Can the Oilers squeeze in a UFA?

Looking at what the Oilers currently have on their roster, I see the need for three additions this summer: a top-six winger, a solid offensive defenseman, and a depth centre. The offensive d-man would likely have to be acquired via trade (unless it’s Mike Green), while the depth centre can likely be a low-end free…


Looking back at the 7-15th picks from the 2012 NHL Draft

Do you remember the 2012 NHL Draft? I bet you do. That was the year that Nail Yakupov pulled an Oilers jersey over his head with the first overall pick. Needless to say, that pick didn’t really work out as expected for the Oilers fans or the organization itself, but that’s a story for another…


Bandwagon Life Survival Guide: Vegas Golden Knights

Ahh, the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The cruel mistress that causes nothing but grief for Oilers fans after an abbreviated run last year. That doesn’t have to be the case. I am here to lend you some watching points to help bring you back to the NHL before the long summer ahead with no hockey.


Bandwagon Life Survival Guide: Washington Capitals

Playoffs can be a tough pill to swallow after last year’s Oilers run into the second round. I can understand if some people have, like Baggedmilk and Wanye, agreed to not watch a lick of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs. Least of which, the Stanley Cup Final. Tomorrow night is Game One and I have…