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Unpopular Edmonton Oilers Opinions

It’s the craze that is sweeping the Nation right now. People are fighting each other with a full-blown rage over Internet hot taeks as the kids call them (or so I am told). These fights have caused a lot of people to block their fellow citizens while others have been left with hurt feelings, and it’s a spectacle that I wanted to join in on.

I spotted a question from Courtney Theriault of City TV who asked for unpopular opinions about Edmonton and, after seeing the responses and reaction, I decided to put an Oilers spin on the same question. 

As for Courtney’s original question, I think Edmonton, as a whole, can do a far better job of supporting smaller teams like the Edmonton Prospect, etc. while still supporting the big ones like the Oilers, but that’s a blog for another day.

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As one who is hip and in with the younger crowd, I jumped on the wave and asked Oilers fans what they had to say for their own “unpopular” opinions about the Edmonton Oilers and the taeks were indeed scorching.

Here are some of my favourites (or least favourites):

Mr. Babic would like to see a return to the Sandstorming, pre-2014 ways of the old Rexall DJ. Ahh, those were the days. Nothing like a little ATC dance mix, la la la la and a little traditional Cotton Eyed Joe Rednex Mi… wait a minute. No, this is bad. Very bad. Bad Andy.

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This is a scalding take for sure. I am not sure if it really classifies as an unpopular opinion though. If the readership and response to Tom Gazzola’s hinting that the Oilers are going back to blue next year is any indication, then the excitement may have finally worn off for the orange jerseys, just three short years (and one as the new creamsicle orange) from its inception.

This is a huge one. I don’t imagine there is anyone who could say that they had this opinion at the start of the 2017-18 season, let alone even four months ago. Then the red wine summit news came out and here we are. Is Wayne Gretzky the problem? @RevGuyFieri thinks so.

So we have reached the most interesting of timelines in the “Oilersphere”. The man who a few years ago, there were many Oilers fans ready to tear Kevin Lowe out of his perch at OEG head offices (so they gave him a higher perch). Has Oilersnation finally embraced the “cooler heads prevailing” when it comes to the man who created and then dismantled a team one-win away from the Stanley Cup?

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This is the darkest of tweets that I received. The man who was oh so close to being named captain of the team. The man who was for one night at least, a legend. Could it be that he was in fact, just ok?

Finally, the outright scariest of tweets I got was the one saying that the Oilers will finish 8th last or *gasp* worse, next year? I can’t agree with this one at all. So much went wrong with this year’s team. Lucic should turn it around. Talbot is going to be better (and has an actual back-up). The McNuge line lives and is good. Or is it all for not again?

What about you Nation, what did you see there that you liked or disliked the most? Got an unpopular opinion of your own? Post it here, or tweet it at @theNationDan.

  • “then the excitement may have finally worn off for the orange jerseys”
    I had no problem with orange jerseys, my problem was how they played around with a the blue, changed the stripes, got rid of the collar and removed the shoulder numbers. I’ll gladly buy a Draisaitl or Kassian orange jersey with the Rogers Place patch on.


    And they let you write this crap? Find a topic Dan. Lucic will not turn it around and Talbot will be playing behind a starter! If not no playoffs again, New GM and new coaching staff. Woodcroft will come out of this smelling like a rose.

  • Leo Tard

    I recognize how unpopular this opinion is, but I stand by it. The Oilers will not improve until the boat anchors contracts (NMCs), and until the AHL caliber players have been removed. There are simply too many players on the Oilers roster, who are considered regulars on this team but would have been cut in the first week of training camp by other teams. Until this changes, we will not have a playoff team.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    I hope that one day we can move our AHL team to Edmonton. I would actually go to see our prospects play and it would be nice to go see an affordable hockey game. I don’t care about the oil kings because none of the oil kings are ours.

    Unpopular opinion: Edmonton oiler fans are some of the most toxic fans in the league and end up placing blame on people that don’t deserve any blame. I can see why players have their best seasons when they leave this team.

    • thenoble1

      I do think the Oiler fans do you need to zip it that’s for sure. They are too hard on the players. I can’t explain this…..it’s truly bizarre, and I am an Oiler fan.

  • rivid

    I would never tell anyone how to spend their hard earn money, but in regards to this article, in my opinion the oilers are the worst for bang for your dollar. We had some great teams here and they were a lot of fun to watch ( drillers/rush) and we still have some great entertainment in the Eskimos, prospects and oil kings. I have taken my family to many of these games. Like l said, for me and the price allocated to it all these venues are more entertaining for my dollar.
    Just remember l did not insult the oilers or the fans of the oilers l just gave my opinion so don’t crucify me if you disagree. The oilers are the worst bang for your buck entertainment for me.

  • Corbs

    I don’t understand how someone can say that people should do a better job supporting other teams. If we cared about other teams we would support them. We don’t support them because we don’t care. It’s pretty simple. Teams fail because nobody cares. They can try soccer over and over and that will never change. Don’t tell people they should support it more just because you value it.

    • Nation Dan

      That’s fine. But people in this city (myself included) can’t say it’s a great sports town in the same breath as saying “teams fail because nobody cares”.

  • ubermiguel

    “Edmonton doesn’t support non-Oilers sports teams as much as we should.” Truth. Edmonton is amazing at one-off sporting events, but day-to-day support of other non-hockey teams is lacking (except the Oil Kings, Edmonton tends to lead the WHL in attendance each year).

  • OilRider

    My unpopular opinion?

    Milan Lucic’s career is not over. After having a bad half-year in 2017-2018, he’ll rebound and produce at about the same consistency as he had for the rest of his career.

  • braddos

    Unpopular opinion:
    When all is said and done Chia may be doing more damage to our fav team than Lowe did and in less time! Both are more ego than substance it seems, Chia is just better at public speaking ,… if there is ever any question.