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Change of Scenery: Milan Lucic for… Corey Perry?

Over the next week, I’m going to take a deep dive into some of the bad contracts the Oilers could get back in a Milan Lucic dump swap.

The hot news around Edmonton right now is that the team is working on a divorce with Lucic and his albatross contract. The Oilers want to move on, Lucic wants to move on, it seems inevitable. Of course, the Oilers are going to have to take another bad contract in return. This is a getting the best of a bad situation, change-of-scenery type thing for ugly contracts who could potentially be useful in a new environment.

The idea of Corey Perry in an Oilers uniform is partially disturbing and partially hilarious and partially, well, sort of interesting. Perry is already a largely disliked player around the league for his style of play on the ice…

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…but he became even more infamous in Edmonton because of the goalie interference call that went his way.

You’ll surely remember this whole thing…

“My only thing: What do I say to Corey? I tell him to stay out of the blue, which he does. And I don’t think it’s a deliberate act. It’s skate-on-skate.”


“Yeah, Danny (fellow ref Dan O’Halloran) agrees with me as a goal. So we’re all good.”

*Another pause*

“OK, so we got a goal on the ice. OK, thank you.”

Perry also did this in the series…

… I’m not forcing you to press play.

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What’s Corey Perry all about?

Perry and Ryan Getzlaf used to be one of the best duos in the NHL. I can vividly remember back during the darkest years of the Decade of Darkness when the two of them would completely dominate some very, very bad Oilers clubs. Over the past couple years, though, Perry has sort of fallen off a cliff. In 2016-17 and 2017-18, Perry has scored just 36 goals in 153 games. That’s a massive drop from the 30- and 40- goals seasons he was putting up consistently for nearly a decade before that.

News and Notes: Quarantining in the playoffs, the 2020-21 season, and the Draft Lottery

Perry made an appearance on TSN’s recent Trade Bait List at No. 25. It doesn’t represent any certainty that Perry will be dealt, but there’s reason to assume the Ducks might be wanting to get out from under the winger’s $8,625,000 contract.

That $8,625,000 deal will go on for three more seasons. Perry just turned 33 years old and it’s difficult to say if he’ll ever rebound to being anywhere near the elite scoring power forward he once was. At this point, it seems very unlikely.

Does a Lucic swap make sense?

Lucic, as we know, is signed for five more years at $6,000,000. He’s 30 years old, so a few years younger than Perry, but his decline has been steeper. Lucic scored 23 goals in 2016-17, more than Perry did, but then imploded in 2017-18, scoring just 10 goals. Was 2017-18 an anomaly? Could he bounce back and be a solid contributor with a change of scenery on a different team? It’s difficult to say.

So, does this make sense? From Edmonton’s perspective, the team would be getting a salary cap increase over the next three years of $2,625,000 switching from Lucic to Perry, but they would also be getting savings on the next two years after that of $6,000,000 after Perry’s deal expires.

From an objective standpoint, Perry is an interesting fit on the Oilers because the team badly needs right wingers who can score goals. While he did only score 17 goals last season, I think he’s more likely to contribute on this team right now than Lucic is based on his skill set and style of play.

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Still nothing official on the James Neal conditional pick

What say you, Nation? Would you make a Lucic for Perry swap? If not, who says no — Anaheim or Edmonton? 

  • TruthHurts98

    Can we finally just get a competent GM????? One that makes good trades and signings? No? Ok well then brace yourself for another awful trade followed by another horrible signing. #becauseOilers

  • C U Next Tuesday

    Trading Looch now is a terrible idea. I think that if Looch does Looch things he will be an asset next season (maybe not worth the contact though). Unfortunately, when Looch stopped scoring last season he stopped doing everything else too.

    You don’t fix mistakes by making more mistakes. If the best you can trade for is someone else’s terrible contract I would stay the course. CP is a goof.

  • Jimmer

    No to Perry. Yes to Tatar (Vegas). Tatar is 27…a speedy winger and has a large $5.3M contract for this year plus two more. He had a terrible year last year as well but could catch fire with McDavid on the wing. Throw in a 2nd round pick either this year or next year and you might have a deal. If Vegas loses James Neal (UFA) they become one of the smallest teams in the league. They need some size on the wings to balance out that speed. He would also have a buddy in the dressing room…fellow Slovak Sekera!

    • Hemmercules

      Vegas style of play is way too fast for looch. By the time he makes it to the net the play is probably already over and heading back the other way. After that run they just made they can probably find a guy that’s faster, just as tough and equal on offence for less money and term. I’m hoping this season was just an off one and looch and few more guys bounce back. They won’t be contending for the cup next season anyway so I think they should give looch one more crack. That’s said, if he plays equally as bad next season it will be even tougher to move him. Chia put himself in a tough situation.

    • puckle-head

      That… actually makes a lot of sense. Tatar can score, three 20 goal seasons in a row I believe, but Vegas only dressed him for 8 games in the playoffs, so they clearly don’t value him or had a hard time finding space for him (why they played Ryan reaves above him was beyond me). And they have tons of cap space, so we shouldn’t need to offer much to sweeten that pot. Tatar would probably jump to #2 on our winger depth chart too. Seems pretty sensible

  • Hemmercules

    No thanks to Perry. If he made the same coin then maybe but an additional 2.5 mil doesn’t help even if it’s just a couple years. This team is just laughable, what else can you say. If looch initiated this trade talk it’s even more laughable. No one wants to play here even with Mcd on the team. I have loved the Oilers my whole life but it’s almost becoming more fun hate them because it’s just so easy.

  • Pump and dump!
    His value has never been lower. If Chiarelli doesn’t handle this properly, fans will have his head on a stick.
    The Lucic story has grown legs. The story that keeps on giving.

    Speaking of “fans”, any fan who heckles players and family off the ice is a low life. You know who you are.

  • TKB2677

    Holy cow man. Get real. Why on earth would you bother to write an article like this? People already think at 30 and 6 mill a season, Lucic makes too much money. You want to suggest trading for a guy that is 3 yeas older and makes 2.6 MORE?

  • Jerri Kurli

    Lucic was traded to the Kings 3 years ago for a 13th overall pick, Martin Jones, and Colin Miller. He will obviously never have this value again, however to trade him now would be ridiculous, especially if your just going to bring back another contract. He will have a better year. Guaranteed. I’m a TM fan but the Edmonton Oilers had the worst coaching staff in the league last year (based on the team talent level, results, special teams, etc) they should have been skidded at Christmas time. Lucic had a bad year but so did 80% of the team. Lucic is a team guy who as basically said he’s open to moving. Give it another year, he will be a big help to us next year. If not move him then. Unless you can move him out and not bring back a big contract it’s not worth shipping him out. I’ve heard Andrew Shaw and Montreal rumour, someone tell me how that helps the Oilers? Shaw isn’t half the player Lucic is. Louis Erickson, Corey Perry, Ladd, etc. No thanks.

  • Delray Willis

    If the Oilers want to be smart in this situation they should look to retain on Lucic and trade for a younger player who has size and can skate. Rattie fills a winger slot to play with McDavid next season and he’s earned that, so looking for size now to be infront of the next and cause traffic is what that first line needs. Either target a young player like Matt Martin or try and get Lucic out while having enough Cap to pick up JVR. Both would be wonderful.

    • OTOF2

      So Rattie hasn’t even scored 10 goals in his entire NHL career but has “earned” a spot on a line with the best player in the world. How sad is that. If the Oil can’t soon figure out how to build an actual NHL team Connor might end up getting frustrated and ask for a trade rather than waste his career with this gong show.

      • QuitForRealThisTime

        They are…Having a winger making 800k is exactly what you need on a line that makes 18.5 mil. I has shown to a competent player in that small window. Remember only Oiler nation posters know everything, it is tough for everyone else. Look at the last 10 years of the people that have played with Crosby. McD and Nuge will not need help creating offensive changes. They need a guy that can just play smart enough, from what I have seen Rattie has done that so far. The team needs value contracts because there is this thing called the salary cap int he NHL.

  • What-a-Mike

    First off, I totally and greatly haste/despise the Ducks who had to cheat and pay off refs to win a series (Sorry but I can’t let bygones be bygones, I will say this always forever). No doubt that even with Oiler mistakes there were definitely two games stolen against the Oilers (and it wasn’t by great hockey from Anaheim). Next, is that why the hell would the Oilers take back an older player at over 2.5 million more than Looch per yr cap space wise and who is decaying just as fast or even faster. Third, I think it was Stauffer who stated the deal with be a player with term being traded for another contract of a player who would bring different ingredients. Perry isn’t a player of that statute anymore and both are forwards who are not too much different (other than Looch is way tougher). Also, if the Oilers want to take on more money with trading Lucic, and may have to sweeten the pot a little more, then let it be for a young enough veteran top player such as like Ryan O’Reilly (Buf), P.K. Subban (Preds), Tyson Barrie (Col), or trade equally across for either of Faulk or Skinner (Carolina), etc., while adding some money support (1 million per yr tops). These are types of other players the Oilers should sweeten the pot for…. NOT PERRY!!! Last is that, unless it is a win win trade and/or win trade for Chiarelli (I’m praying), then I say the Oilers keep Lucic for at least one more yr for a bounce back/higher value deal next yr.

  • OriginalSixMachine

    Are you fn kidding right now? Drugs are bad mmkay…Perry is a pos what an awful suggestion if a trade like that happened this town would riot and we’d need a new arena cuz it’d surely get burned to the ground

  • Moneyball

    The rule changes and officiating hit guys like Lucic and Kassian hard. The oilers had more penalties than anyone else and it effectively neutered their game. I am hoping that the goal review and the officiating for hits and interference is more straightforward and more easily understood by the coaching staff and the players. Last season I don’t think those two knew what they could and could not do on the ice. Speed has become a bigger factor but I do not think that Lucic is slow he can be quick when he needs to be, he just has to work on stamina instead of muscle this off season. Lucic is a guy that you would want on a playoff run and stays healthy. Keep him another season and if his play improved at all then you are only looking at 4 years of 6 million and he will be more enticing to other teams.

  • Dallas Guru Eakins

    Peter would more than likely hire me back as Head Coach and use my patented Swarm System before he would trade for Perry. I dont think Perry could wrap his head around the awesomess of the Swarm, so he would be a no go in my books.

  • IceMan11

    No! Just No! The guy is an absolute a**hole on the ice, plus
    he’s stopped putting up points , so why would we even consider this?
    Tatar I would consider. Perry? No way!!!!