Real Life Podcast Episode 76 – I don’t mind Imagine Dragons because I like Nickelback

On this week’s episode of the Real Life Podcast, the boys take you on a magical journey overseas as they recount some of their best (worst) travel stories from some of the sketchiest places on the planet. But don’t worry, they’ve got some Oilers talk sprinkled in their too. 

To start off this week’s podcast, Baggedmilk tells the story of a man that is suing CVS after his wife found about his Viagra prescription. The boys try to work out the backstory on why he would be hiding the enhancement from his wife and why she would be angry about it. As you’d expect, the Viagra story sent the boys down a rabbit hole that saw them launch into some of the sketchiest travel stories they’ve got from their time overseas. Who’s been involved in various strip shows in SE Asia? The answer probably won’t surprise you. Lastly, they got to the topic that we’re all here for and finally talked a little bit about hockey. The last segment of the show sees the guys talking about the Stanley Cup Finals, Nation Dan’s new bet with Jay, and Keegan Lowe’s two-year contract that was signed over the weekend.

Check out the full episode below:

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