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Looking back at the 7-15th picks from the 2013 NHL Draft

Today, we jump in our time machine and take a trip back to the 2013 NHL Draft to have a look at the players that were selected in the 7-15 range. As you likely remember, Darnell Nurse was the Oilers’ pick at number seven that year and will lead off today’s countdown. Will adding another face that we know into the mix, and knowing the type of player that Nurse is turning out to be, affect your thinking in terms of moving this year’s 10th overall pick? Let the countdown be our guide.

Today, we look at the 2013 NHL Draft

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Darnell Nurse (7) – D – Edmonton Oilers

2017-18 Season: 82GP – 6G, 20A for 26 points
Rookie Season (2015-16 w/ Edmonton Oilers): 69GP – 3G, 7A for 10 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

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“Darnell Nurse is a big, mobile, gifted blueliner who has a lot of Chris Pronger in his game. He’s an imposing presence on the blueline and has the tools to be successful at both ends. Beyond the bloodlines and support (aunt, father, mother are all elite athletes — uncle by marriage is Donovan McNabb), Nurse has it where it counts most — between the ears. He was a leader during his junior career, playing a key role in Sault Ste. Marie’s turnaround from a non-playoff team to a championship contender. Nurse continues to add strength and bulk to his ideal NHL frame. He is capable of playing in all situations and can log big minutes.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Edmonton Oilers NHL 82 6 20 26 67 15
NHL Totals 197 14 33 47 160 13 2 2 6

Rasmus Ristolainen (8) – Buffalo Sabres

2017-18 Season: 73GP – 6G, 35A for 41 points
Rookie Season (2013-14 w/ Buffalo Sabres): 34GP – 2G, 2A for four points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Rasmus Ristolainen has the size, skating ability and shooting and stick handling skills that make him an outstanding offensive defenseman prospect. Plays with a physical component to his game and has become more disciplined as he’s gained more experience. Still developing in terms of positional play and defensive responsibilities – his calling card is his willingness to be involved in the play and to push the envelope at times.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 Buffalo Sabres NHL 73 6 35 41 48 -25
NHL Totals 346 31 120 151 171

Bo Horvat (9) – C – Vancouver Canucks

2017-18 Season: 64GP – 22G, 22A for 44 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Vancouver Canucks): 68GP – 13G, 12A for 25 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report: 

“Horvat plays a bullish style and is a natural team leader with offensive bonafides. He plays with a high compete level. He can score but is also outstanding in the defensive zone and in the faceoff circle. Coming out of junior hockey Horvat was perceived by some scouts to have the most complete game in terms of his positional play. He plays with a maturity that is rare for a player his age.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Vancouver Canucks NHL 64 22 22 44 10 -1
NHL Totals 295 71 90 161 71 6 1 3 4 2

Valeri Nichushkin (10) – RW – Dallas Stars

2017-18 Season: KHL: 50GP – 16G, 11A for 27 points
Rookie Season (2013-14 w/ Dallas Stars): 79GP – 14G, 20A for 34 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“He’s a bull. A massive frame, with really good skating and speed, plus a boatload of skill and a great shot. He’s got a powerful skating stride and with a little more strength and conditioning we’ll probably see even more noteworthy breakaway speed from him. One thing that really sticks out that shows his understanding of how to be an offensive threat is his ability to change the tempo and shift a gear when he has the puck. He knows when to push it and he knows when to downshift and really mess with a defenseman’s gap and then burn him with strength, speed and skill.”

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2017-18 CSKA MOSCOW KHL 50 16 11 27 14 11 19 3 6 9 12
NHL TOTALS 166 23 41 64 22 16 1 2 3 4
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Samuel Morin (11) – D – Philadelphia Flyers

2017-18 Season: AHL: 15GP – 1G, 6A for seven points
Rookie Season: Waiting for one

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“A towering presence on the blue line, Morin plays plenty of minutes against the opposing team’s top offensive units and is called upon to provide a steadying force in the defensive end. Morin doesn’t always make the most of his big frame, and he could stand to fill out a bit more. He makes smart plays defensively and good first passes out of the zone. He has a booming slapshot, but his overall offensive game still needs refinement. With a long stride, Morin is a powerful skater, but will need to continue to improve as he adds muscle to his frame.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 Philadelphia Flyers NHL 2 4 1
2017-18 Lehigh Valley Phantoms AHL 15 1 6 7 26 4
NHL Totals 3 4

Max Domi (12) – LW – Arizona Coyotes

2017-18 Season: 82GP – 9G, 36A for 45 points
Rookie Season (2015-16 w/ Arizona Coyotes): 81GP – 18G, 34A for 52 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Domi can both electrify and infuriate coaches and fans with his stick handling and skating skills — alternately dipsy-doodling through an entire roster and at other times making unnecessary moves and turning the puck over as his teammates stand with their sticks at the ready. Domi is a young player whose talents are bigger than the game he plays. That’s fine when you are better than 90-percent of the other kids on the ice, but he will have to find a way to integrate his teammates in the game more as he progresses as he won’t have that freedom to freewheel. He has great hands and can be a spectacular passer. Domi’s also not afraid to mix it up, but can be goaded into retaliatory penalties.”

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Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/-
2017-18 Arizona Coyotes NHL 82 9 36 45 73 -7
NHL Totals 222 36 99 135 185

Josh Morrissey (13) – D – Winnipeg Jets

2017-18 Season: 81GP – 7G, 19A for 26 points
Rookie Season (2016-17 w/ Winnipeg Jets): 57GP – 3G, 19A for 22 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Morrissey is one of the elite defensemen in his age group. A key power play performer in junior hockey, his offensive instincts are immediately evident. He is an accurate passer and carries the puck with confidence. Morrissey is not hesitant to initiate the transition from defense to offense. His high level technical skills fit well with some of the young forwards in the Winnipeg system.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Winnipeg Jets NHL 81 7 19 26 47 15 16 1 1 2 6
NHL Totals 164 13 33 46 85 16 1 1 2 6

Alexander Wennberg (14) – C – Columbus Blue Jackets

2017-18 Season: 66GP – 8G, 27A for 35 points
Rookie Season (2014-15 w/ Columbus Blue Jackets): 68GP – 4G, 16A for 20 points

Young Stars Tournament is Cancelled

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Wennberg is a tall and rangy player who has turned three-zone into his calling card. He has nice, soft hands and a sense for when the time’s ripe for a pass or a shot. He displays good anticipation and in-game intelligence. Despite a still somewhat lanky frame, Wennberg has some good wheels and strong side-to-side movement. He doesn’t hesitate to throw the body around and plays with a sense of great responsibility for his defensive duties. He compliments all sorts of line-mates. His frame is the type that looks like it could house another 20-30 pounds within the next five years. Wennberg played full-time minutes in Sweden’s elite league as a teenager.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 Columbus Blue Jackets NHL 66 8 27 35 12 22 3 1 1 2
NHL Totals 283 33 121 154 57 8 1 2 3 2

Ryan Pulock (15) – D – New York Islanders

Rookie Season (2017-18 w/ New York Islanders): 68GP – 10G, 22A for 32 points

Pre-Draft Scouting Report:

“Pulock was one of the top offensively skilled defensemen in the 2013 NHL Draft. He has a quick release and an ability to get shots through to the net. After battling through injuries early in his junior career he had a breakout season in his fourth season with the Brandon Wheat Kings. He will likely need some time at the AHL level but his offensive tools should fit in well with the young defensemen currently working their way into the NHL for the Islanders.”

Season Team Lge GP G A Pts PIM +/- PGP G A Pts PIM
2017-18 New York Islanders NHL 68 10 22 32 14 -4
NHL Totals 84 12 24 36 19 6 1 2 3


Well, what do you think? From where I blog, I see another mixed bag. You’ve got some guys that are making their way in the league and others that have already fizzled out or haven’t even made the jump yet. As an example, I remember looking at Valeri Nichushkin’s rookie season and thinking that the Stars had landed a beauty. The dude could skate, he could score, and I was certain that he’d be a player, but he was never able to replicate the same kind of numbers from his rookie season. Dude has already bounced back to the KHL and the Stars were left with nothing but a learning experience.

On the flip side, I’d be so bold as to guess that the Oilers are pretty happy with the Darnell Nurse pick at #7 and I’d bet that the same thing can be said for a few of the other names on this list. Now that we’re getting a better idea of how long some of these picks take to develop and make the NHL jump, it adds another layer to think about when it comes to our pick in June. Now that you’ve seen the breakdown from 2013, the question remains whether or not this list of players makes any difference in your thinking towards what should happen with #10 at this year’s Draft? What do you guys think?


  • McRaj

    This was a highly productive draft from 7-15. Nurse, Risto, Horvat, Domi, Mors, Pulock, all players the oilers would love to have. If there is an agreement that the 2018 draft is deep, then keep the pick. 2012 was the worst draft in recent memory, as long as 2018 is not a re-do of 2012, we are good.

  • RexHolez

    The idea of a non playoff team trading there first round pick still makes no sense to me. It’s not like they’re one player away from winning a cup. The oilers need to draft and develop and get stronger organizational depth despite rebuilding for the last 10 years.

    Just goes to show how horrible the Katz regime has been.

  • bwar

    This is a pretty consistent group. Two players that haven’t really panned out and two guys I’d but a bit higher than the rest, everyone else is already a contributing NHLer.

    Nichuskin is a bit weird for me, I really thought he was going to be the best player of the bunch and yet he’s the only guy shipped off to another league.

    I don’t know anything about Morin but judging by the 17gp last year I’d guess there are some issues beyond him being good enough plus a lot of other D prospects in Philly to pass before getting a shot. I wouldn’t be willing to call him a bust quite yet.

    I’d say Ristolainen and Domi are slightly above the rest of this group but not be a landslide. Overall a pretty sold group without anyone being a perennial allstar. I’d be pretty happy having any of these players in our system, including Nichushkin.

  • Total Points

    Trade the pick, cant waste 4-5 years of McDavid and Drei for this pick to develop.

    As well you don’t know which draft pick won’t pan out like about half of the 2013 group

    • Spydyr

      So trade tens years control of a player for a few years control of a older player. The think about now, screw the future is a big part of the mess under the Katz era of darkness.

      The way things look now the team won’t be competing for a Cup for at least two more years. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring a good young player for that run?

    • cmandev77

      Hmm who would be ok with trading the pick for something in the 20-30 pick range or early 2nd round if the other team took Lucic and his contract (assuming Lucic agreed to it)? That would be something I would have to look at! Would Vancouver or Vegas be willing to take on Lucic’s contract?

        • LAKID

          Okay then how long is Lucic going to take up a roster spot and collect 6M/yr? Do you think Lucic can even be a 4th line player or just a thug that no one would fight in todays NHL. Lucic has to waive his no trade and if I am him I would say no. Lucic at best is Press box sitting, Popcorn eating cheap interview.

      • crabman


        BPA, but that all depends on the teams draft board. Each team will rank the players differently. At the 10 pick a team might have a cluster of 3-5 players they consider equal then you can either draft for need or draft the position that holds more trade value down the road like RHD and center. But if a player falls that you rank higher no matter the position you take him. You can always trade from a position of strength to fill a hole later.

  • TKB2677

    I am really hoping that as you get closer to 2018, the players picked at #10 get better. There is a ton of people saying to keep the pick, yet I look at who have been drafted at #10 over the years and so far it doesn’t make me overly excited and it sure seems like the player picked at #9 seems to be the turning point from good player to mediocre one.

    2009 – Paajarvi- Was supposed to be a top 6 guy, he’s an NHL 4th liner at best and has been that for most of his careern
    2010 – McIlrath – Hasn’t made the NHL full time yet. Probably never will. Markus Granlund was picked #9 who’s a legit, good, 2 way, top 6 center.
    2011 – Brodin – So far the best player picked at #10 – He’s an OK #4 dman that doesn’t score a lot and had his ups and down BUT Dougie Hamilton was at #9. He’s a legit at worse #3, puck moving, right shot, 15+ goal, 50pt dman. If he was better defensively, he’d be a legit #2.
    2012 – Koekkoek – In 4 yrs has 76 NHL games. Looks like a borderline NHLer. Maybe he can still turn into something. Trouba was taken at #9. Trouba is a legit, #3, right shot guy.
    2013 – Nichushik – Big forward who went back to Russia for the last 2 years because he couldn’t hack it. Horvat was taken at #9. He’s a legit, really, really good #2 center.

    • PCL

      Ya #10 pick seems to be hit or miss doesn’t it? Could we get a Mikko Rantanan or Magnus Paajarvi ? Or will we pass on the next Ryan Ellis like after we took Paajarvi? For all the crap we’ve taken over the years for all our 1st overall pick, people seem to forget that Nail and Magnus as well as Alex Plante were all 1st round busts!

      • crabman

        There has been a lot of poor drafting in oil country over the years but all we hear about is how bad we are after 4 #1s. I hope with the new armature scouting department we get more hits than misses. So far I like the work they’ve done but it’s still way to soon to tell.

    • Big Nuggets

      the players that were taken at 10 are not exactly.relevent. Every year there were still good players available at 10. Because teams in the past chose wrong doesn’t mean the Oilers should not try to choose correctly.

  • crabman

    I don’t think any of these articles will change my view of the pick. At #10 you could get a very useful player. But I would consider moving it in the right package. It would need to include a young pro who has already established himself as a quality player, ie. Ristolainen from Buffalo, or Stone from Ottawa, and a later 1st or early 2nd round pick to still add a good prospect to the organization. But I don’t think a move like this can be made until your sure no one you hope to fall to 10 has fallen. If the team can pick someone they rank higher, or really want make the pick. If a package that can help the team now, with a young player(s) that will also grow with the team and be around for many prime years, isn’t available then make the pick.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    If PC can trade down to the 15 spot or so and get a prospect for the 10th, I’d be happy with that. I’m still bullish on Merkley. He’s a bit of a defensive liability right now but so is Russell, lol!