’re good with young players and can run a powerplay?

      • Serious Gord

        Think about it. If you only hire people you know and are friends with (which is the case here) you are greatly restricting your ability to be the best organization you can be.

        It amazes me how so many Oiler fans still defend this practice.

  • GK1980

    I don’t care who they hire as assistant coaches as long as they just win. If they faulter out of the gate Gulutzan will be the oilers head coach for the remainder of the year.

  • OilCan2

    Three new guys on the bench. They all look like good hockey men to me. Three new guys for the bottom six this summer. Thanks PC. Three up and coming guys; yes I’m looking at Yamamoto, Benson & Bear. Good things come in 3s right?

  • toprightcorner

    I don’t think there are any assistants available that are better than any of the 3 the Oilers hired. This is a full mix of experience and I love Vivieros experience with younger players, just what the Oilers needed. If these guys can work together, it could be an extremely competent coaching staff that could get the Oilers back on track.

  • EastVanOilFan

    If Viveiros gets hired what does the bench look like? Do you run 4 coaches on it ( seems crowded) or do you send someone up to be the “eyes in the sky” and who goes up? I see Gulutzan on the bench w/I a doubt.