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Top 5 Leon Draisaitl goals from the 2017-18 season

In case you missed it, I counted down the top ten Connor McDavid goals from the 2017-18 season last weekend. I had a good time re-watching all 41 of Connor’s goals from last season, so I thought I’d do the same with Leon.

Ranking his goals was an interesting task because Leon is a very different goal scorer than Connor. After watching all 25 of his goals from the 2017-18 season I’ve learned that Leon is much harder on the puck then Connor is. McDavid scores a lot of finesse goals, while Leon is more of a bang-the-puck-home kind of guy.

Leon didn’t have a lot of highlight-reel goals because a lot of them were hard snipes from the slot. It’s awesome having a powerful player like this on our team cause when Leon gets a pass in the slot, he hardly ever misses.

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#5 – November 21st vs Blues

I love this goal because Draisaitl makes it look so easy. He plants himself at the bottom of the circle, drops a knee when the puck gets dished to him and BLAM! The puck’s in the back of the net before the Blues goalie even has a chance to get across.

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#4 – November 9th vs the Devils

Since I included a really nice passing play by Draisaitl for a tap-in goal for McDavid in my Top 10 Connor Goals article, I figure I should include a really nice play from McDavid for a tap-in goal from Draisaitl in this article. This goal to win it in overtime was gorgeous. Drai and Connor are probably one of the best OT duo’s in the NHL. Together, they’ve won games for us numerous times, and this goal is another game winner to add to the list.

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#3 – January 20th vs the Canucks

This is a prime example of Draisaitl’s skill with one-timers. He’s proven to do it at high speeds and at low speds. A ton of his goals this season were scored on two-on-ones and by other forms of one-timers. Now all we’ve got to figure out is find someone who can constantly dish him the puck who is not named Connor McDavid.

#2 – March 25th vs the Ducks

Leon has two very big strengths to his shooting game. Number one is his one-timing ability. He easily has one of the best one-timers among all the forwards on our team. Another one of his strengths is his ability to score in tight, and at sharp angles. This goal against the Ducks was one of a few sharp angle, one-timer goals he scored throughout the season.

#1 – February 22nd vs the Avalanche

This is easily Drai’s best goal of the season. I remember it like it was yesterday. Mostly because the Oilersnation staff watched it together when we were in Lake Louise for their pond hockey tournament. Did I mention we didn’t win a single game? He walks around the offensive zone with the puck on a string while making every Avalanche player on the ice look like a dummy. After seeing so many shooting goals of his this past season, it’s nice to see Drai’s slick hands come out of his bag of tools.

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