Nation Network 2018 NHL Draft Rankings: No. 90-81

The fine folks at CanucksArmy have put together their annual NHL draft rankings. Over the next month, we’ll be bringing to you their top-100 projection for the upcoming draft. Click the links on each player’s name for a more detailed profile.


Unpopular Edmonton Oilers Opinions

It’s the craze that is sweeping the Nation right now. People are fighting each other with a full-blown rage over Internet hot taeks as the kids call them (or so I am told). These fights have caused a lot of people to block their fellow citizens while others have been left with hurt feelings, and…


McDavid in 2018: Even Strength Superman, Power Play Meh

In 2018, Connor McDavid had a historically great season at even strength. I think this achievement has been under-appreciated – in part because of the Oilers were so bad, and in part, because Connor’s total points were weighed down by underwhelming power play production. McDavid’s 84 even strength points (EVP) this year were 18 more…