(Video) Welcoming the Tampa Bay Lightning to the No Playoff Party

Welcome, welcome, welcome to another edition of the Oilersnation No Playoffs Party! This time around, we were thrilled to have the Tampa Bay Lightning joining us in golf country after they lost to the Washington Capitals last night in Game 7. As we do every time a team gets eliminated from the playoffs (don’t look that up btw, we may have missed some), we broke down the series as a whole, explained why the Capitals reigned supreme, decoded whatever Chris is talking about, and offered up some predictions about what to expect from the Stanley Cup Finals.

In this edition of the No Playoffs Party, we touch on all the hard-hitting items such as:

  • Who are the bigger playoff chokers – the Washington Capitals or the Tampa Bay Lightning?
  • We broke down which city is a better place to visit in general
  • We took a moment to remind Flames fans about that time they lost to the Lightning in the Cup Final
  • We answered the very important fan questions that came in during the broadcast, sparing no expense on our detailed answers
  • Finally, we offered a few silver linings for fans of the Tampa Bay Lightning in this trying time

Check out the video here: