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Tkachuk speaks about a potential Battle of Alberta against his brother

The youngest Tkachuk son is soon to be drafted into the NHL, and there is a chance he could end up an Oiler. Not only have Oilers fans been thinking about that possibility, but the Tkachuk family seems to be thinking about it as well. 

Alright, the chances of Brady Tkachuk actually falling to the tenth pick is extremely low, but it wouldn’t be the first time our organization has defied hockey odds!

If the 18-year-old winger were to fall into the sight lines of the Oilers, he would join one of the biggest rivalries in NHL history, the Battle of Alberta. Brady is rumoured to be a bigger and badder version of his brother Matthew. If this is true, that would make for one hell of a matchup. I remember reading somewhere that the two dropped the gloves against each other in junior, but can’t seem to find any video evidence on it but I still like to think about it happening at the NHL level. If the two grinders end up playing against each other in a heated game, they’d HAVE to fight one another, right?

The reason I bring this up, is because the conversation of a potential BOA rivalry has already come up in the Tkachuk family. Over on the NHL site, Brady answered some media questions while he was at the combine this past weekend.

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It’s definitely been discussed in our family… Itt would be pretty cool but I think it would be pretty stressful for my mom.

Brady is currently ranked second amongst North American skaters, and will likely get drafted between the third and fifth picks. At this point, it seems highly unlikely that Tkachuk will fall to a spot where the Oilers will be able to pick him up unless they decide to trade up in the draft, as Peter Chiarelli mentioned he is open to doing. It’s not that we think Tkachuk to the Oilers is necessarily a realistic option for the upcoming NHL Draft, but it is certainly fun to dream about. And you never know, stranger things have happened on Draft day.