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The Plan for Milan

Since this time last week, it has become pretty clear the Oilers are shopping Milan Lucic and more importantly, Lucic is all right with it, more than all right with it. Is now the right time to move Lucic? No. Whether you are a fan of Lucic or not I think we can all agree that the Oilers will be moving an asset when his value is at an all-time low.

Oilers President of Hockey Operations Peter Chiarelli is dealing with two major issues right now. He has a player who he signed just two years ago that is now, all of a sudden, more than willing to waive his no-movement clause to get out of town. I’ve been told that the number of teams Lucic would not accept a trade to is very small.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that a Lucic trade is closer to being a matter of when not if or maybe more importantly how?

Immediately following the season, it seemed like Chiarelli’s main reason to move Lucic was because the player struggled. Two months later it appears as though Chiarelli is now attempting to move a player who is seemingly lacking desire to remain with the Oilers.

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Lucic moves on in one of two types of deals. The Oilers could ship him out for another “bad” contract in return or they add to him and free up the cap space. At this point, I think the cap space deal is what Chiarelli is hoping for.

So the next question and the main reason for this article is what the plan should be for the cap space acquired in this deal.

I’m going to assume Chiarelli will need to retain about $1,000,000 per season leaving him with $5,000,000 to work with when free agency opens on July 1st. This money will need to be reinvested on the wings.

Here are a few options that would be available to the Oilers post-Lucic trade.

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Age: 29
17-18 Stats: 80gp 36g 18a 54pts

The $5,000,000 per year freed up in a Lucic deal would not be enough to bring in JVR but with the additional cap space, they should have available after signing their RFA’s they might be able to make a deal work.

Van Riemsdyk may not be the likeliest of options available but I do think he would be the best one if you can make it work. Right now this is nothing more than a pipe dream for Oilers fans but getting a deal made for Lucic in the next three weeks would change that.


AGE: 30
17-18 Stats: 70gp – 25g – 19a – 44pts

I’ve already seen some folks thinking the Oilers may be able to take a run at Neal without moving Lucic; I don’t think that’s possible. Neal becomes a very attainable target when the Lucic deal goes down.

Neal has scored at least 20 goals in every season of his 10 year NHL career. He has been to back-to-back Stanley Cup finals and has 100 career playoff games under his belt. Neal can play with an edge at times but sometimes appears to be a little too dramatic for my liking. He would be an ideal fit on the wing with Draisaitl.

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AGE: 35
17-18 Stats: 53gp – 31g – 32a – 63pts

A 35-year old Kovalchuk is likely not the answer to the Oilers problems but he once again isn’t even an option until Lucic is traded. Kovalchuk spent this past weekend meeting with teams in California. Would he take the time to come to Edmonton for a visit if the Oilers promised him they’d have the space to sign him?

He won’t be the same player he was when he left the NHL but the bottom line is goals are extremely difficult to come by and he hasn’t lost the ability to put the puck in the back of the net.


AGE: 33
17-18 Stats: 71gp – 21g – 13a – 34pts

If Lucic had one of the most disappointing seasons in the NHL this past season Rick Nash couldn’t have been far behind him. The good thing about signing Nash would be that you’d still have cap space left to add another piece either up front or on the back end.

If you could get Nash and his 20-25 goals for around $3,500,000 per year you would have to look at it. Spoiler alert, he will let you down in the playoffs…if you make it.

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AGE: 29
17-18 Stats: 76gp – 15g – 26a – 41pts

The second Nash on this list doesn’t come with the name recognition as the first but is likely a more impactful player at this stage of his career. After putting up 41 points last season is it crazy to think he has more in the tank?

He would provide McLellan with more flexibility when juggling his line up. I’m putting him on this list because I’m not sure they’d be able to sign him without moving the Lucic money.

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Where is Thomas Vanek? I think Vanek may fit into their budget even if Lucic sticks around.

Chiarelli could also be looking at a third option where he trades Lucic for cap space and then moves other assets in a deal for a player under control with a cap hit around $5,000,000. The issue here is what are you possible moving and would it be worth it compared to signing one of the other guys I’ve mentioned.

If Lucic is moved prior to July 1st, the first few hours of free agency will be very exciting for Oilers fans.

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    • Hockeysense9393

      You actually believe that Karlsson would touch Coilerland? You guys need to wake up…and revolt!!! Walk the streets and picket!!! No more Chia-Pets!!!

    • Sasky89

      Bobby Ryan’s contract is worse then Lucic’s, not to mention he really isn’t a better skater and doesn’t bring a physical element. Karlsson has 1 year left before he is due a massive salary upgrade.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Not sure why this trashed to much…to much focus on getting Ryan…. Getting Karlsson is a clear will. Now if the Sens to a sign and trade where he is under contract for sure. Although you are now adding a 1st instead of a second. Ryan is capable when motivate. You keep Ryan or 1 year then convince Seattle to take him in the expansion draft by offering up a pick/prospect.

  • McRaj

    I find it funny how no one here will admit that the fans play a part in this. Face it, we are one of the three worst fan bases (along with leafs and habs) on making it hard on players. Since the moment he was signed, fans were waiting for the first chance to take shots at him. One bad year and everyone jumped on the “Make Milan’s life hell” bandwagon. I laugh at all these suggestions of UFA’s we can get. Why would any player want to come here? You can’t go out with your family without being noticed, the weather is crap, not much to do in the city compared to other NHL cities, the team has missed playoffs 11 of 12 years, management is incompetent, and there is a brutal fan base who if you don’t over exceed your contract, will jump on you the first chance they get. If I was a free agent with no emotional ties to the Oilers, Edmonton would likely be the last place I would want to sign. #TruthHurts.

      • McRaj

        Not comments on a website. But all over twitter, all in the media, heckling players and their families when they are out. If you don’t think these things get back to a player you must live under a rock. 15 years ago, things were different. In today’s world, players know what is said about them from fans/media.

        • jdubs

          The players today are accustomed to social media. They have grown up with it as much as the fans have. There’s an immaturity amongst a player if they want to bail because they had a bad season. Why don’t we see Talbot wanting out? I’m not excusing management entirely for this contract of Lucic, but I’m putting more on Lucic for not holding up his end of the deal. Can’t blame fans, can’t blame weather…..but the player didn’t do a good job last season….

  • Craig1981

    Media reports say the Oilers reached out to Kovalchuk and he wasn’t interested.

    It now does appear Lucic, will be traded. A UFA that wants out after two years can only solidify Edmonton being a place no one wants to sign.

    • QuitForRealThisTime

      Read the comments on this site after he struggled for 4 months of those two years. Would you want to stay, the ‘fans’ can make this a very uncomfortable place.

      • Rob...

        No offense, but I only want players with enough backbone to accept criticism when not living up to expectations, especially when being handed millions of dollars for that expected level of performance. Now, if ‘fans’ are taking it out on his wife or kids, that’s different. Expose the cretins and make public examples of them.

          • Rob...

            Yup, and the reaction is going to run the gambit, from those who hate just because he was a Bruin, or is a feared fighter, to those who will cheer for him regardless what he does on the ice. Someone who chooses to be a professional athlete should be prepared for that from the moment he/she decides on their career choice.